Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine – Cost-Effective & Efficient Cleaning Technique

Offers fast cleaning of alloy wheel in under 2 minutes. It is possible with the use of a special roller. Inovatec machinery sports various customizations on this machine. It can be customized for different types of wheels.

Single tub wheel Ultrasonic cleaning machine (with lifting function)

Standard power for US/Canada/South America 220V 60HZ 3phase, 30A

Standard power for EU/Asia/RU 380V 50HZ 3phase 380V 50HZ 3phase, 18A

Internal Size900*500*900mm
External size1180*750*1300mm
FrequencyOptional 40khz/28khz
Ultrasonic Power3600W
Number of vibrating heads72 (both sides vibrating)
Heating Power5000w
Time control1-99 minutes or normally open
Temperature controlroom temperature to 95 degrees
Max wheel sizeup to 32-inch wheel/wheel+tire

Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine


The ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine from Inovatec machinery makes use of the bubble technique to clean the wheels. The ultrasonic washer creates bubbles. These bubbles will pop on touching the wheels. It will help to remove all the contaminants like dirt and dust from the wheel. It is one of the key car wheel repair machines.

We use German technology for the cleaning process. The fact that the machine is manufactured in China helps to lower the cost of the machine. It is possible to clean the wheels in under 2 minutes using this technology. It is single tub machine. The machine comes with lifting feature.


Features & Application

  • Clean Car, Motorcycle, & Truck Wheels
  • Faster processing
  • Cost-effective solution for a large number of wheels

Inovatec’s Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine Gives You Clean Wheels Every Time

As you drive your car, it’s bound to get dirty. And when that happens, you’d typically take it to the car wash. While the car wash does a good job with the exterior of your car, it doesn’t really do much for your wheels.

The wheels of your car tell a lot about who you are and what your tastes are. That’s why you always want them to look clean and shining. By scrubbing away at the wheels with soap, you have run more risk of damaging the wheels than cleaning them. So, what do you do?

To clean your wheels properly and get a pristine finish at the end, you need to use an ultrasonic wheel cleaner. There are lots of brands out there with ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaners. But no one does it better than Inovatec. Let’s see what it’s all about.

1. How Are Wheels Cleaned Traditionally?

The traditional way of cleaning wheels is either cleaning them manually by hand or taking the car to a car wash. If you’re cleaning it by hand, you’d have to get your hands dirty by scrubbing at the wheels with soap or some other cleaning solution.

And even then, you’d only manage to do a mediocre job of cleaning the wheels. Your hands can’t possibly fit into every curve. And you also need to be gentle which does not clean the wheel properly. But if you go too hard, you risk damaging the surface of the wheels.

The car wash does an even poor job than manual cleaning. The bristles and brushes just go over the external surface of the wheel which practically does nothing for cleaning the wheels.

2. Traditional Cleaning Method Vs Ultrasonic Cleaning Method, Which is Better?

From what you’ve seen about traditional cleaning, it should be clear by now that it’s not the way to go for cleaning your wheels properly. But what does an ultrasonic cleaning method do better?

The ultrasonic cleaning method makes use of ultrasonic vibrations produced by a machine to do a deep cleaning of the wheels. The wheels are submerged in a cleaning solution which is vibrated to induce the cleaning process. This method yields the cleanest wheels with no damage done to the surface of the wheels.

3. Why Choose an Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine?

If you want the cleaning process to be as deep and deliver the shiniest finish on your wheels, then an ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine is the way to go. By making use of ultrasonic technology you keep the cleaning process hands-free, meaning no chance of any deterioration of the surface.

It’s also really easy and hassle-free. All you need to do is load the machine with water and the cleaning solution, dump the wheels in the tank and turn on the machine. After a short time, you should have your wheels the cleanest that they can be.

4. How to Operate the Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine?

Although operating the ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine is fairly easy, there are steps that you need to follow. We will be listing the steps here in short detail.

Before you dump the wheel in the machine, it needs to be rinsed and prepared for the cleaning process. Any external dirt or grime must be removed by spraying with water. You should avoid scrubbing so as not to scratch the surface of the wheel.

Once the rinsing is done, the next step is to prepare the solution for cleaning the wheel. There are a bunch of options available on the market. You can go for anyone that you’d like. But avoid getting something that might damage the material of the wheel or cause too much foam. Things like these will take away from the effectiveness of the ultrasonic cleaning method.

After that, you need to place the wheel inside the tub with the cleaning solution. Now you need to set the time and temperature and start the machine. Controlling the temperature and time of cleaning can change the effectiveness of the cleaning.

All that’s left to do now is to start the machine and watch it work its magic. Within 2 minutes the cleaning process should be complete. After that take the wheel out and wash off any excess cleaning solution with deionized water. And that’s the end of it.

5. What is the Maximum Capacity of the Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine?

The ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine can clean wheels up to 32 inches in diameter and hold up to 405L of water and cleaning solution. This means that it doesn’t matter how big your wheel is, Inovatec’s ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine will take care of it.

6. Is it Possible to Adjust the Temperature and Cleaning Time of the Machine?

You can adjust the temperature of the cleaning solution from the control panel of the machine. With a 5000W heater, you have the privilege of controlling the temperature of your liquids to clean the wheels better.

You can also set a timer which can be set up to a maximum of 99 minutes. You won’t ever need that long because the ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine does a fast and amazing job.

7. What Size of Wheels Can Be Cleaned in the Ultrasonic Alloy Wheel Cleaning Machine?

Wheels of any size can be cleaned in the ultrasonic alloy wheel cleaning machine. But the machine will support wheels up to a maximum of 32 inches wide. This means you can potentially clean even truck wheels with this machine.

8. Do I Need to Load the Wheel into the Machine Manually?

You might think that you need to lug the wheel up the machine and drop it in. But that’s totally not the case. There’s a lift attached to the machine which will carry the wheel and drop it in the solution.

9. How Many Vibrating Heads Are There for the Ultrasonic Vibrations?

To induce the ultrasonic bubbles in the cleaning solution, there are 72 vibrating heads that work together for the cleaning process. These vibrate in unison to start the deep cleaning process.

10. How Long Does It Take for the Cleaning Process to Complete?

By default, you can get the cleaning done in 2 minutes. But for really dirty wheels, you can set a longer cleaning time if you feel the need for it.

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