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Inovatec Machinery is a China-based manufacturing company. We are always in search of agents and distributors of our powder coating equipment.

If you’d like to join our team and be a distributor or look for a reputable powder coating manufacturing company, please feel free to contact us for more information.

This is what Inovatec Machinery will require from you to join our team as an agent:

  1. You’ll attend exhibitions which happen after every two years.
  2. You’ll be tasked with training engineers from our distributors annually. You’ll train them in China.
  3. As an agent, you will advertise, air promotions, make sales, and finally service the machines you manage to sell.
  4. You’ll also make custom-made machines to fit the unique needs of different clients.

Related Product

This powder coating machine offers you maximum flexibility when applying the powder coat. The powder coating gun has a modernized nozzle and an ergonomic handle, giving you the best powder application.

This machine does not require a lot of physical space – you do not have to own a big workshop. The device has an excellent working capability – you can configure it easily.

This machine is ideal for bulky parts, for example, bike frames, wheels, etc. It is also spacious – it has enough room to allow your pieces to dry properly.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

Inovatec Machinery’s sandblasting machine helps you prepare for the perfect powder coating of your parts. The device uses water and abrasive media in a slurry pump to blast your parts.

  1. The machine is dust-free: When the machine blasts your parts using abrasive media with water, the water gets rid of dust. In other words, wet blasting is better than dry blasting – it is 98% dust-free.
  2. The water present in the machine during blasting reduces the wearing out of parts that are caused by sandblasting.
  3. Inovatec Machinery’s sandblasting machine does not generate a lot of heat caused by friction as it blasts your parts. This minimal generation of heat helps prevent change in
  4. This machine is ideal for blasting dedicated parts, as it does not remove unique elements of your dedicated parts.
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Frequently Asked Question
What Amount of Voltage Does Do Powder Coating Machines Require to Run?

Your powder coating machines can run on either 110V or 220V. You’ll need to specify which machine you want together with the desired amount of voltage, depending on your work requirements.

How Can I Pay for My Ordered Machine?

Inovatec Machinery accepts different payment platforms. We accept payment from Western Union, Paypal, MoneyGram, and bank transfers.

Inovatec Machinery also accept credit card payments.

How Does Inovatec Machinery Deliver Ordered Machines?

Now, we use two kinds of delivery methods.

The first method we use is via sea shipment. We deliver machines ordered in bulk via sea. It is a more efficient and safer method for a large number of machines.

We use express shipment for small orders. Smaller orders will undoubtedly reach you faster than bulk orders.

Why Should I Buy From Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec is the leading powder coating machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We manufacture and supply you with world-class machines.

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years now. Apart from that, we’ve manufactured and supplied machines to our esteemed clients in over 80 different countries now. Inovatec Machinery also has agents and distributors across the world.

You can be sure that we’ll provide you with the best powder coating machine that meets your unique needs.

Does Inovatec Machinery Provide My Powder Coating Machine with A Warranty?

Inovatec Machinery has the highest standards of quality assurance. We’ll test and retest your powder coating machine several times – testing them in different scenarios.

However, there are rare times that your machine may break down prematurely. That’s why Inovatec Machinery always covers all machines with a warranty that lasts for one year.

Here’s how you’ll benefit:

We’ll supply your machine with a replacement of the faulty parts for free, including shipment fees. You’ll only need to send us a photo that shows the machine’s problem together with its series number.

Small Powder Coating Machine – The Complete FAQ Guide

Do you want to learn how to powder coat using a powder coating machine? Or are you simply looking for answers to perfect your powder coating skills? Then you are in the right place. This guide’s primary intention is to help you understand powder coating.

Here’s the deal:

You are going to learn about:

  • How to prepare your parts for powder coating
  • Know which machines you should use and how to use them
  • Understand the benefits of powder coating parts using these machines.


Keep reading this guide to get the best out of it.

1.   Which Types of Equipment Are Used For Powder Coating?

Powder coating requires four types of equipment for the best professional finish.


Check them out:

The first type of machine is the pretreatment machine. This machine helps you clean the parts you want to powder coat. Your pieces need to be clean from any contaminant – they shouldn’t have any debris, dust, rust, patches of old paints, etc.

Here’s why cleaning is important:

It helps produce a better powder coat finish. In other words, cleaning affects the adhesive and durability quality of your powder coating. Even if you are a powder coating guru, and your pretreatment wasn’t that good, your powder coat finish will be of a low quality.

In extreme cases, blasting will undoubtedly be required, using the appropriate abrasive media to clean your part’s highly contaminated surfaces.

The pretreatment machine is designed to ensure that cleaning is done effectively and efficiently.

The second machine that you’ll require is the powder coating application machine. Powder coating application machines usually come with a spray gun, a powder can, and a control unit that has a digital display.

Figure 1 Powder Coating


There are different powder coating application machines, as you will read later on in this guide. They meet your unique powder coating requirements and apply the powder coat efficiently with a sleek finish.

