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  • Ceramic media with higher cutting grades to remove rust and grease from parts
  • Ceramic media with medium abrasiveness for corrosion removal without affecting surface smoothness
  • Helps to prepare the part for coating and painting
  • Compatible with small and medium-size parts
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Your High Quality Tumbling Media For Rust Removal Manufacturer from China

The tumbling media is very useful to remove rust from the metal parts. The rusting happens on the part surface when they are exposed to the humid environment over a long period of time. Rusting can also occur due to the manufacturing process. The part manufacturing using plasma cutting and laser cutting will leave an oxide layer on the metal part surface. So, if you try to paint such parts directly, then the paint will not stick properly. There will be flakes and bumps appearing on the painted part. So, it is essential to find a solution to remove the rust from the part at a reasonable price.


The aggressive cutting ceramic media comes with higher abrasive content. So, it is ideal for removing heavy rust from stainless steel parts.


The medium cutting ceramic media is good for removing rust from steel parts and will not make the surface rough.

Vibratory Finishing Compound

The grinding compound LC-13 is useful for proper lubrication action and is a general purpose compound.

The cutting compound HM-A helps increase the cutting action on steel parts and helps to bring down the overall processing time.

The rust inhibitor MC-8 helps to protect the parts from getting rusted when they are soaked in a solvent.

Mass Finishing Machine To Remove Rust From Parts

If you have a large number of metal parts that are in a rusted state, then you must use a mass finishing machine for rust removal. The removal of rust from parts using hands is not practical in this scenario. Inovatec manufactures mass finishing machines that can remove rust from parts in the various price range. Some of the machines from Inovatec machinery include the vibratory finishing bowl and the trough vibratory finisher machine. You can choose any of these machines that satisfy your requirement.

Inovatec Machinery- Leader in Manufacturing and Supply of Tumbling Media for Rust Removal from China
  • Help to select the perfect rust removal media for your metal parts
  • Removes rust in the shortest possible time
  • Ease of separation of parts from media
  • Rust removal machines within your budget
Frequently Asked Question
What is your MOQ for tumbling media for rust removal?

Our MOQ is 100 kg per size/shape. We highly recommend you order 1000kg totally to save the shipping cost. If you could ship 20 ft container, we will give the best-discounted price.

How long is your production time?

Our production lead time is 15-25 working days depending on your media size. Smaller size takes longer time and big size media is fast to produce.

Can you do customized tumbling media according to our sample?

Yes. You can send us your media sample, we will analyze in our testing equipment and figure out the recipe includes abrasive type, abrasive content, abrasive quantity. We will follow exactly the same of your sample and make the same product with a fraction of your cost.

How do you make the packaging?

We make packaging 25kg  per plastic bags and 40 bags per pallet.

Can you select the right tumbling media for our steel parts rust removal?

Yes, we will do that. We choose the right tumbling media according to the size and shape of your part. Meanwhile, we make sure the media not get lodged in your parts holes and recesses. The process should able to separate the parts from media easily.

Tumbling Media For Rust Removal Introduction

Inovatec has done lots of experiments to remove rust using different types of media.

We have found that ceramic media is the best media to remove rust from parts through our research.

It has the best material removal capability amongst all the media and is aggressive in nature.

The ceramic media will also remove the oil, grease, and dirt from the part along with the rust.

So, you will get a thoroughly cleaned rust-free part as the output.



The vibratory finishing machine is the commonly used mass finishing machine for rust removal from metal parts.

The vibratory finishers are also used in small workshops to remove rust and polish parts.

It will take around one or two hours to clean the parts thoroughly.

You can also use the porcelain media for removing rust from metal parts.

There is no abrasive content present in the porcelain media.

So, the amount of material removal will be very less when compared to the ceramic deburring media.



It will be useful to remove the loose rust and the oxide layer from the part surface.

So, the impact on the part will be less for porcelain media.

