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  • Machines suitable for all types of shafts, such as gear shafts, mechanical shafts, etc.
  • Different types of polishing such as rotary, vibratory, and centrifugal solutions
  • All technology solutions are automatic
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Inovatec MachineryThe Best-of-Class Shaft Polishing in China

How many machines can you think of that don’t have shafts? Not many, right? Pretty much all types of equipment including engines and machines use shafts to work. But for maximum efficiency, shafts need careful polishing.

Inovatec Machinery has over two decades of experience in this industry.

vibratory finishing machine bowl

A vibratory machine will give you some of the best results in the mass finishing industry. USe the TVA(B) vibratory machine for shaft polishing. It will provide the best results and is also very cost-effective. These machines also come with an interior PU lining. This lining protects them from friction.


A centrifugal barrel machine is among the fastest of any finishing solution. You can find these machines in two types. One is the centrifugal barrel machine, and the other is the centrifugal disc finisher. Disc finishers are more suitable for polishing small parts. However, the barrel machine can handle parts of any size. A centrifugal barrel will always give you high-quality results in shaft finishing.


A rotary barrel machine is also called a rotary barrel tumbler. They are relatively old but are still quite effective. First, they are cheap to operate. And secondly, they excel at their work. A rotary barrel machine should be one of your first choices for shaft polishing.


These machines are also referred to as tub vibratory finishers. Inovatec uses these machines for a variety of equipment. The design of this machine makes it simple and convenient to polish long shafts.

Different Types of Shafts Polishing and Deburring

We mostly use transmission shafts in vehicles. These shafts transfer power from themselves to the output shafts. A transmission shaft is quite robust and long, so it needs careful polishing.

Since the shafts are long, you may use a linear finishing machine. They will make it shiny and smooth to the touch. On the other hand, you can also use a centrifugal barrel machine.

The automotive industry often uses titanium as a manufacturing metal. The metal is light but strong, and quite costly. We use titanium shafts in some heavy-duty equipment. No matter the reason, titanium needs good polishing to be effective.

To polish titanium shafts, use Inovatec’s centrifugal barrel machine. Since this is an expensive product, you should look for the best solution and media. This will ensure a hassle-free process.

Racing steel shafts are commonly used in automotive racing. It is a quite famous sport and racers enjoy it for the adrenaline rush. Auto parts use steel shafts to keep them strong and give them a longer life.

You can polish steel shafts very easily. Buy a rotary barrel for Inovatec Machinery. The process will only take a day or two. And the results will be well worth your time.

Many types of industries use mechanical shafts. Mechanical shafts are quite strong and need appropriate polishing for that reason.

Mechanical shafts are often long. For this reason, it’s best to use a tub vibratory finishing machine. According to your budget, you may also use a centrifugal barrel machine.

Gear shafts have to handle a lot of pressure and wear. Because of this, the structure should weaken and show signs of wearing. But it doesn’t. This is all because they are polished.

Shaft polishing is very common in the mass finishing industry. To polish them, you can use Inovatec’s vibratory or centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

You will find that shafts are made of a variety of metals. Aluminum is also one of them. Aluminum offers a lot to shafts since it is lightweight and strong. You can rely on them for durability and to give you the best results.

Shaft Polishing Media

Selecting and using tumbling media is quite easy and straightforward. It is the same for shaft media also. For shafts, always opt for plastic or porcelain media. The size and shape of the media depend on your requirements.

Inovatec Machinery – Leading Manufacturer in Mass Finishing Equipment and Media
  • Mass finishing solutions for all kinds of equipment
  • Provide polishing solutions for gear shafts, transmission shafts, aluminum shafts, etc.
  • Quick and helpful customer service
  • Additional settings and features available to make your finishing process easier
Frequently Asked Question
What is the minimum order quantity for shaft polishing media and equipment?

You may order one machine or as many as you’d like. For media, you are required to at least purchase a minimum of 500 kg.

How long do you need to manufacture a shaft polishing machine?

Inovatec requires 15-20 days to manufacture mass finishing equipment. If the equipment is in stock, it is shipped immediately. But if it’s not, you must wait for it to be manufactured.

Should I trust Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec has testimonies from people all over the world. For example, industries in Taiwan and Hong Kong use Inovatec machines as their primary equipment.

What are the payment terms?

Please pay an advance of 30% to confirm your order. The rest is paid before your order ships out.

Should I go for a centrifugal machine?

Centrifugal machines are ideal for shaft polishing. If you have the required budget, you should definitely invest in one.

Shaft Polishing – The Definitive Guide

Shafts are vital to a variety of machines. Pretty much every device uses at least one shaft.

There are only a few machines that don’t use shafts. But before a shaft is installed, it needs polishing.

Polishing also makes the shafts effective. It reduces the shaft’s wear and tear and makes it more durable.

In the following, you will learn:

  • How you can properly polish shafts
  • Why you should polish shafts
  • Why you should use mass finishing machines for the polishing process

Now, just keep on reading!

1. Which machine is ideal for polishing shafts?

You can use four different machines to polish shafts.

First off, we have the circular vibratory mass finishing machine. This is very widely used for polishing.

In its owl, we put the shafts, media, and the polishing compound.

Because of its strong motor, it completes the process in a minimal amount of time.

