YH-606 Powder Coating Machine for Wheels| Cost-effective Solution

YH-606 Powder Coating for Wheels from Inovatec Machinery is an easy-to-use powder coating machine. Get in touch with us to receive a free quote.
controller+manual spray gun+trolley+stainless hopper+accessories
Electrical data
Power Voltage and Plug
100V- 240V (it is customized,please tell us when you place order)
50HZ /60HZ
Temperature range in use
-10 to 50 degree
Powder Gun
Rated output voltage
24V DC
Maximum output current
Maximum output voltage
0-100KV ( adjustable)
Maximum powder injection
negative (-)

YH-606 Powder Coating Machine Control Guide


powder coating machine control panel

Powder Coating Gun Feature

1. Shape: user-friendly design
2. Material:
a.Gun Shell: anti-static material to protect the high pressure from running away
b.Cascade Shell: Anti-static materials are also adopted to protect the high pressure from loss, double protection to ensure high voltage stability
3. Powder ascending rate: 65%~85%
4. Hopper: removable powder hopper for cleaning easily
5. Screen: LED screen makes data more accurate


powder coating gun details


YH-606 Powder Coating Machine for Wheels| Cost-effective Solution

The YH-606 is an electrostatic powder coating machine for wheels. It comes with a powder spray gun. The powder gets pushed out of the gun with the help of compressed air. The stainless steel hopper, controller, and trolley are the other main accessories.

Inovatec machinery provides multiple nozzles with the powder spray gun. It allows you to vary the pattern of the powder spray. Thus, it is possible to cover the entire surface area of the wheel. The spray gun helps to provide a uniform deposition of powder coating on the wheel surface.

The YH-606 powder coating machine supports a maximum powder injection rate of 600 g/min. Inovatec does support customization on the powder coating machine for wheels. All the operations of this powder coating machine are simple. So, the operator can easily perform it after going through the user manual


Features & Application

  • Cost-effective solution
  • High-quality powder coating
  • Low maintenance machine
  • Helps to improve productivity
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