Vibratory Dryer

Vibratory Dryer

As vibratory finishing is a wet process, you will need to use a vibratory dryer to dry the workpieces completely. Usually, a wide loading chute allows the processed workpieces to enter the drying chamber. Various inlet sizes are available as per your requirements. The extended separation sieve inside the bowl results in 100% separation of parts and media.

Category : Auxiliary Equipment, Mass Finishing Machine

Heating elements installed beneath the vibratory bowl warm up the corn cob, which then absorbs the water from workpieces. Along with drying, the corn cob also cleans the media residue from the parts and imparts a slightly polished effect.

Inovatec offers batch and continuous feed variants of vibratory dryers. Both types of dryers are easy to integrate into vibratory finishing machines and other automatic mass finishing systems. We also have vibratory dryer finishing machines with a blasting air design.

Model Capacity Weight Motor power Heating power Process bowl width Size LxW
(L) (kg) (kw) (kw) (mm) (mm)
VD200A 200 550 3 6 320 1420×1270
VD600A 600 900 5.5 13.2 400 1960×1700


Vibratory dryer Machine Corn Cob Metal Finishing Parts Dryer, Vibratory Equipment

  • Pneumatic control separation flap
  • PU lining available for delicate parts with hot blasting air
  • Temperature Control in the bowl
  • The Dustproof cover which also reduces noise
  • Variable frequency drive to adjust vibration force
  • Continuous mode and Batch mode available
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