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Inovatec Machinery Provides High Quality Solutions For All Your Coating Needs

Inovatec Machinery is the leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket world-class Sames powder coating gun parts in China and across the globe. We have been in the business for over a decade now, and we understand your powder coating needs.

Here’s how we help your business grow:

We are ready to supply you with any aftermarket parts that you may require to get your business going. Apart from that, we have experienced service reps who are willing to hear from you and help you out.

Contact us today through this website, or give us a phone call, or better yet, talk to us through WhatsApp. We will respond as soon as possible.

Sames Mach-Jet Powder Spray Gun

The K801 powder coating gun is an outstanding machine in terms of performance and efficiency. You can easily disassemble this powder coating spray gun and replace any worn-out parts. We will provide you with the spray gun’s aftermarket parts that are fully interchangeable with the original ones.

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Get the best powder coating pumps in the market today. They’ll help you achieve a perfect finish as you powder coat your parts’ surfaces. They do so by providing you with a constant supply of powder, which is necessary for uniformity.

Enjoy the benefits of using this powder coating spray nozzle that maximizes performance and efficiency during the powder coating process. Inovatec Machinery manufactures and supplies you with these powder coating nozzles at an affordable price that comes with a warranty cover.

The Mach Jet Fan Spray Nozzle 1525492 is fully interchangeable with the original spray nozzle.

Sames powder coating gun comes with a venturi ejector 547800 that is completely interchangeable with the original one at a friendly price. It helps you achieve a finer powder coating finish during powder application on your parts’ surfaces.

Inovatec Machinery will also supply you with mach-jet powder spray gun nozzles that aid you to powder coat perfectly and efficiently. These powder coating nozzles enable you to powder coat different surfaces.

You can powder coat flat surfaces, hard-to-reach corners, and even recoat surfaces that were not properly coated.

Your Sames powder outlet end piece is an important component in this powder coating gun. It helps you powder coat better by enhancing the spray gun’s performance and efficiency.

Powder coat the surfaces of your parts using Sames powder pump. This pump is made from a strong material that is durable and offers you a constant supply of powder for a sleek and flawless finish.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

The powder coating application process has different stages. All these stages are vital for a successful powder coating finish on the surfaces of your parts.

Before you begin powder coating your parts’ surfaces, you’ll first have to get rid of any contaminants that might be present on the surfaces of your parts. These contaminants include old paints, rust, etc.

In other words, you’ll have to get rid of any element on the surface of your parts that should not be there. It’ll go a long way to ensure that your powder sticks properly and uniformly.

You’ll need to use a sand blasting machine for the powder coating application to be successful. Inovatec Machinery’s sandblasting machine is a strong and efficient device that can prepare your parts for powder coating in seconds.

You’ll only need to know the appropriate type of media to use to get rid of the above contaminants. This machine will even clean hard-to-reach corners and cavities on your parts.

Contact us today for more information on how you can acquire this machine for your powder coating business. This device will help you save time and have a continuous powder coating process in your business.

Inovatec Machinery - The Leading Powder Coating Parts Manufacturer and Supplier Globally
  • All parts are manufactured in-house to ensure quality control is of the highest standards
  • We manufacture parts from high-quality virgin material that guarantees you a long service life
  • Rigorous testing is done before shipping over powder coating parts to you
  • All our parts have a 1-year warranty cover from the date of purchase
Frequently Asked Question
How Much Voltage Does the Sames Powder Coating Gun Need to Run?

The Sames powder coating gun can run on 110V or 220V. You’ll need to specify which one you’d like as you place your order. If you are in doubt of what you should acquire, we recommend reaching out to us with your requirements.

Which Payment Methods Does Inovatec Machinery Accept?

Inovatec Machinery is a flexible company that accepts payment with the method that suits you best. We accept payment from Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, or direct bank transfers.

How Will I Get My Sames Powder Coating Gun?

Inovatec Machinery has two primary ways of ensuring that your Sames powder coating gun reaches you. We use to express and sea shipment.

Express shipment is used to deliver goods that are not bulky. It is way faster than sea shipment. On the other hand, we use sea shipment as a method for delivering bulky orders.

Why Should I Order My Powder Coating Machines from Inovatec Machinery?

Today’s market has a variety of powder coating machine manufacturers. However, this should not mean that all of these manufacturers are committed to producing high-quality powder coating machines.

Here are some reasons why you should only trust Inovatec Machinery:

For starters, we’ve been producing and supplying machines for more than a decade. We have a lot of experience.

Second, we promise the delivery of world-class machines as well as exceptional aftermarket support.

Finally, we offer a warranty on all of our parts and machines. This guarantee is good for a year from the purchase date.

