KL-S Turn-key Powder Coating Equipment - Your Ideal Medium Scale Batch Production Machine

KL-S Turn-key Powder Coating Equipment

The KL-S turnkey powder coating equipment is among the best powder coating machines money can buy. It is superior in all its qualities: its performance, structure, and general ease during maintenance.

These unparalleled qualities make it the best and the most sought after powder coating equipment across the globe. This machine is ideal for both small and medium-size powder coating industries.

KL-S-191S Powder Coating Gun

This powder coating spray gun’s design and qualities make it one of the best powder coating guns. They are efficient on powder – they ensure a 99.9% powder transfer rate. The KL-S-191S is also efficient in power consumption.

You can powder coat different metal types and surfaces using this spray gun. It is so easy to use that a beginner can powder coat impeccably well using it.

Features and Configurations

  1. Flexible – you can directly control the equipment’s working parameters that help you achieve an excellent powder coat finish. You can do so using the machine’s DVC.
  2. The equipment comes with three pre-configured settings that allow you to powder coat your parts on flat surfaces, hard-to-reach corners, pulse coating and also recoating your parts. Further, you can add uniquely configured settings that help you powder coat in different scenarios. You can add up to 20 different programs.
  3. A super-efficient powder coating spray gun that has a powder transfer rate of 99.9%. The spray gun uses 100kV.
  4. This powder coating equipment enables you to change colors quickly

KL-S-2315 Manual Powder Coating Spray Booth

Powder coating booths need to be efficient and powerful. This KL-S-1115 has two precision filters that collect the oversprayed powder from the air. This means that your working environment remains clean and safe for you.


Model: KL-S-2315
Working dimensions: Width2300 x Depth1500 x Height1500mm

Overall dimensions: Width2550x Depth2100 x Height2240mm

Power supply: 220V380V, 3Phase, 50-60Hz

Fan: 4kw, 1set

Filters Material: Polyester

Filters count: 4pcs(325*900)

Filters hang type: easy for change

Filter cleaning system: Pneumatic

Air consumption: 4000m3/h

Control: PLC

KL-S-1515 Manual Powder Coating Oven

This electric powder coating oven works in a great way; it protects the environment and serves you. It has a circulating fan which ensures that hot air gets circulated adequately for the best curing effect.

Its structure enables it to complete the curing process well. It has a 100mm thick insulation board that significantly reduces temperature drops in the oven.



Model: KL-S-1515

Working dimensions: Wdith1500 x Height1500 x Depth1500mm

Power supply: Electric/18kw

Voltage/Frequency: 380V/220v(50-60hz)

Warm-up time: 15-30 min. (180°?C)

Temperature stability: < ± 3-5°C

Temperature max.: 250°C

Ventilation performance: 805-1677m3/h

Motor power: 0.75kw

Circulation/Air flow: Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls

Transportation: Trolle

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