Wheel Wet Sand Blasting Machine – Top Quality Wet Blasting Machine from Inovatec Machinery

YS9080W/ YS1010W/ YS1212W – 3 types of Hydro Aluminum Wheel Wet Sand Blasting Machine from Inovatec Machinery. Get in touch with us to receive a free quote.
Fabricate MaterialStainless Steel SUS304Stainless Steel SUS304Stainless Steel SUS304
Machine Size L*W*H1000*1400*2100mm900*650*750mm1200*1600*2200mm
Operating dimensions L*W*H1000*1000*750mm900*950*1700mm1200*1200*800mm
Entrance Door SizeW900mm*H650mmW500*H590mmW1100mm*H700mm
Working Pressure3-7bar(kg/m²)3-7bar(kg/m²)3-7bar(kg/m²)
Air Consumption (Approx)~1.5m³/min Pressure1.0m³/min; Pressure 3-7bar(kg/m²)1.5m³/min Pressure 3-7bar(kg/m²)
Quantity of Gun1pc1pc1pc
Nozzle Diameter1pc; diamater 10mm1pc; diamater 8mm1pc; diamater 10mm
Load Capacity60Kg60Kg60Kg
Machine Lighting18W*2pcs18W18W*2pcs
Total Weight (Approx)500kg350kg600kg
Power Supply380V/50Hz/3phase; 1.5kw380V/50Hz/3phase; 1.5kw380V/50Hz/3phase; 1.5kw

YS9080W/YS1010W/YS1212W Wheel Wet Sand Blasting Machine

Advantages of YS wet blast machine

  • Powerful blast efficiency removes dirt and corrosion from wheel surface fast
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use
  • You can see performance when blasting running
  • Air gun to dry wheels after blasting

wet sand blasting machine inovatec

Wheel Wet Sand Blasting Machine – Top Quality Wet Blasting Machine from Inovatec Machinery

Inovatec Machinery offers 3 models of wheel wet sand blasting machines. They are YS9080W, YS1010W, and YS1212W. The specification and features vary for each of these sand blasting machines.

These machines are very effective in removing dust, rust, and oil from the wheels. The fast processing speed of the wheel wet sand blasting machines from Inovatec Machinery helps to clean more wheels at the same time.

You can use this machine to prepare the wheel surface before the powder coating or the painting process. Inovatec offers different customization options on these machines. These customizations can help to improve the productivity and efficiency of the blasting process. The different wheel wet sand blasting machine models ensure that you can easily get one according to your wheel refurbishing requirements.

All the operations of the wet sand blasting machine for wheels are simple and easy to execute. The operator can learn it easily by referring to the instructional manual.


Features & Application

  • Good Blast Efficiency
  • Occupies less space
  • Ease of Use
  • High-performance machine
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