Ceramic Media

Ceramic media is a preformed tumbling media for deburring, polishing, radiusing, cleaning and de-rusting. This material can be shaped in a variety of shape and size.

Brown corundum is the most common type of abrasive in the ceramic media. Besides, the abrasive content, abrasive grit size, as well as abrasive type, contribute to the ceramic media performance.

Porcelain Tumbling Media

Ceramic Tumbling Media

Different recipes are formulated for different industrial applications. Fast cutting, medium cutting, light cutting as well as slow-to-non cutting grade are the most common types.

Generally, tumbling media with large grain size offer fast cutting but results in a dull surface finishing, while the media with finer grit create a surface with low Ra value. Besides, the performance of the media also affects by media size, shape, compound and also the mass finishing machines.

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