You can use the rust removal media on different applications like polishing spanner and wrenches, cleaning metal scissors, rust removal from mild steel parts, removing rust from nuts and bolts, and cleaning and polishing steel sockets.

Inovatec has an overall experience of 20 plus years when it comes to mass finishing machines and the tumbling media.

If you use the right media along with the right compound, then you can bring down the rust removal processing time drastically.



We can always help you with our expertise to choose the right media and machine.

You can also share your parts to us.

We will inspect the part and let you know the right type of media and machine that can process your parts in an efficient manner.

So, send us a message today.


Tumbling Media For Rust Removal FAQ Guide

1. What Are The Different Tumbling Media That Can Be Used To Remove Rust From Parts?

You can use ceramic deburring media, porcelain media, and plastic media to remove rust from metal parts.

If you are planning to remove rust from parts that have chrome plating, then use the porcelain media.

It will ensure that the plating does not get damaged due to the rust removal process.


2. How Do Tumbling Media Work To Remove Rust From Parts?

The tumbling media for rust removal will have some abrasive content in them.

So, when they are made to tumble with the parts, then the friction between the media and parts will remove the rust and material from the parts.


3. Is Stainless Steel Tumbling Media Good For Rust Removal?

It is not a good idea to use stainless steel media for rust removal.

If you try to use stainless steel media for rust removal, then you may end up damaging the parts since the media is a hard one.


4. Is It Recommended To Use Chemicals Along With The Tumbling Media For Rust Removal?

There are chemicals that are available in the market that can remove rust.

But, if you use it along with the tumbling media, then it would be an overkill.

If you are dealing with fragile parts, then the chances of parts getting damaged are more if you use chemicals.

The chemical may also react with the media and may make it lose its properties.

So, we recommend not to use any chemicals along with the tumbling media for rust removal.

You can make use of the rust inhibitor solution and soak the metal parts in it after the deburring process for protecting it from corrosion.


5. Which Type Of Tumbling Is Good To Remove Rust – Wet or Dry Tumbling?

Inovatec recommends using wet tumbling for rust removal.

The deburring of rusted parts will put lots of dust if dry tumbling is used.

It is harmful to your lungs.

Dry tumbling can only provide a matte finish to the parts after processing.


6. What Is The Recommended Formulation To Use While Selecting Tumbling Media For Rust Removal?

Inovatec recommends using medium formulation while selecting tumbler media for rust removal.

It doesn’t matter whether you go for a ceramic media or a plastic tumbling media.

You must always ensure that the amount of material removal is kept to the minimum.

We are only interested in removing the rust from the part.


7. Will The Tumbling Media For The Rust Removal Damage My Parts?

If you use the wrong type of media or media in the wrong shape or size, then you may end up damaging your parts.

If you use stainless steel media balls for rust removal from iron parts, you will damage the iron parts.


8. What Is The Typical Finishing Time For Tumbling Media For Rust Removal?

The finishing time will vary for different types of parts.

It will mainly depend on the amount of rust on the part.

If the deposit is heavy, then it will take more time.

It will also depend on the structure of the part.

If it is a fragile and complex shaped part, then it will take more time.

We recommend tumbling the parts in short cycles.

If you go for long cycles, then you may ruin the media also.


9. Is It Possible To Use Tumbler Media For Rust Removal On Chrome Plated Metal Parts?

You must use porcelain tumbling media to remove rust from chrome plated parts.

If you use any other media type, you will damage the parts.

The porcelain media will ensure that no damage happens to the chrome plated section.

The finishing time will be more for the porcelain media since it has no abrasive content in it.

But, the parts will be safe from damages.


10. What Is The Life Of The Tumbler Media Used For Rust Removal?

The life of the tumbler media used for rust removal will vary for the different types of media.

Ceramic deburring media is hard and strong.

So, it will last more than the plastic media.

Plastic media being lighter than the ceramic media will have less life when tumbled with metal parts for rust removal.

Porcelain media will also have more life than plastic media since it does not have any abrasive content.