How about the Warranty of Powder Coating Machine?

Because of quality problem we supply free replacement included the shipping cost within one year according to the problem photo with series number.

Sames Powder Coating Gun – The Complete FAQ Guide

1.   What Are The Names of Different Components of the Sames Powder Coating Gun?

Sames powder coating spray gun works systematically. The powder coating gun is made up of different components that work together to flawlessly powder coat your parts’ surfaces. Check them out:

Your Sames powder coating gun is made up of powder coating nozzles that are customized for powder application on different surfaces. You can apply powder coats flawlessly on flat and hard-to-reach surfaces. You can also recoat previously powder-coated surfaces.

The powder coating gun further has a robust powder pump. This pump is important as it supplies the gun with a constant supply of powder. The powder comes from a hopper through the gun’s high-quality hose that is abrasive-resistant.

Now, you need to acquire these parts from a trusted aftermarket OEM parts manufacturer. You’ll find out WHY it’s vital to do so later on in this guide.

2.   How Does the Sames Powder Coating Gun Work?

Using your Sames powder coating gun is not hard – even for beginners. Your Sames powder coating gun works like a system, as you read earlier on in this guide. The gun’s primary purpose is to spray powder to your parts’ surfaces by pulling powder from the powder hopper.

It pulls powder using a strong powder pump that supplies a constant amount of powder for a flawless powder coating finish. Your Sames powder coating gun works hand-in-hand with a digital control unit that allows you to set the ideal powder coat application settings.

The manufacturers have over the years modified this powder coating gun to have predetermined as well as custom settings for a sleek powder coat finish.

You can easily set up your Sames powder coating. Shifting across different powder coating modes is also easy!


3.   Which Nozzles Should I Use for My Sames Powder Coating Spray Gun?

Remember, your Sames powder coating gun comes with predetermined settings that help you powder coat easily and quickly.

It is essential to use aftermarket OEM nozzles from trusted manufacturing and supplying company. Using Non-OEM manufactured nozzles can end up costing you a great deal. They are usually not as high-quality as OEM manufactured nozzles.

Non-OEM aftermarket powder coating nozzles may further force your powder coating gun to strain – thus enhancing premature wear. You’ll also find out that they are not interchangeable with the original parts.

Here’s the deal:

Only use aftermarket OEM nozzles from a trusted powder coating gun parts manufacturer and seller.

4.   How Can I Adjust My Sames Powder Coating Gun?

Adjusting your Sames powder coating gun is not hard. The gun has a digital interface that allows you to shift across different powder coating settings. This digital interface is user-friendly.

If you are in doubt of how you can set a custom powder coating program, you can check out your Sames owner’s manual. It should be pretty clear on the steps that you should follow to set and adjust accordingly your spray gun’s settings.

If the manual doesn’t help you, reach out to us right now for more information. Our experienced service reps are always willing to listen and help you out with your query.

5.   What Are the Benefits of Using Sames Aftermarket OEM Parts?

Inovatec Machinery sells these aftermarket parts at an incredibly affordable price. Reach out to us today for more information on pricing and shipping.

Using Sames aftermarket OEM parts has lots of benefits. Let’s dig right in:

  • Effective and Efficient Performance – Aftermarket OEM Sames powder coating gun parts guarantee you a sleek finish as you powder coat your surfaces. They have excellent performance in terms of powder and power usage as they work in unison to powder coat your surfaces flawlessly.
  • Health and Environmental Regulations – Your Sames aftermarket OEM parts meet your Governmental legal requirements on health and the environment. When using these parts, you can be sure that they are not toxic to your health or harmful to the environment.
  • Economic – Using Sames aftermarket OEM powder coating parts is important as they do not break down prematurely – you’ll not have to buy new parts regularly. Further, they do not overwork your powder spraying gun, making it wear out prematurely.
  • Warranty Cover – Inovatec Machinery will sell you world-class aftermarket parts and ensure that they have a 1-year warranty cover. This warranty cover’s terms allow you to have us send you parts for free – including shipment fees for aftermarket parts that got damaged prematurely.


6.   Where Can I Buy Sames Aftermarket Powder Coating Gun Parts?

Here’s the deal:

Inovatec Machinery is the leading one-stop shop for all Sames aftermarket powder coating parts globally. We manufacture and sell these parts across the globe at an affordable price. All of our parts are manufactured in-house to ensure they retain our high-quality brand.

These parts are covered with a warranty cover that is valid for one year after purchase.

Reach out to us through our website for more information on our manufacturing, selling, and shipping processes. You can contact us through our website, give us a phone call or even chat with us via WhatsApp.

We’ll be glad to hear from you and help you out.

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