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High-Quality Siemens Touch Screen

The best PLC programmable process control displays.


The Siemens touch screen is where you get to interact with your mass finishing machine digitally. It has a beautiful interface. With this screen, you can issue finishing parameters accurately.

This screen is the bridge between you and your finishing machine.  You can easily manage, monitor, or alter finishing operations.

The best part about using this screen is that it can be used with all batch finishing machines.


Siemens Touch Screen Safety Measures:

  1. Space: When installing your screen, you need to ensure that you’ve left enough space for proper cable connections.
  2. Stable power: This screen works best with DC24V alone. Do not try to supply it with power that is not under this specification.
  3. Ensure that all your working environment is properly grounded. Your environment includes your equipment, workbenches, and even your installation personnel.


Siemens Smart Panel:

Siemens touch screen image

1. Display
2. Install the gasket
3. Groove for installing staples
4. RS422 / RS485 interface
5. Power connector
6. Nameplate
7. Interface name
8. DIP switch
9. Functional ground link

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