Inovatec believes in growing together. So, in addition to our core competencies, we also offer unique OEM services to our business partners.

As our OEM business partner, you can avail our free sample testing service just like regular customers. Our labs are equipped with high-end testing equipment, where you can test hundreds of tumbling media with different sizes, shapes, and material properties produced in our factory. Thus, you have plenty of options to choose your final product. You can check the performance yourself before making the purchase.

As an OEM, we implement sound packaging practices as well. You will get your final product in proper packaging that bears your business logo. Just let us know your specific packaging requirements in advance.

You are also welcome to send us your designing ideas or concepts. Our engineers will work closely with your technical team to develop the product as per your specifications. As we have worked with several resellers before, our team is experienced enough to turn your ideas into products.

We believe in honest and transparent communication. But, we also respect your intellectual property. So, we always keep all our client discussions confidential.

  • Free Sample Processing

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  • Reverse Engineering Made-to-Order Media

    Tumbling media in vibratory finishing is for burr removal and surface improvement. If you own a workshop, then you may need tumbling media. Of course, quality wise the best tumbling media is made in the USA, German and Japan. Yet, it is expensive to ...

  • Packing, Delivery and Shipments

    The packing of the mass finishing machine and tumbling media is an important factor during the delivery and shipment. Without good protection, the finishing machine might be severely damaged or scratched; paint will be removed on some edge, even dest...

  • OEM Solutions: why becoming our partner

    Inovatec offer OEM solutions for our partner to expand their business. First of all, we offer technical guidance and training so you have a general understanding of the industry.  In addition, you can access our lab testing facilities and service fo...

Frequently asked questions

Company information
  • Q: How is Inovatec Machinery brand?

    Inovatec Machinery is famous Top 3 brand mass finishing machines and consumables manufacturer of China, has:
    – 25 years: vibratory finishing machines and tumbling media manufacturer experience.
    – 20000 square meters factory
    – 2-year warranty

  • Q: What Certifications do you have?

    ISO9001, CE, certifications etc. 100% quality check, and testing before shipment.

  • Q: What is Inovatec Machinery equipment warranty?

    2 years warranty for all Inovatec Machinery equipment

    Lifetime maintenance will be provided after the 2 year warranty period expires.

  • Q: How you guarantee tumbling media quality?

    We make quality tracking from raw material until quality check before shipment. We keep record of quality test including wearing and cutting.
    For bulk and OEM order, we follow your testing methods and keep track of wearing and cutting. If the quality does not meet the standard, we will not make the shipment.

  • Q: What is your Payment method?

    Accept payment via T/T (Bank transfer), Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal;
    Accept L/C at sight (bulk order).

  • Q: What is your Minimum order amount?

    For machine minimum order is 1 PCS. For tumbling media minimum order is 1000kg or 2000 lbs as one pallet.
    You can ship less amount of media if it ships with the machine.
    Sample order is allowed to ship less amount of tumbling media

  • Q: What is your way of packaging?

    Fermentation wooden pallets for media, 1000kg per pallet, 25kg/plastic bag
    Customize packaging and logo printing is available to discuss
    Wooden box for equipment and compound

  • Q: How long is your production lead time?

    15 working days for sample order;
    20-25 working days for bulk order.
    Emergency orders can be fulfilled in a week

  • Q: What is the Shipping Way?

    20-30 days by sea to your nearest seaport
    2-5 days by air to your nearest airport
    3-5 days by express to your doorstep

  • Q: What is the nearest Port?

    Shanghai, Ningbo and Yiwu are the closest port.

Parts surface improvement
  • Q: What the max burr size that able to remove by vibratory machine?

    For hard metal burr size below 0.05mm or 0.002 inches can be removed by vibratory finishing machine. Very big scale or fins need to remove by sanding machine before mass finishing process.

  • Q: How long to finish my parts?

    Aluminum or brass parts deburring or edge breaking usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    Steel or iron parts deburring or edge breaking usually takes 1 hour to 2 hours or even more.

    Ball burnishing or polishing process for metals typically takes 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Q: How many parts to run at a time?

    The rule is: you can add as many parts as you can if you can accept the surface finishing quality.

  • Q: Why are my parts damaged?

    Media portion is less than actually required lead to parts-on-parts impingement.

    There are three ways to reduce damage:

    1. Adding more tumbling media

    2. Adding water level in a wet finishing system

    3. Load 50-60% for barrel tumbling machine and 80-90% for vibratory tumbling machine

  • Q: Why do my parts get dark?

    Three reasons may lead to parts getting dark.

    1. Choosing the wrong compound to lead to parts oxidation. You need to change the right compound.
    2. Not enough compound in the finishing machine.
    3. In the batch process, too much dirt and grease in finishing machine.

  • Q: Why my parts stick together?

    Thin parts tend to stick together during mass finishing. You can use BL-1 anti-sticking agent.

  • Q: How do I dry my parts?

