KL-1864 Big Batch Electric Powder Coating Oven for Wheels

The KX-202 Small Wheel Powder Coating Oven allows you to powder coat 4 wheels at a time. It takes only 1000 x 1000 mm space. Get in touch with us to receive a free quote.
Model KL-1864
Working dimensions Width1600 x Height1800 x Depth1400 mm
Overall dimensions Width1900 x Height2200 x Depth1700 mm
Power supply electric 18kw
Voltage 380V/220V (Custom Voltage Available)
Frequency 50-60hz
Warm-up time 15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature stability < ± 3-5°C
Temperature max 250° C
Ventilation performance 805-1677m3/h
Motor power 0.75kw
Circulation/ Air flow vertical Variable through holes on the walls
Transportation Trolley
Warranty 12 months

KL-1864 Electric Powder Coating Oven 

The KL-1864 wheel powder coating oven comes with an integrated PLC control panel. It allows you to set the temperature precisely. The panel also allows you to set other coating parameters like dwell time for curing, fan start time, etc.

There is an electric heating tube at the bottom side of this powder coating oven. This tube is responsible for generating the heat inside the oven.

The engineers from Inovatec have used a sandwich structure for designing this oven. There is a 100 mm thick asbestos sheet in the oven. It is placed in between the steel sheet and the galvanized sheet. The asbestos sheet helps to avoid energy loss from the system.

For easy unloading and loading of parts, this oven comes with a trolley.


Features & Application

  • Supports Curing of a large number of wheels at a time
  • Fan for heat circulation
  • Energy-efficient machine
  • Support curing of car, motorcycle, and truck wheels


KL Powder coating oven details

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