For bigger parts, it would be best if you acquired a powder coating booth to help you powder coat your pieces safely, quickly, and effectively.

The third piece of equipment you’ll need to apply a professional and sleek powder coat on your parts is a heating machine. It’ll heat your parts to ensure that the final product will last for long, as well as being flawless.

The final piece of equipment that you’ll need is a curing machine. The curing device exposes your newly coated parts to heated air (usually between 325° and 450° Fahrenheit). The curing duration varies for different parts, depending on size and thickness.


Bottom line:

Powder coating your parts well requires more than just applying powder coats on your parts. You’ll need to use all of the above equipment to properly powder coat your parts.

2.   How Much Does A Small Powder Coating Machine Cost?

Now, it’s important to understand that there are different types of small powder coating machines. This variation in size, performance, etc., certainly affects their prices. Usually, the cost is around USD 500-1000 according to the model and design you need.

The best way to find out the prices of your desired powder coating machines is by contacting a professional company. When you contact a reputable company, you’ll talk to professionals who will advise you accordingly on which machine to acquire.

Figure 2_ Small Powder Coating Machine

3.   How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat Small Parts Using A Small Powder Coating Machine?

Here’s the truth:

Powder coating parts professionally is not cheap. However, its benefits are realized after coating the parts correctly.

Powder coating parts happen in a specialized powder coating facility. You’ll probably have to contact your powder coating company to know their powder coating charges. You can have different materials powder coated – including aluminum, steel, plastics, cast iron, etc.

The rate of powder coating your parts reduces as the volume of your parts increases. The more parts you need powder coated, the lesser the rate of powder coating per part.


4.   How Can I Properly Powder Coat My Parts Using A Small Powder Coating Machine?

As stated earlier in this guide, powder coating requires powder coating equipment, which can be classified under three primary categories:

  • Pretreatment of your parts
  • Application of powder coat on your parts’ surfaces
  • Curing of parts after application of powder coat

Pretreatment means cleaning your parts’ surfaces using appropriate abrasives, depending on the extent of “damage”. In extreme cases, you’ll need to use a blast machine. It’ll clean your parts’ surfaces better, faster, and efficiently.

Figure 3 Blasting Machine


You can opt to use other methods such as scraping off previously existing paints using paint removers. However, it would help if you were careful when handling paint removers – ensure that they do not get inside your eyes.

Also, after removing pre-existing paint on the surfaces of your parts, remember to dispose of it properly. Do not wash it down the drain, as it may harm the environment.

You’ll need to remove dust and other debris from the surfaces of your parts using alcohol-based chemicals like spirits.

The second step will be heating your parts, assuming that you are powder coating using the thermoplastic powder coating technique.

Your parts need to be heated so that the powder sticks like glue on the parts’ surfaces when you start powder coating. Experts recommend using a professionally manufactured powder coating heating machine.

You can, however, decide to improvise your heating methods. Just ensure that it is safe and meets all governmental and local authorities regulations.

After heating the parts, you’ll then start applying the powder coat. Heat is imperative in this process. After applying the powder coat, you’ll then need to cure your part by using heated air. Professionals and experts recommend using a powder coating curing machine for this process.

If you are using the thermoset powder coating technique, you’ll heat your parts only after applying your powder coat on your parts’ surfaces. Heating cures the powder coat and makes it stick better.

Figure 4_ Powder Coating Oven


Consider watching this short video clip that will show you how best to powder coat your parts at home using local improvised machines and a spray gun. Please note that it would be best for you to contact a professional powder coating expert, especially if you are new to the field.

The process can be intimidating, and the results may not be as good as you expected.

5.   How Much Voltage Does A Small Powder Coating Machine Need To Run?

Your small powder coating machines can run on either 110V or 220V, depending on your requirements.

It’s only logical to state that the 220V small powder coating machine will use more electricity than the 110V small powder coating machine.

These machines will offer you the best powder coating services while employing maximum efficiency. They also have long service lives.

Place your order today, and have your own small powder coating machine. You can also have a custom-made small powder coating machine, depending on your requirements.

6.   Can I Use My Small Powder Coating Machine At Home?

Yes. It’s possible to use your small powder coating machine at home. You’ll, however, need to have a special spot in your garage where you’ll powder coat your parts well.


Powder coating is not only about how well you apply powder coats on your parts’ surfaces. It goes beyond that –  it’ll require pretreatment before applying the powder and curing after applying the powder coat.

That means you’ll need to have a pretreatment machine, for example, a blasting machine that cleans the surfaces of your parts –  including hard-to-reach corners. You’ll also need a curing machine that will heat and cure your parts’ surfaces.

If you wish to become a home-based professional powder coater, you’ll need to dedicate a portion of your garage to be a strict powder coating area. Do not let your kids play with powder coating equipment and paint removers, as they can hurt and damage body organs.

