Vibratory Tumbling Machine

Vibratory Tumbling Machine

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The German design rotary vibratory tumbling machine is the heavy duty, rigid design vibratory finishing machine. It is a general purpose tumbling machine for deburring and polishing with the shallow incline processing channel.

Model Total Volume External Diameter Processing Bowl Machine Height Unloading Height Media Unload plug Separation Area Motor speed Motor Power
(L) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (rpm) (KW)
IA320 300 1300 300 1200 960 580 1000X300 1450 3.7
IA620 600 1700 400 1235 980 600 1300X400 1450 5.5/7.5
IA780 800 1800 400 1260 1000 650 1400X400 1450 7.5/9.0


The German design vibratory tumbling machine has a rigid structure with an insertable separation table. This machine is a general purpose vibratory finishing machine with a shallow incline of process channel which is ideal for small parts and medium parts deburring and polishing.

This machine is possible for manual insertable separation gate or customized with automatic pneumatic control. In addition, the vibratory bowl equipped with large area separation screens. The hot poured casting PU is very wear resistant.

Video of Vibratory Finishing Machine with Sound Cover

  • Dosing pump
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Acoustic noise proof cover
  • Pneumatic level shutter/Insertable gate for separation/manual flap for separation
  • Shallow incline processing channel
  • Manually insertable separation gate
  • Large surface and easy to change separation panel
  • Wear resistant PU lining
  • Flexible design control panel and compound dosing system
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