Plastic Media

Plastic media is nothing but polyester resin bonded plastic tumbling media. The typical chemical recipe uses resins and abrasives in equal weights. So, it is a 50-50 by weight formula. Silica is the most common abrasive used in plastic media apart from alumina, corundum, and zirconia, among others.

Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media

CX Nipple Shape Plastic Abrasive Media

Plastic Tumbling Media

The nature and amount of abrasive determine the finishing performance of plastic media. By changing this composition, you can create plastic media with varying cutting powers as per your finishing requirements. However, higher cutting power often translates into higher media wear rate.

Owing to its soft nature, plastic media is perfect for deburring and smoothing delicate metals such as zinc, aluminum, brass, and magnesium. You can also use it for de-scaling and de-burring plastic parts. Plastic media generates a low RA surface finish, making the parts ready for plating, anodizing or painting. It is often used in secondary finishing following ceramic media de-burring.

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