11. How Can I Protect The Parts From Rusting After Removing The Rust By Tumbling?

The chances of part getting rusted are more whenever the part is exposed to air.

The chances are even more if the humidity is more.

The metal will react with the water molecules in the air to form rust.

So, you need to seal the parts properly in some bags or containers and store them.

The other option is to provide a protective coating on the part surface.

You can use a thin layer of any anti-rust inhibiting oil on the metal surface to cut off the contact with air to protect it from rust.


12. What Is The Recommended Size Of The Tumbler Media For Rust Removal?

There is nothing like a standard size that can be used across all metal parts.

You need to select the right size of tumbling media for rust removal based on your part shape and size.

You can go for a small media size for small parts and big media size for big and bulky parts.

The media size must be selected in such a way that it can real all the surface area of the metal part.

Only then, you will get a consistent finish across all the surfaces.

You must also ensure that the media does not get stuck in any slots or cavities of the part.


13. What Is The Recommended Shape Of The Tumbler Media For Rust Removal?

The pyramid shape does an excellent job of removing rust from metal parts in our experience.

The other shape options include the angle cut and the straight cut media.

So, you can go for any of these shapes.


14. What Is The Reason For The change In Color Of My Parts After Using The Tumbler Media For Rust Removal?

If the rust deposit is very heavy, then only the color of the rust will be visible before the process.

So, once you complete the rust removal process, then you will get the part like a new material with a new color.

The other reason is the improper rust removal process.

If you have not done the rust removal process in the right way, then there will be some rust deposits in the part even after processing.

So, after some time, the part will again get rusted, and the color will change.

So, when you do the rust removal using any of the mass finishing machines, ensure that you do it properly.


15. Is It Necessary To Clean Parts After Rust Removal?

Yes, we strongly recommend cleaning parts after rust removal.

It does not matter whether you do wet tumbling or dry tumbling.

There will be some left-over debris on the parts that are harmful to the parts.

So, thorough cleaning of the parts after the rust removal process will ensure that all such particles are cleared from the parts.

You can quickly rinse the parts using tap water for cleaning.


16. Is It Ok To Use Plastic Media As The Tumbler Media For Rust Removal?

Yes, you can use plastic media for rust removal.

You must use pyramid shape plastic media for removing rust from the parts.

But, the life of the plastic media will be very less if you use it for rust removal from metal parts.


17. What Quantity Of Rust Removal Tumbler Media Is Required For One Cycle?

The quantity of media will depend on the capacity of your tumbling machine.

You will need more media if you use a vibratory finishing machine of large capacity.

You need to maintain a 1:3 ratio between the parts and media in the tumbler for rust removal.

So, you can calculate the media requirement accordingly.


18. Do I Need To Use Any Rust Inhibitor For Any Tumbling Media For Rust Removal?

You don’t have to use any rust inhibitor with any rust removal tumbling media.

These media is not susceptible to the oxidation effect.


19. Is It Possible To Use Ceramic Media To Remove Rust From Parts?

Yes, ceramic deburring media is one of the best choices of media when it comes to rust removal.

The performance of ceramic media is far better than the plastic and porcelain when it comes to rust removal.

You need to ensure that you use the ceramic media in the right formulation.


20. Which Is A Cost Effective Option- Using A Chemical Solution For Rust Removal Or Using A Tumbler Media For Rust Removal?

If you already own a tumbler finishing machine, then using the machine, along with the appropriate media, will be a cost-effective solution.

If you don’t own one, then you need to look for the appropriate chemical solutions for removing rust from the metal parts.


21. Is It Possible To Tumble Bolts, Nuts, And Other Threaded Parts In A Tumbler Along With Tumbler Media For Rust Removal?

Yes, you can tumble nuts, bolts, screws, or any other metal parts in the tumbler finishing machine for rust removal.

The rusting phenomenon will not happen in aluminum parts.

So, there is no corrosion effect.

So, nothing to remove from aluminum parts.

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