    1. Vibratory dryer with corn cob absorbs water and dirt from parts.

    2. The centrifugal spin dryer is the most cost-effective for small parts

    3. Conveyor belt dryer for continuous production, suitable even for larger parts

    4. Rotary drum dryer for batch and continuous production and, suitable for medium-sized parts

  • Q: Why are my parts not tumbling well?

    Bellow is the most common reasons:

    1. Check if you have enough media in the tumbling machine, not enough media in the tumbling machine decrease the rolling movement

    2. Check wire connection from motor to the power supply if it is correct. This sometimes happens if you don’t install the speed converter.

  • Q: How do I get my parts to lift up and onto the screen more effectively?

    1. Make sure your vibratory bowl is filled 80-90%

    2. If this not helps, add more weight on top of the motor.

Machine, media and compound
  • Q: How do I select a machine?

    Choose vibratory finishing machine for the big quantity parts general deburring and polishing.

    Choose vibratory tubs if your parts are huge or special size

    Choose barrel tumbling machine if you accept the long process time. Barrel machine is good for delicate parts.

    Choose centrifugal barrel machine if your parts are high value-added parts, and you don’t have the huge volume.

    Choose centrifugal disc machine if your parts are bellow 30mm length and have a very big quantity.

    Choose continuous feed-thru system if your parts cycle time less than 15 min.

  • Q: What type of media should I use?

    Ceramic media is for general deburring. Its formula range starts from aggressive deburring, light deburring to polishing. Ceramic media is for all most all metals, especially iron and steel.

    Plastic media is for soft metal deburring and smoothing, for example, brass and aluminum. Plastic media is ideal for plastic parts smoothing.

    Besides, we have steel tumbling media and other special tumbling media for a different circumstance.

  • Q: Why is my media wearing out so fast?

    Ceramic deburring media loss 1-2% by weight every hour in the vibrator. Porcelain tumbling media loss about 1% by weight every 8 hours in vibrator. Plastic media wear faster than ceramic media. Usually, media with heavier cutting power wear faster. Remember to add enough media in the machine, so that can create gentle flow and reduce media wear.

  • Q: Which compound should I use?

    For ceramic media and plastic media tumbling, we use LC-13 to facilitate the tumbling movement. For polishing aluminum parts we use HM-2. For polishing stainless steel parts we use HM-3. HX-0 is the cleaning compound, we can add it during the polishing process to remove the dirt. MC-8 is the rust inhibitor. We soak iron parts in the diluted MC-8 to protect from corrosion. Please consult our compound selector guide for details.

  • Q: How much media should I use?

    4:1 media to parts ratio by volume for the vibratory machine with separation deck

    3:1 media to parts ratio by volume for batch process tumbling

    If parts are very sensitive on surface hitting, increase media amount to an acceptable level.

Setting & Maintenance
  • Q: What voltage to choose for my machine?

    If you have a choice on voltage, choose 460V (3 phase) instead of 230V (3 phase). This will cut your amperage draw in half. 110V single phase is the last choice because of no grounding.

  • Q: What the relation between weight and lead angle?

    Lead angle is the angle between the top and bottom weights.
    More lead angle increases forward speed.
    More top weight increases forward speed.

    90 degrees is the standard lead angle.

    75 degree gives maximum tumbling.
    120 degrees gives maximum forward movement.

    Top weight enhances separation.
    Bottom weight increases tumbling.
    Decreasing weight means to add weight on the other side.
    More load in the vibrator demand more weights.
    The less the total weight the better.
    Motor weight bottom is twice as the top
    If the vibrator jumps up and down means too many weights on the motor.

  • Q: What does “amplitude” and “lead angle” mean on a vibratory machine?

    Lead angle is the angle between top weight and bottom weight. In a vibratory finisher bowl “lead angle” means how aggressively the machine forward movement is. 90 degree is the standard lead angle.

    “Amplitude” means how strong the vibration movement is. Usually, we can measure with a vibration amplitude sticker.

  • Q: How often should I grease lubricate my vibratory machine?

    Grease your motor once a month if you run 8 hours a day. 1 shot of grease is enough. We recommend (Mobil XHP 222 or SHC 100).

  • Q: What the life time of your PU lining?

    We use Dow Chemical PU material to make the PU lining. PU lifetime 3-5 years depending on the user condition. Some user operates 16 hours a day with aggressive ceramic media may have a shorter lifetime.

    In case PU is damaged in a small area by parts, use Epoxy to recover the hole or scratches.

  • Q: What can I do with my waste water?

    The wastewater from mass finishing process firstly needs to remove solid substance above 0.5-2 um size. Most wear debris from ceramic media and plastic media can be removed, metal uses can also collect in the filter system.

    At Inovatec, we use pressure filter system to collect solid sludge. Sediment tank and centrifuge are also popular for the same purpose.

    The filtered water then neutralized and send to municipal waste water treatment plant for further processing.

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