Vibratory Separator

Vibratory Separator

The vibratory separator is simple design and easy-to-use device. The main purpose of this equipment is for media and parts selection. It can also use for undersized media separation.

Category : Auxiliary Equipment, Mass Finishing Machine

Inovatec vibratory media separator is a removable equipment with 4 wheels so it can be moved to anywhere in the workshop. The VS Series is necessary auxiliary equipment that helps other mass finishing machines for separation.

The vibratory separators are the simplest design model with a single on and off button. The separation screen is interchangeable and available for stainless steel or Nylon screen.

Once a finishing job is done, the operators pour media and parts mass into the separator to collect parts. Media falls through the screen, then collected by operators and reused.

Vibratory separator sieve

Model Dimension Weight Motor
(mm) (kg) (kw)
VS35 1320x622x800 90 0.125×2
VS50 1750x640x900 160 0.25×2
VS100 2900x910x880 500 0.37×2
  • Double layer separation sieve to sieve out undersize media
  • Punched hole separation panel/Nylon separation panel
  • Speed converter to control vibration speed
  • Fast media and parts separation
  • Interchangeable screen
  • Time-saving and cost saving
  • Can also be used to sieve out undersized media
  • Flexible design fit to other mass finishing equipment
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