Inovatec Machinery Products

Mass Finishing Machine

The purpose of a mass finishing machine is to polish or de-burr multiple workpieces at the same time. Compared to the traditional manual finishing, it is much faster, cost-effective, and easy to automate.Inovatec offers a wide range of mass finishing machines, ranging from manual and semi-automatic to fully automatic systems. All our products pass through rigorous wear and performance tests. With Inovatec, you get a complete finishing solution.

Tumbling Media

Tumbling media is a consumable used in all types of mass finishing processes. The primary purpose of vibratory tumbling media is to remove the unwanted material from the surface of the workpieces to create a smooth finish. It can also transfer its surface properties to the parts.For example, steel media imparts its shiny surface to the metal parts. However, it also serves as a carrier for the compound and protects the workpieces from colliding with each other.

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