Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine

Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine

Aluminum wheel vibratory finishing machine has two high-speed vibratory motors to drive the vibration force. The small vibration amplitude allows super high-quality surface finishing. Because your parts are fixed at the bottom of the machine, no damage or impingement will happen during the finishing process.

Category : Mass Finishing Machine, Vibratory Finishing Machines

The automatic aluminum wheel polishing machine is designed for wheel smoothing and polishing. This machine can also be used for old wheel refurbishing and cleaning. The suitable wheel size starts from 14′ to 32′ including the motobike wheel, car wheel, truck wheel and also.

Inovatec offers wheel fixing device that retains the parts tightly to the bottom of the bowl chamber. The process time takes several hours for one process.

MV wheel vibratory finishing machine
MV wheel vibratory finishing machine
  • Dosing pump
  • Variable frequency drive
  • 3 motors
  • Specially designed fixing device for parts
  • Aluminum wheel polishing
  • Medical parts polishing
  • Propeller Polishing
  • Uniform Finishing
  • High productivity
  • 24 hours continuous running
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