Single Color Automated Powder Coating Booth - Cutting-Edge Powder Coating Technology

Single Color Automated Powder Coating Booth

Enjoy efficiency at its highest when powder coating your parts’ surfaces. It gives your pieces a sleek powder coat finish on their surfaces.

Excellent Features About the Single Color Automated Booth

  1. Highly efficient on both time and powder – the booth has two powder coating working stations. It further has two recovery filters that maximize efficiency on powder.
  2. Enjoy a powder-free powder coating environment as you work. This equipment has a unique air cleaning design that lets you work in a clean environment.
  3. Control all your powder coating functionalities using the equipment’s PLC panel. You can start your equipment’s fans, clean its filters, and the booth, etc. using this panel.
  4. New cutting-edge pulse filter cleaning technology that reduces powder wastage and extends the service life of your filters.


Filter Type Automatic Powder Booth Features

1. Designed with double working station and double filter recovery stage, allows for high efficiency powder coating

2. Pulse-jet automatic filter cleaning technology takes full utilization of powders and extent filter life for many years.

3. The powder booth bottom is specially designed with air cleaning device ensures no powder accumulation at the bottom.

4. All functions, parameters can be flexiblely controlled on the PLC panel, such as fan start, filter cleaning, booth cleaning.

Automatic Powder Coating Gun

  1. Your powder coating spray gun gets controlled from a central control cabinet. This powder coating control paradigm is helpful, especially during maintenance. It also saves your workshop a significant amount of physical space.
  2. Highly efficient powder coating gun with an amperage of 100kV.
  3. A tough machine that can withstand the hardships of powder coating workshop abuses.
  4. Highly reliable powder coating equipment with minimal maintenance requirements.


Powder Coating Reciprocator

  1. Enjoy high-quality powder coating uniformity and consistency.
  2. The machine can carry up to 12 powder coating spray guns and remain highly stable.
  3. The machine is flexible – you can adjust its moving stroke and speed for different surfaces. This machine allows you to change all these powder coating parameters using its user-friendly digital screen. Apart from that, you can set your user-configured settings for up to 80 different powder coating scenarios.
  4. It has a compact design that allows you to save a significant amount of physical space. It is also highly reliable and tough enough to face the daily hardships of the powder coating industry.

Automatic Powder Sieving Device

  1. Highly efficient on powder as it constantly feeds and recycles powder during automatic production.
  2. Guaranteed high-quality powder coating finish as this device ensures proper powder flow as well as sieving powder.
  3. Ideal for mass powder coating firms, as its powder tank, can hold up to 100kgs of powder. You can have up to 24 powder injectors using this device simultaneously.
  4. The machine works silently, with 99.9% powder and power usage efficiency.


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