Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media

Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media

Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media with Zirconium Silicate as abrasive. It is a tan color, fast cutting plastic media to reduce cycle time.

Category : Plastic Media, Tumbling Media

The Z1 plastic tumbling media give the fast cut like ceramic media while smooth surface like plastic media. So the surface after Z1 plastic media treatment is ready to polish.

The typical application is the medical parts made from Titanium material.

Z1 Zirconium Polyester Plastic Media Video

  • Heavy-weight media
  • Very fast cutting power similar to the ceramic media
  • Cutting performance (smooth surface) similar with plastic media
  • A combination of good cut and nice finishing
  • High value-added metal like medical parts, aerospace blade
  • Titanium metal parts
  • Used in centrifugal disc finishing machine and vibratory finishing machines
  • The process can replace ceramic media and common polyester plastic media into one step
  • The surface is ready for microbrite porcelain ball to burnish
  • Suitable for Titanium parts deburring and polishing, application include 3D printed parts, aerospace parts, medical parts etc
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