KL-660 Automatic Powder Coating Machine - Powerful, Efficient, and Simply Outstanding

KL-660 Automatic Powder Coating Machine

Are you looking for a powder coating machine upgrade? Look no further! The KL-660 automated powder coating machine is the ideal powder coating equipment for you. This machine powder coats your surfaces’ parts rapidly and flawlessly with maximum efficiency on power.


Main Control Cabinet Features:

Check out the most outstanding features this main control cabinet has:

  1. The main control cabinet’s compact design says it all. It has a sleek design that does not consume a lot of physical space and still manages to be easy to operate.
  2. You can have up to 24 controls on this central control cabinet. It can be custom-made to fit your unique requirements.
  3. The equipment’s synchronization is impeccable. It makes no powder coating mistakes.
  4. Ideal for industries that require rapid, efficient, and impeccable powder coating finishes on their parts’ surfaces.

automatic powder coating machine

KL-800D Automatic Powder Coating Gun Features

  1. This automatic powder coating gun is flexible. It has a flexible amperage that ranges between 0 – 100kV, which makes it easier to use and more efficient on both power consumption and powder coating.
  2. Unlike other automatic powder coating guns, which come with three pre-configured, this one comes with an additional pre-configured setting. These settings include powder coating on flat surfaces, hard-to-reach corners, recoating surfaces, and pulse setting.
  3. An array of modernized nozzles ensure a 99.9% powder transfer rate depending on the shape of the surface. It gives a sleek and uniform powder coating on your parts’ surfaces.
  4. The powder coating gun uses 100kV to powder coat your parts effectively and efficiently.


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