Screw Bolt Powder Coating Machine for Bolts, Nuts, Fasteners & Hardware
Top Quality Screw Bolts Powder Coating Machine Manufacturer From China
  • High quality coating solution for screws and bolts
  • Supports multiple types of screws and bolts
  • Efficient and productive solution
  • Supports customization of machines
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Inovatec Machinery Offering High Quality Screw Bolts Powder Coating Machines For Customers

Inovatec machinery manufactures high quality screw bolts powder coating machines. Our powder coating solution for screws and bolts are used across many industries. The solution consists of coating lines, powder coating booth, powder curing oven, powder coating machine, and powder spray gun. You can contact us to get these machines customized according to your requirements. Our high quality solution will definitely help in creating the best quality powder coats on screws and bolts. You can also procure our powder coating machines from our vendors at 

gema powder coating gun

The powder coating guns from Inovatec machinery are some of the best in the market.

You can use it for a single coat as well as multiple coats.

We offer both manual and automatic powder coating guns.

The spray gun comes with multiple nozzles.

Multiple nozzles ensure that you can use different spray patterns and also use different powder sizes.

X1 Box Feed Powder Coating System with Additional 2 hoppers

The uniform deposition of the powder on screws and bolts is guaranteed with the help of the precise control of current and voltage.

There are different models of powder coating machines from Inovatec machinery.

The machine will allow you to vary the flow of compressed air also.

Automatic Powder Coating Equipment

Automatic powder coating equipment will help to reduce the labor cost.

Human error in the powder spraying process can be avoided completely by using automatic powder coating equipment. 

The powder coating machine and the gun will automatically spray the powder particles as per the programmed parameters loaded by the operator.

cartridge filter powder coating booths

Both large and small batches of screws and bolts can be powder sprayed inside the powder sprayer booth.

The booth will help remove all the contaminants like dirt, oil, dust, and water molecules present in the environment.

It helps to maintain the right airflow and humidity for the powder spraying process.

The booth comes with a proper lighting system to ensure good lighting for the spraying procedure.

electrostatic powder coating oven

The powder coating oven for Inovatec is known for their high performance and efficiency.

They support a wide range of temperatures.

So, all types of powders are supported in these powder curing ovens.

The oven guarantees high quality finish on the screws and bolts.

automated powder coating line

The automatic powder conveyor system will help to remove the human involvement in the movement of workpieces across different stages of powder coating.

Thus, it will help to save your valuable time and some labor cost.

A high level of customization can be done on the automatic powder coating lines from Inovatec machinery.


The looks of the fasteners can be improved easily by the powder coating process. It is possible to give any color and finish to fasteners using the powder coating procedure.

The powder coating process will help to increase the life of the screws and nuts. Screws made of steel are prone to rusting. The powder coat on the surface will help to avoid the corrosion phenomenon.

Small parts are easily prone to damages while handling. The powder coat on such parts will help to reduce these damages. It is possible to give aesthetically pleasing colors to the small parts using the screw bolts powder coating machine.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

The screw and bolts come with a threaded structure. So, you cannot use any machine for the surface preparation process. The wet blasting process using the sand blasting machine from Inovatec would be one of the best options for the surface treatment of screws and bolts. It will help to reduce the wear and tear in the screws. So, there won’t be any damage happening to the threads. No discoloration of the screws will happen during this process. The water helps to reduce the frictional force in the process. Material removal from the screws and bolts is almost zero. Our high quality sand blasting machines guarantee the best results.

Inovatec Machinery- Top Screw Bolts Powder Coating Machine From China
  • High quality ram materials
  • Strict quality process
  • Lifetime machine support
  • Availability of replacement parts
Frequently Asked Question
What are the warranty terms for the Screw Bolts Powder coating machine from Inovatec machinery?

The screw bolts powder coater machine from Inovatec machinery is manufactured using high quality raw materials. It will come with one year warranty. All the parts that go bad during this one year will be replaced for free by Inovatec. Inovatec machinery will pay the shipping charges for the spare parts. You will have to purchase the spare parts from us once the warranty period is over. We offer the replacement parts at a basic cost. If you need any help troubleshooting the screw bolts powder coating machine, you can contact our support team. We will guide you to fix all the issues.

Can Inovatec ship the screw bolts Powder coating machines to all locations?

Inovatec machinery has shipped the powder spraying solutions to more than 80 countries. We have our distributors in all the major nations. You can either place the order directly with us or through our distributor. We will make sure that the screw bolts powder spraying machine reaches your location safely without any worries. So, you can order from us with confidence.

What is the standard payment procedure for the screw Bolts Powder coater machine?

The customer needs to place an order request with us first for the machine. If any customizations are needed for the machine, then you need to specify it along with the order. Inovatec will share the price quote based on the customizations with the customer. The customer will have to pay an advance amount of thirty percent of the order amount initially. Inovatec machinery will start all the manufacturing activities like procurement and production after the successful receipt of this amount. The customer needs to pay the balance before shipping the powder coater machine.

What are the different payment methods supported by the Inovatec machinery for the screw bolts powder coater equipment?

Different customers use different payment methods. So, Inovatec supports multiple payment modes for accepting payments. The supported payment method includes PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, and MoneyGram. The customer can make the payment using any of these methods. We will not accept any payment done via credit card.

Can you share the shipping procedure for the screw bolts powder coater machine?

We handle both small and bulk orders. If the order is a bulk one, we will ship the machines via the standard sea shipping method. If the order is a small one, then the express shipping mode will be used. It will ensure that the machine reaches your location early.

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