High Performance Wagner Powder Coating Gun
  • Inovatec Machinery manufactures and supplies numerous powder coating pumps and guns, which roughly include PI-P1 and PI-F1 injectors and PEM/PEA X1, C4, C2 & C3 guns.
  • You can get spare and replacement parts for your coating devices here, including powder tubes, nozzles, pumps, powder hoses, and extension tubes.
  • All spare parts and devices produced at Inovatec Machinery are NON-OEM and 100% interchangeable.
  • Only premium quality material is used in manufacturing our products, ensuring high performance and long life.
  • Powder coating Booth, Powder Coating Gun, Powder Coating Oven, & Powder Coating Machine
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Inovatec Machinery Inovatec Machinery - 10 Years Of Excellent Service

Inovatec Machinery brings you the most advanced powder coating solution for all areas of the industrial surface coating. It has been ten years since Inovatec Machinery is manufacturing and supplying powder coating systems and has expanded its services in more than 80 countries.


Enhance powder transfer efficiency of your PEM X1 manual powder coating gun by replacing the old, weary parts. Get NON-OEM, completely replaceable parts and consistently receive superior powder application and excellent gun performance for long.

PEM C4 Manual Powder Gun Replacement

Find easily replaceable and installed PEM C4 powder coating gun spare parts that ensure prolonged productivity with low maintenance requirements. These replacement parts are made with high-quality material and are as good as the original parts.

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Keep your coating game on point with the best Wagner powder coating gun nozzles in different measurements and styles. Since the nozzles are interchangeable, they’re appropriate for professional use since they’re NON-OEM.

With Wagner spray gun parts, you will get the maximum performance out of your powder coating gun. Parts featuring these characteristics are durable, reliable, and long-lasting, making them ideal for prolonged and rugged use.

Using spray gun extensions and safely spray curved surfaces and objects. They make it easier for you to spray efficiently by extending your gun’s reach. Designed using top-quality materials, these spare parts provide wear-free performance.

Improve your device’s coating performance by getting an economical and miniature powder pump. Due to its premium quality material, it lasts for a long time. It can be used for a variety of purposes.

Check out the extensive options of replacement parts for spray guns that are 100% interchangeable and NON-OEM. Durable and wear-resistant, these parts are ideal for longer or rougher usage.

Buying Wagner powder coating gun nozzles that work with the spray gun will give you better performance. Depending on your coating needs, they come in several shapes and sizes, can be replaced, and work exactly the same way as originals.

Sandblasting Machine for Superior Pre-Coating Finish

Water and abrasive media are mixed in a container by a slurry pump in the wet blasting process. Compressed air is used to propel the mixture from one end to the other, thus increasing the blast power. There are some very distinct advantages to wet abrasive blasting when compared to dry blasting. The following list contains a few of those:

  • The quantity of dust produced during wet abrasive blasting is decreased by 98% because water is used.
  • In wet chambers, dirt and debris can be easily eliminated from them, allowing the chambers to be cleaned more easily.
  • As a result, water reduces the heat created, which prevents friction shifts and color changes.
  • The machine suffers less damage as it uses water, so it is longer-lasting.
Leading powder coating manufacturer, Inovatec Machinery
  • As part of Inovatec Powder Coating’s internal process, we conduct quality control.
  • Material prepared in this manner is in good condition for use in the project.
  • A quality control test is conducted on materials that enter and leave the plant.
  • Making sure products are manufactured to a high standard.
Frequently Asked Question
Do the machines work with 110v or 220v?

Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries, which means you can choose between 110V and 220V voltage when placing orders. While placing the order, specify your voltage needs, and we will deliver the machine accordingly.

Which payment method is preferred?

Our payment options are PayPal, Western Union, Bank transfer, and Moneygram. Nevertheless, payments should not be made using credit cards.

What is the procedure for delivering the products?

Bulk orders are shipped by sea. Whereas small orders are shipped by express.

Is ordering from Inovatec Machinery safe?

There is no doubt that ordering from us is safe, as we export to more than 80 different countries and we are known as the most renowned manufacturer of powder coating equipment in China.

Does a warranty cover the powder coating machines?

We are offering free replacements for one year after purchase according to the problem photo and series number due to the quality problem.

Definitive Guide For Wagner Powder Coating Gun


1. What is a Wagner Powder Coating Gun?

The Wagner powder coating gun is considered one of the best powder coating equipment that delivers a quality finish. These guns are simple to operate and highly efficient, ensuring optimal coating results. Wagner’s new manual gun sets a new standard and trend for all types of surfaces used in powder coating. Precision and perfect execution are even better with the new Wagner gun generation, which combines precision on all levels with durability that lasts for a long time and optimal handling.


2. What are the components of the Wagner Powder Coating Gun?

Indeed, powder coating can only be as good as its parts. You should keep an eye out for a few common wear items. Your processes will run more smoothly if you replace these parts regularly.  Here are the most important components of the Wagner powder coating gun:

  • Venturi Nozzle

A powder pump is equipped with this small nozzle. From a hopper or a powder box, the powder is fed to a spray gun via the powder pump. When purchasing a replacement part for the system, many people overlook this common wear item. The nozzle is available in two versions: Standard & Hi-Coat.

  • Union Nut

It is this part that is most susceptible to being damaged in heavy-duty environments. Nuts protect the nozzle and atomization parts of powder guns and are found at the front of their barrels.

  • Powder Wedges

In powder coating guns, we find at least one powder wedge very often. For a powder gun to perform optimally, they play an integral role in maintaining its spray characteristics.

  • Powder Hose

Having a spare ground powder hose on hand is always a good idea. In most cases, the powder hose is laid out on the floor, making it vulnerable to damage and wear.


3. How does a Wagner powder coating gun work?

A Wagner powder coating gun operates by dissociating air and then generating a stream of positive or negative ions, which in turn impart a charged particle to the powder cloud. By combining the charges of the cloud electrode and gun electrode, an electric field is generated. As charged powder particles in the gun approach the opposite pole, they seek their lowest potential.


4. What are the specifications of the PEM X1 Wagner powder coating gun?

Here are the specifications of the PEM X1 Wagner powder coating gun:

  • A strong and lightweight design makes it convenient to work with
  • Powdercloud Ensures homogeneity and stability
  • Equally distributed layers
  • Ensures optimally balanced results
  • A balanced gun makes it easy to hold in every situation.
  • Easy paint change thanks to the fast-release powder hose coupling.
  • Voltage: 100.0 kV
  • Operating temperature: 5 – 113.0 °F (41.0 – 45 °C)
  • 3 Mpa, 3.0 bar, 44 PSI pressure of air inlet
  • 1 pound (0.5 kg) weight

5. State different types of Wagner powder coating guns.

Through the years, Wagner powder coating guns have undergone several iterations. Many are still in use, and spare parts are available for the most part. These are the powder coating guns that Wagner makes.

5.1 PEM X1 Wagner Powder Coating Gun

PEM X1 Wagner powder coating gun is the latest technology gun and is considered the most highly revered gun in the powder coating industry. Due to its ergonomic design and weight of just over 1 lb, this device allows prolonged use without exhaustion.

5.2 PEM C4 Wagner Powder Coating Gun

The C4 Wagner powder coating gun is used with automatic systems for the electrostatic coating of ignitable powders.

5.3 PEM X1 Cup Wagner Powder Coating Gun

With a round spray nozzle, the Wagner PEM-X1 cup gun is suitable for smaller jobs.

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