The motor shakes the tub of the machine. This causes friction, which is essential to the process.



Next up, we have the centrifugal barrel machine.

It uses centrifugal force to function, hence the name.

Keep on reading to find out more about this particular machine.



Third, you can use a rotary barrel tumbler for shaft polishing.

A rotary barrel has an interesting process. Again, keep reading to find out more about it.



Lastly, you can use a tub or a linear vibratory finishing machine.

It works the same way that the circular vibratory machine works. The only difference is the shape.

Use this machine for shafts that are very long. Other machines cannot accommodate these types of shafts.

To add, this machine has a high capacity. It can carry some heavy loads.



The bottom line is:

Always use a mass finishing machine for quick and efficient operations.

2. What polishing media can I use for polishing?

You can use two types of media for shaft polishing.

Firstly, you can use porcelain media.

Porcelain media is very strong. It also contains particles of ceramic.

However, it is not aggressive. It makes it ideal for shaft polishing.

Porcelain media will make your shafts shiny and smooth.



The other type of media you can use is synthetic plastic.

A lot of industries use plastic abrasives. Why? Well, there are two primary reasons:

First of all, plastic is much lighter than porcelain.

Lightweight is better because your machine doesn’t have to use as much energy in the polishing process.

To add, plastic does not break or chip easily.



However, plastic media would not give your metals a shiny look.

You can get porcelain and plastic media in many shapes and sizes.

Sixes are vital to polishing because the media needs to reach every crevice of your shaft.

It is why it’s important to always select the right size of media.

Very large media will get stuck in the product.

Similarly, using very small media will only pass through the product. It won’t necessarily polish it.

Thus, choose the right shape and size of media.

3. How can I remove rust from my racing steel shafts?

Removing rust from shafts is not a simple process.

A very rusty shaft requires lots of time and energy for its cleaning.

You should use a vibratory polishing machine to do this task.

This includes the tub vibratory tumbler of the circular one, depending on the size of your shaft.

If your shaft has very heavy rust, use porcelain media.

To further improve the process, you can use a polishing compound.

Also, if your budget allows it so, invest in a centrifugal barrel finishing machine.

It is much faster than the vibratory machines.


4. How does the centrifugal barrel finisher polish shafts?

A centrifugal finisher uses centrifugal force to function.

It has a flywheel which has four barrels attached to it. During the process, the flywheel and the barrels rotate to create centrifugal forces.

But they don’t just rotate normally.

The flywheel and the barrels rotate in different directions.

You can control the rotations with the machine’s control console.

With this, you can change the speed and set the duration of the finishing process.


5. What is the process of polishing shafts using a rotary tumbler?

Rotary machines are the oldest mass finishing machines that we know of.

First, we put the shafts, polishing media, and polishing compound in the barrel.

The barrel is not cylinder-shaped. It is either hexagonal or octagonal.

This shape is necessary for the process.

If it was a cylinder, the process would be quite inefficient.

Besides, the barrel rotates at a set speed.

If it rotates too fast, there will be no polishing done.

The shaft, polishing media, and the compound will only get stuck on the barrel’s walls.

Similarly, the barrel mustn’t spin too slowly. The shafts will still not polish.

To add, the process will cost you much more since it will take a long time to complete.

Also, the process will be inefficient. It is because there will be little to no friction happening.


6. How long does it take to polish shafts?

The duration of the process depends on three things.

First is the amount of corrosion on your shaft.

The heavier the corrosion, the more time it’ll take.

Second, it depends on your choice of polishing machine and media.

For example, using a vibratory machine of a rotary one will take less time.

Just like using a centrifugal finisher over a vibratory machine will take even less time.

Third, it depends on how you take care of your machine.

Do not rush the process because you will not get desirable results.

The bottom line is:

The efficiency and performance of your machine simply depends on your decisions.

Your decisions also influence how long the process will take.

7. What are the benefits of polishing shafts?

There are three main benefits of polishing shafts:

Firstly, polishing improves the durability of shafts. They give them a good defense against corrosion.

Corrosive agents affect the lifespan of shafts.

Secondly, polishing shafts improve their appearance

To add, they are easier to put into machines.

Thirdly, polishing shafts makes power transmission a smoother process.

Shaft polishing removes burrs that contribute to their wear and tear.

These burrs also mess up the dimensions of the shaft. This is important, because wrong dimensions can cause some serious accidents.

Thus, shaft polishing is necessary before you install them in a machine.

8. What are the advantages of using mass finishing machines to polish shafts?

Shaft polishing with mass machines has many advantages.

The first advantage is that you will get a smooth and fine finish.

Mass finishing is consistent over the surface of the shaft. It also does not cause any dimensional problems.

Mass finishing media covers every nook and corner of the shaft.

Secondly, you can polish multiple shafts at once.

Therefore, mass polishing is quick and effective. It also does not use much of your energy.

Lastly, you can use mass finishing machines very easily.

Using the control console, you can set commands and preferred speeds.

After the process, you don’t have to separate the marts either.

The machine will do that for you. It has special parts and features to do just this.

For example, a vibratory machine has a separation sieve. This sieve is completely adjustable for different sizes of media.

Thus, using a mass finishing machine has more benefits than any other polishing method.

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