Eco Maxi Jewelry Polishing Machine

The Eco Maxi centrifugal disc finishing system is designed in such a way that it supports three types of tumbling. They are wet grinding, dry tumbling, and magnetic polishing. All these three operations are possible with a single drive. Three separate containers are also provided for the reach of these tumbling processes. So, depending on the type of tumbling, you need to change the container type on the machine.

The standard Eco Maxi machine comes with the following features.

  • Frequency converter for speed control
  • Container removal through a bayonet lock
  • Speed and process duration with CD display
  • Ability to detect container automatically
  • The wet processing barrel with 6 litre capacity
  • The dry processing barrel with 6 litre capacity
  • Magnetic polishing barrel with 6 litre capacity includes the stainless steel pins M 4/7 of 200g and compound SC3 of weight 1 litre

You can get good finish results in 3 to 4 hours with the wet grinding process.

There is no workpiece hardening happening inside this machine because soft grinding tools are used.

Thus, it helps to avoid the orange peel formation.

You can get clean and shiny parts that will not have any kind of cast skin or emery marks.

The material removal in the micro range also ensures that the amount of material removed is less.

So, valuable items like pearl, diamonds, and zirconia can be polished without any damages.

The typical finishing time for a pre-polishing process is around 2 to 3 hours.

The time will be around 30 minutes for the post polishing process.

The final part will have a very good smooth, and shiny surface.

Free Compound and Mass Tumbling Media That Will Ship With Eco Maxi

We will also provide the following items with the Eco Maxi machine free of cost.

If you are based out of China, you will have to bear the shipping charges.

If you are in China, then the shipment cost is also free.

General information and process details


Eco Maxi FAQ Guide


1. Is It Possible To Do Dry Tumbling and Wet Tumbling With Eco Maxi Machine?

Yes, the Eco Maxi centrifugal disc finishing system supports both wet tumbling as well as dry tumbling.

There are some critical factors that you need to take into account while doing wet and dry tumbling.

We will start with the dry tumbling first.


You need to ensure that you use the right type of tumbling media and the right container for dry tumbling.

The media should match with the part strength and the finish you are expecting to achieve.

If the strength of the media is more or less then the finishing will not be good.

Here, we will not use any liquid for tumbling, as the name suggests.

So, we may have to face some problems here.

But, we will make use of a robust extraction process for the successful separation of parts from the media after processing.

You need to make use of a polishing paste along with the abrasive media for polishing the metal parts.

Now, we will move on to the wet tumbling part.


Unlike dry tumbling, wet tumbling makes use of liquid along with the abrasive media for finishing parts.

The most commonly used liquid is water.

The selection of media is strictly based on the strength of your part.

You can use ceramic tumbling media for finishing hard metals like steel and titanium.

It will help you to get the desired surface finish.


The ceramic tumbling media is capable of deburring, rounding off edges of the part, and polishing.

You can also go with stainless steel media for heavy metals.

If you are planning to finish soft metals like brass or aluminum, then the synthetic media will be a good choice.

The synthetic media will not apply too much pressure on parts, unlike the ceramic media.

The synthetic media is also 40 percent lighter than the ceramic tumbling media.

So, it is a cost effective solution when compared to the ceramic media.

If you are looking for a mirror like shine on the surface, then plastic media will not help you achieve this finish.

Plastic media will only help to improve the surface through the deburring process.

So, for an excellent reflective finish on the part surface, you need to look for a better media option.



2. Does Dry Tumbling Process Generate Lots Of Noise?

The amount of noise produced by the Eco Maxi machine is negligible compared to that produced by a horizontal barrel finishing machine.

The noise of the dry tumbling process will be more than the wet tumbling one.

This loudness is due to the friction and dryness inside the container.

The water in the wet tumbling process helps to dampen the generated noise.

Usually, a polishing paste or a powder will be used in the dry polishing process.

The media used in the dry tumbling are usually ceramic or plastic tumbling media.

The tumbling media is chosen based on the metal material and the type of finish requirement.

The noise is generated as a result of the frictional force between the abrasive media and the metal parts.

The dry tumbling is the most preferred method for the polishing of metal workpieces.


3. What Is The Capacity Of The Eco Maxi Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

The Eco maxi centrifugal disc finisher machine can finish parts through magnetic finishing, wet tumbling, or dry tumbling process.

These three processes are beneficial to improve the finish of the part surface.

The three barrels that support each of these finishing processes comes with a capacity of 6 liters each.

The dimension of this finishing machine is 90 x 800 x 1440 mm.

The weight of the Eco Maxi machine is 41 kg.

This machine is best suited for the polishing and finishing of small parts.


4. Can You Explain The Working of The Eco Maxi Centrifugal Disc Finishing Machine?

This machine is also another mass finishing machine.

It works on the principle of centrifugal force.

The bowl is made to rotate with the help of the motor drive.

Thus, the media and parts which are inside the bowl rub against each other with the help of the frictional force for finishing.

It is a cost effective solution as the name suggests.

You will get a cost savings of at least 60 percent when compared with other finishing methods.

This machine is specifically designed to carry out dry, wet, and magnetic tumbling.

When you are using the dry tumbler, the abrasive, along with media, is added to the tumbler.

Sometimes, polishing paste or powder is also added to this mixture.

Once powered on, the bowl will start vibrating.

The dry finishing process is mostly used to get a good shine on the part surface.

Another important aspect of this dry tumbling is that it is an eco-friendly one as the waste materials do not cause any environmental damage.

There is also no additional cost for disposing of the waste materials.

But, you will have to handle the cost of cleaning the media, which will have dust in it.

The tumbling media, along with parts, compounds, and water, are used for wet finishing.

The media for wet tumbling depends on the type of the part.

The compound also depends on the type of finish on the parts.

