Tilt Rotary Drum Polishing Machine

This machine is ideal for small to medium-size parts. It has a tilted drum, as its name suggests. The best part about using this machine is that you can inspect the finishing process while still in play. The machine also comes in different sizes - ranging from a 60 to a 300-liter finishing capacity.
Model Capacity Machine power Rotation speed PU lining Net Weight Dimension
IA Liter KW rpm mm kg (L*W*H)mm
IA-25 25 0.75 40 8-15mm 150 1045x1050x1470
IA-50 50 1.5 40 8-15mm 250 1145x1050x1550
IA-100 100 2.2 40 8-15mm 350 1350x1050x1600


Barrel Tumbling Machine Rotary Barrel Tumbling machine

Primary Features of the Tilt Drum Polishing Machine

Now, this machine uses the same working principles as the rotary barrel finishing machine. You can have your barrel fitted an inner-lining to enhance the final finish and also to elongate the lifespan of your finishing barrel.

Here are some exciting facts about the tilt rotary drum finishing machine:

  • Ideal for small and medium-sized parts finishing – particularly deburring and polishing
  • It refines your parts’ surfaces exceptionally well – including the most intricate corners.
  • Its barrel is either hexagonal or octagonal to enhance finishing effectiveness and efficiency.
  • You can inspect the finishing process safely when the machine is running.


Fields That Best Suit Your Tilt Rotary Drum Finishing Machine

  • Ideal for industries where you deal with small or medium-sized parts finishing, such as wardrobe accessories or even jewelry.
  • You can polish your parts’ surfaces to get rid of the dull film, which makes your parts look ugly.
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