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Mass Finishing Machine

Boost Your Business With Inovatec Mass Finishing Machine

With over 20 years of experience in helping parts manufacturers to succeed, Inovatec is an expert in the mass finishing machine designing and manufacturing. Inovatec's mass finishing equipment helps to debur, polish engineering parts after die casting, press stamping, machining, and laser cutting. Also, it reduces manual process to a minimal level and allowed batch production and continuous workflow. What's more, the parts from mass finishing process provides repeatable result and low cost per component. Inovatec will 100% support your business by providing surface finishing solution and also financial service. Get an instant quote now.

Tumbling Media

Did you know that you can find every type of tumbling media in one place? Inovatec has over twenty years of experience in developing any size, recipe, and shape of media that you can imagine. Furthermore, if you want us to make analog out of your own media sample, it won’t cost you a fortune! Our catalog of services features plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel media. What’s more, our offer includes various special media such as corn cob and walnut shell. OEM mass finishing media and your logo on the packaging, as well as the best offer out there, is just a phone call away! Don’t waste any time, call us today and we’ll provide you with all the information that you need for free.

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