Transform Your Business Cating Practices With Wagner Powder Coating Gun Parts
  • Explore the wide variety of replaceable parts for different pumps and spray guns at our store, including PI-F1, PI-P1 injectors, PEM/PEA X1, C4, C2, & C3 spray guns.
  • You can get all powder coating parts at Inovatec Machinery, including nozzles, extensions, cascades, pumps, ventures, powder hoses, and power tubes.
  • Compared to the original parts, the parts are much less expensive but 100% interchangeable with them.
  • Provide long-lasting performance and durability with high-quality materials.
  • Also, offer Powder coating Booth, Powder Coating Gun, Powder Coating Oven, & Powder Coating Machine
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Inovatec Machinery Inovatec Machinery Offer Top-Class Quality Products

A renowned manufacturer and supplier of powder coating parts, Inovatec Machinery produces large quantities of parts in Stoke and delivers them quickly! Powder coating distributors and wholesalers can get very favorable prices from us.


Get reliable and constant coating performance with PEM X1 Manual powder coating gun. We offer various types and sizes of replacement parts for the gun that work similar to the original ones. Don’t let anything get in your way for the brilliant coating experience.

PEM C4 Manual Powder Gun Replacement

If you are looking for premium quality, original-like PEM C4 gun spare parts, Inovatec Machinery is the best place. Get every single piece of the equipment here at competitive prices and not let the wearing down of any of your gun parts stop your coating business.

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Find the best quality Wagner coating gun spray nozzles in various sizes and shapes to keep up with your coating game. These nozzles are NON-OEM and 100% interchangeable, which makes them perfect for industrial use.

Keep your Wagner powder coating gun at peak performance with premium quality spray gun parts. These parts are sturdy, durable, and wear-resistant, making them perfect for extended and rough use.

Safely spray hard-to-reach places and complex objects with spray gun extensions. These gun extensions help expand your reach and make you spray efficiently. Made with high-quality material, make them perfect for wear-less performance.

Get a more efficient and compact pump that delivers more powder and pumps up your coating game. It is used for a wide range of applications and stays intact even after prolonged use as it is made with premium quality material.

Explore the comprehensive options of spray gun spare parts that are NON-OEM and 100% interchangeable. For extended or rough use, these parts are durable, sturdy, and wear-resistant.

Get superior quality spray gun nozzles that are compatible with Wagner powder coating guns. They are available in different sizes and styles that aid in your coating process, which are 100% replaceable and work similarly to the original parts.

Get Superior Pre-Coating Finish With Our Sand Blasting Machine

As part of the wet blasting process, a slurry pump mixes water and abrasive media in a slurry tank. The blast power is accelerated by using compressed air to drive the mixture from the pump to the blast gun. In comparison to dry blasting, wet abrasive blasting has enormous advantages. Following is a list of some of them:

  • Since water is used during wet abrasive blasting, the amount of dust produced is reduced by 98%.
  • Wet chambers are easy to clean as the fragments and salts in them can be easily removed.
  • The heat generated during the process is reduced with the help of water, which prevents friction and color changes
  • With water, the machine experiences more minor wear and damage, which means it is more durable.
China's Top Powder Coating Manufacturer and Supplier Innovatec Machinery
  • We perform internal quality control procedures at Inovatec Powder Coating.
  • These procedures ensure the material is in good condition for the project.
  • Materials entering and leaving the plant are subjected to quality control tests.
  • Consistently maintaining a high standard when manufacturing products.
Frequently Asked Question
What is the voltage compatibility of the machine? 110 v or 220 v?

Over 80 countries have purchased our products, so we are able to provide 110v or 220v working voltage. If you tell us which voltage compatibility machine you want when you order, we’ll be able to accommodate you.

Do you have a preferred method of payment?

Payments can be made by PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, and Money Gram. Please Note: credit cards are not accepted.

Describe the delivery process?

Depending on the size of orders, we choose the delivery method. Shipments in bulk are made by sea. For small orders, we use express delivery.

Does Inovatec Machinery offer a safe shopping experience?

Definitely, you can order from us with 100% confidence. Our products are exported to over 80 countries, and many of those countries have agents or distributors. As one of China’s biggest powder coating equipment factories, we are well known for our products.

Is a powder coating machine covered by a warranty?

If a problem with the product results in a defect within one year, we’ll replace the product free of charge, including the shipping charge.

Wagner Powder Coating Gun Parts – Definitive Guide

1. What are Wagner Powder Coating Gun Parts?

Powder coating guns can be found in a variety of types, styles, and sizes on the market, and each differs from the other in terms of price, type, and size. Similarly, Wagner spare parts for powder coating guns are 100% interchangeable, since they are NON-OEM and guarantee high-quality performance and durability.


2. How to Replace Wagner Powder Coating Gun Parts?

Gun parts can be conveniently replaced with powder coating spare parts from Inovatec Machinery. Dismantling the gun and replacing old components, including nozzles, gun cables, extension tubes, defectors, and nuts, is easily accomplished.Inovatec machinery offers Wagner powder coating gun spare parts kits. The replacement parts we ship come with a detailed installation and uninstallation guide.


3. What are the Components of a Wagner Powder Coating Gun?

Wagner is the best coating gun for electrostatic manual coating. The components of a powder coating gun are designed to perform specific functions that help to ensure seamless coating. This list includes the following components:

  • Powder manual gun
  • Injector
  • Suction tubes
  • Filter unit
  • Gun holder
  • Instruction module
  • Shelf
  • Gun control unit


4. Powder coating parts are available in what varieties?

The gun and body are the only two components that cannot be replaced. The old parts must be removed from the gun and replaced with the new ones after it has been disassembled. These are the parts that can be interchanged:

  • Injectors
  • Gun Cables
  • Extension Tubes.
  • Spray Gun Cascade
  • Powder coating pumps
  • Nozzles
  • Hose connector
  • Electrode holder
  • Nuts & Sleeves

5. Will spare parts and original parts work together?

All spare parts and machines are manufactured by our company under strict quality control checks. As a consequence, the materials used and produced are of similar quality. There is no difference between them.


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