Also, consider your electricity bills when powder coating at home. You’ll need to know the electricity consumption of every powder coating machine you own. For example, you cannot own an industrial powder coating curing oven at home. It will consume a lot of electricity.

Putting such considerations in place helps you make better decisions that could impact your finances greatly.

7.   How Long Does My Small Powder Coating Machine Take To Powder Coat My Parts?

Powder coating your parts using a small powder coating machine varies depending on the size and thickness of the material you want to powder coat. Apart from the variation in sizes of your parts, powder coating duration depends on your powder manufacturer’s specifications.

Powder coating takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the material’s size and thickness. Remember to follow your powder’s manufacturer specifications during the curing stage for a successful powder coating process.

8.   Are Small Powder Coating Machines Portable?

Yes. Small powder coating machines are portable. You can move them around easily, especially if their powder cans are small. Larger powder coating machines that fall under the category of small powder coating machines are also portable.

Since it’ll be hard and tiresome to carry their powder cans around, Inovatec Machinery manufactures these larger powder coating machines with wheels. These wheels enable you to push the machine around your workshop when dealing with big parts.

9.   What Is The Process of Powder Coating A Piece of Metal?

Powder coating your parts may seem like an easy process, but it can turn out to be the worst experience because of slight mistakes. It would be best if you’d contact a professional powder coater to help you out.


Check this out:

Powder coating a piece of metal requires you to clean its surface completely. You’ll need to remove any contaminants on its surfaces. Such contaminants include rust, dust, old paints, etc. You can remove old paint using paint removers.

After removing paints, you can then remove other contaminants such as rust using a blasting machine. Now, the abrasive media to use will depend on the extent of damage on the surfaces of your parts.

Figure 6_ Powder Coated Seat


There are two classifications of powder coats – thermoplastic and thermoset. Thermoplastic powder coats require you to preheat your parts before applying the powder coat. You’ll then heat your parts after applying the powder coat.

As for thermoset powder coats, you’ll only need to heat them after applying the powder coat. Heating is important as it cures the powder coat and makes it stick better.


When applying your powder coat, remember to follow the powder coat manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. It’ll help you have a better finish. Such instructions include heating and curing duration.

10. How Can I Buy A Small Powder Coating Machine?

Acquiring a small powder coating machine is not a difficult process. In this modern era, you can acquire anything online.

You’ll need to contact a professional and reputable company. The company will help you acquire the ideal small powder coating machine, depending on your requirements. You can also have custom-made small powder coating machines that fit your unique requirements.

Inovatec Machinery can help you out in this process. Apart from manufacturing the ideal small powder coating machine for you, we’ll also supply you with the machine by shipping it to your desired location.

You can contact us today through our website. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

11. How Are Bike Frames Powder Coated?

Powder coating bike frames requires you to follow powder coating instructions, just as you read earlier on in this guide. Now, you’ll need to remove contaminants effectively. Since bike frames are bulky, consider using a blasting machine to remove paint and rust.

The machine will remove these contaminants even on hard-to-reach corners.

The process will require you to own a powder coating machine, powder coating oven, and a powder coating oven. All these machines are necessary because bike frames are bulky.



After getting rid of contaminants, including dust, you then start applying the powder coat on the surfaces of your parts. You’ll use your powder coating machine to powder coat your parts. It’s important to powder coat these bike frames inside a powder coating booth.

After completing the powder coating process, you’ll then proceed to the powder coating oven, where you’ll leave your parts to cure. Curing exposes your bike frames to heated air, making the powder coat stick better.

Powder coating ovens also allow your bike frames to dry well, away from any contaminants such as dust in the air.


You can use the above process to powder coat any other bulky part, like wheels, etc.

12. What Are The Benefits of Using A Small Powder Coating Machine?

Small powder coating machines have lots of benefits, especially when you are working on many bulky parts.

Check out their benefits:

The first benefit is that small powder coating machines help you powder coat your parts professionally. They help you achieve the sleek look that you’ve always been dreaming about.

The second benefit is that you can work on many pieces quickly. Small powder coating machines work quickly. Their modern nozzles and ergonomic handles help you achieve a sleek finish.

The third benefit is that small powder coating machines are efficient. They do not waste any powders, and their electricity consumption is not high. To maintain this efficiency, you’ll need to follow powder coating instructions to the letter.

The fourth benefit is that they are portable. They have wheels that enable you to move them around as you deem fit.


Bottom line:

Small powder coating machines are highly beneficial, especially if you know how to use them properly.


Small powder coating machines are highly beneficial. You’ll need to know the correct powder coating procedure to have a sleek finish.

The powder coating process may not be as easy as it seems. It would be best for you to contact a professional powder coater to help you out. Any slight mistake you make will cost you the final sleek look you desire to have on that bike frame or your race car rims.

Remember to contact a professional and reputable company that will supply you with the powder coating machine, including the powder coating booth and powder coating oven.


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