ARS26H Wheel Straightening Machine- For Superior Positioning

Superior quality ARS26H Wheel Straightening Machine ensures the best quality results. Get in touch with us to receive a free quote for the machine.
Tool post4
Wheel repair range10’-26’inch
Motor power1.5kw
Speed range of spindle0-300r/min
Packing size1310*870*1420mm

ARS26H Wheel straightening machine with Superior Position

The ARS26H Wheel Straightening Machine is capable of straightening wheels as small as 10 inches and as big as 26 inches. It comes with a powerful 1.5 KW motor. It supports a maximum spindle speed of 300 r/min. The operator can vary the speed of operation of the machine.

This machine comes with a step-less variable speed converter. You can make the wheel pairing process faster with the help of this wheel straightening machine. If you have lots of wheel for refurbishing, then this machine will be the perfect solution.


Features & Application

  • Straighten wheels
  • Wheel repair
  • Step-less variable speed converter
  • Fast repairing of wheels
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