CX Nipple Shape Plastic Abrasive Media

CX Nipple Shape Plastic Abrasive Media

CX recipe nipple shape plastic abrasive media is characterized by a special shape. This "nipple" shape is designed to enter into a deep hole or slot without getting lodged.  There are 2 sizes available: 40x50mm and 50x60mm. 

Category : Plastic Media, Tumbling Media

walther trowal CX nipple

Size: 40X50 (axb)
50X60 (axb)
Shape: Nipple shape
Recipe: CX
Color: Standard Pink Color or customized

Video for Plastic Tumbling Media

  • Surface Finish Smoothing
  • Excellent for Soft Metals
  • Medium Density Tumbling Media
  • Light Cutting
  • Wide Selection of Shapes and Sizes
  • Short Cycle Times
  • Finishing and deburring on hard-to-reach-area of parts, so we can remove deep burr easier
  • Effectively prevent media lodge in parts
  • Suitable for aluminum deburring and smoothing, zamak3 material pre-plating treatment
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