Sandblasting & Powder Coating Equipment - Ideal for Vehicles' Rims and Bike Accessories

Sandblasting & Powder Coating Equipment

You can quickly start your powder coating business with this equipment. The package comes with a sandblasting machine, a powder coating spray gun, a powder coating booth, and finally, a powder coating oven.

You’ll find that this package is efficient and performs exceptionally well. You can powder coat your vehicle rims, bike frames and other bike accessories, etc.

KL-S-1212 Sandblasting Cabinet

A sandblasting machine is essential in the powder coating industry. It is the first machine that you’ll need to use to prepare your parts’ surfaces for powder coating application.

The degree of powder coating perfection depends on how well you prepare your surfaces for powder coating. This machine will help you get rid of oil paints, rust, or any other contaminant present on your parts’ surfaces.

The KL-S-1212 sandblasting cabinet’s performance is exceptional. You’ll get to prepare your parts’ surfaces quickly and efficiently—this machine blasts abrasives on your parts’ surfaces to clean them.


Overall Dimension(mm): Length1200*Width1680*Height1840mm

Work Chamber: Length1200*Width1200*Height800mm

Door Size: W830xH770mm

Power Supply: 110V/220V/380V/410V450V(50-60Hz)

Motor Power0.75kw

Dust Collector: Cartridge filter

controll system: Electric & Pneumatic

Optional: Rotating Turtable Loading Cart and track

Spare parts: Sandblasting gun, boron carbide nozzle, Air blowing gun, Blasting hose, Sandblasting gloves

KL-S-191S Powder Coating Spray Gun

Packed with an ergonomic handle, the KL-S-191S powder coating spray gun offers you unparalleled powder coating perfection. It uses a digital valve control unit to powder coat your surfaces uniformly by controlling the flow rate of powder leaving the gun’s nozzle.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro at powder coating. The KL-S-191S powder coating spray gun is what matters.



KL-S-191S Powder Coating Spray Gun Features and Configuration:

  1. The KL-S-191S has a compact design that allows you to move it around and save physical space significantly.
  2. This powder coating equipment comes with three pre-configured powder coating programs. These pre-configured programs will help you powder coat better on flat surfaces, hard-to-reach corners and when you want to recoat your parts’ surfaces.
  3. Apart from the three pre-configured powder coating programs, you can also add up to 20  unique powder coating programs that meet your specific needs.
  4. The KL-S-191S has a controllable powder flow rate by using the digital valve control unit.
  5. It uses 100kV to powder coat your part’s surfaces evenly and flawlessly.
  6. You can apply different colors on your parts’ surfaces as this powder coating spray gun enables you to powder coat using different colors. It can do so by using the box feed technology.

KL-S-1517 Powder Spraying Booth

The KL-S-1517 powder spraying booth has a sturdy structure made of high-quality powder-coated steel. This structure ensures that it lasts for a long and enables you to maintain it easily.

This booth also has a compact design that allows you to save a lot of physical space in your workshop.

It is an open-faced powder coating booth that has three filters. These filters collect the overspray powder in your powder spraying booth – thus ensuring that you have a clean and safe working environment.



Model: KL-S-1517
Operator dimensions: W1500*D1000*H1700mm
Overall dimensions: W1640*D2070*H2180mm
Weight: 150kg
Power supply: Electric
Nominal power: 2.2kw
Voltage: 220V380V, 3Phase
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Filters Material: Polyester
Filters count: 3pcs(325*900)
Filters hang type: easy for change
Filter cleaning system: Pneumatic
Air consumption: 4000m3/h

KL-S-1864 Electric Powder Coating Oven

The KL-S-1864 is an electric-powered powder coating oven. It has circulation fans that ensure your parts cure properly after powder coating application. It is designed to preserve internal heat by using a Rockwool isolation board.



Model: KL-S-1864
Worksize dimensions: 1600width x 1800 height x 1400 depth
Overall dimensions: 1900width??x 2200 height x 1700 depth
Power supply: Electric/ 18kw
Voltage/Frequency: 380V/220v(50-60hz)
Warm-up time: 15-30 min. (180°?C)
Temperature stability: < ± 3-5°C
Temperature max.: 250°C
Ventilation performance: 805-1677m3/h
Motor power: 0.75kw
Circulation/ Air flow: Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Transportation: Trolley

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