Wagner Pem x1 Parts for Powder Coating Replacement Spares

Our replacement Wagner Pem x1 Parts is 100% interchangeable with the original. Factory direct sale powder coating gun parts, supplied with the most favorable price! Delivery Time: 1-2 days Delivery Way: TNT, FedEx, DHL Payment: Paypal, T/T, Western Union.


wagner powder coating machine gun drawing

Item No.  Part No.  Description
 1  2334277  Handle & Cable Assembly* See note below
 2  2324123  Powder Tube
 3  2334276  Trigger
 4  2332540  Gun Housing* See note below
 5  2334275  Gun Cable (6m)* See note below
 6  2334568  Gun Cable (15m)* See note below
 7  2322761  Gun Hose Connection (D10-D12)
 8  2334316  Screw Set
 9  2321978  Hose Nipple
 10  2320464  Union Nut
 11  2321976  Flat Spray Nozzle
 12  2322529  Electrode Holder (Wide Spray)
 13  2320488  Powder Wedge
 14  2324205  Wedge Replacement Tool
 15  2320330  Gun Hook
 16  2324136  Negative Cascade
 17  2322493  Electrode Holder (Round Spray) w/ Cone Set
 2389365  PEM-X1 Retrofit Kit (6m Cable)
 2398699  PEM-X1 Retrofit Kit (15m Cable)

Definitive Guide For Wagner Pem X1 Powder Coating Spare Parts

1. What Are Wagner Pem X1 Powder Coating Spare Parts?

The Wagner Pem X1 gun spare parts are the replacement parts available for the gun that work the same as the original ones. In case of any discrepancies or default, you can replace the particular part instead of buying a whole new gun. Numerous parts of the gun can be replaced, including nozzles, electrode holder, Deflector code, hose take-up, corona star, nozzle extension, manual gun cable, and wall mount with bracket.

2. How To Clean The Wagner Spare Parts To Avoid Damaging The Gun?

The gun is operated with high voltage, and not correctly following the cleaning instruction can damage the gun. Follow the following to avoid any damage:

● Shut down the system before starting the cleaning process.
● You should decompress the machine and lock the compressed air area properly.
● In order to clean fluids, you must use electrically driven conductors and ground tanks.
● Use non-flammable cleaning fluids preferably.
● Ensure proper measures for workplace safety.

3. What Does The Wagner Pem X1 Spare Parts Kit Include?

The components of the Wagner Pem X1 powder Coating Gun that can be replaced include the following:● Powder Tube
● Gun Cable
● Screw Set
● Union Nut
● Flat Spray Nozzle
● Electrode Holder
● Hose Nipple
● Powder Wedge
● Gun Hook

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