Once the wet tumbling is complete, then you will have to clean the media with water to remove the dirt.

It will ensure that all the impurities are removed from the media, and it is fit for the next use.

The magnetic tumbling is different from the other two types of tumbling.

Here, the abrasive material in the powdered form is mixed with magnetic particles.

You need to mix it with parts inside the magnetic tumbler.

When the magnetic field is active, then the abrasive and the magnetic materials will start acting on the parts for finishing.

The exciting part of the magnetic tumbling is that you will have the option to vary the magnetic field.

Thus, you will be able to get the desired level of finish on the part.

The magnetic finishing is also divided into two categories.

You can make use of the rare earth magnet for applying the magnetic field, or you can use the electromagnet.

The strength of the magnetic field can only be controlled if you use the electromagnet.

Here, the input current is varied to change the magnetic field.

If you use the permanent magnet, then the magnetic field cannot be varied.

So, the operator can select any of these processes according to his finish requirements.

The maximum spin supported by the Eco Maxi machine is 400 revolutions per minute.

This machine uses a 380V 50-60Hz input power supply.

The efficiency of the whole process can be controlled by varying the spin speed.

It also helps to make the entire solution a cost effective one.

The machine works on the principle of centrifugal force.

This machine is unique on that is capable of supporting three separate tumbling processes.

We also offer a fourth option in this Eco Maxi centrifugal disc finishing machine to dry parts.

The drying can be done for parts that have a weight greater than 7 grams.


5. Is Eco Maxi Centrifugal Disc Finisher Machine Costly?

The cost of the Eco Maxi machine is in the range of 1,800 to 2,500 $ per piece.

This machine is mainly used for deburring and polishing of metal parts.

The effective cost of the whole process is actually dependent on the type of tasks that you are planning to do with this machine.

You can use it for cleaning of small parts like wristwatches, earrings, etc.

These parts are tough to polish using hand tools.

The Eco Maxi machine can do a better job than the hand polishing method.


6. How does Eco Maxi Machine do the Magnetic Polishing?

You need to attach the 6-liter magnetic container to the motor drive for magnetic polishing.

After attaching, you need to fill it with media, parts, and magnetic particles.

Usually, the magnetic polishing is carried out as a preparatory process before doing the wet processing.

For best results, we recommend using steel pins along with compound or water for magnetic polishing.

These pins will hit on the metal parts to create the desired finish.

The hits will be like hitting the metal with many little hammers.

The entire process will take around 5 to 30 minutes.

The time of finishing depends on the degree of the final finish.

It also ensures that the oxide layer from the part surface will be removed entirely without any discoloration.

The only drawback of magnetic polishing is that it cannot remove the machine marks that are on the part due to the casting process.

The abrasion scratches present in the part surface cannot be removed in the magnetic polishing process.

The one main advantage is that the amount of material removed by the steel pins is very less.

So, it is an efficient process that takes very little time to finish.

It also ensures that your part is protected from excessive material removal.

You can remove the machined marks from the metal surface in the wet finishing stage.


7. Do Eco Maxi Machine Support Tumbling Of Heavy Metals?

The Eco Maxi machine is designed to clean, finish, and polish small metal parts like jewelry.

It is not suitable for heavy metal parts.

You can make use of the horizontal barrel tumbler for finishing heavy metal parts.

The Eco Maxi centrifugal disc finisher machine supports three processes, dry tumbling, wet tumbling, and magnetic tumbling.

The fourth option that supports part drying can be enabled if you use parts that weigh above 7 grams.


8. What Are The Different Tumbling Parts Of A Eco Maxi Machine?

This centrifugal disc finishing machine comes with three main parts.

It includes the wet grinding container, magnetic tumbling container, and the dry polishing container.

The dry tumbler is used for dry finishing of parts.

You can use walnut shell grit for the best results.

This organic tumbling media helps to absorb the impurities, dirt, and oil from the part.

The processing time will be around two to three hours.

The final polishing is also required to get a shiny, smooth surface.

It will take around 30 minutes.

The dry finishing tumbler comes with a limited capacity of 6 liters.

The wet tumbling process is made much easier now.

Earlier it used to take days to complete the wet grinding process.

Now, the whole process can be finished in 3 to 4 hours.

Soft abrasives are used for the wet grinding process.

It is to ensure that the orange peel effect on the part surface is avoided.

The Eco Maxi machine is capable of delivering excellent results.

It is very useful for removing machine marks that are formed during the casting process.

The 6 litre capacity of the wet grinding barrel comprises the dosing pump and the waste water tank.

You can also do magnetic polishing with this machine.

We recommend doing magnetic polishing before wet grinding for the best results.

It will take around 30 minutes to complete the magnetic polishing process.

It is very useful to remove the oxide layer from the metal surface.


9. What Are The Typical Applications of an Eco Maxi Machine?

The Eco Maxi machine is capable of finishing delicate and intricate parts.

You can use this machine to finish wristwatch parts, jewelry parts, medical parts like bone screws, plates, knee joints, surgical fasteners, etc.

This machine is not capable of handling large parts, unlike other mass finishing machines.

This machine can only be used to tumble light metal parts like wristwatch parts and jewelry parts.


10. What Are The Different Processes Employed By Eco Maxi Machine For Finishing Parts?

The Eco Maxi machine makes use of three processes to enhance the surface finish of metal parts.

The magnetic polishing is one of the processes and is used to remove the oxide layer and other residues from the part surface.

They process by hitting the metal surface with the steel media to brighten the part surface.

It will take around 30 minutes.

The wet grinding process is done with the help of the wet grinding tumbler.

This process will take up to four hours.

The machine is capable of finishing even the most intricate parts.

The dry finishing makes use of the dry polishing tumbler.

It is an economical solution for cleaning and polishing part surfaces.

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