KL-2200D PLC Controlled Powder Painting Reciprocator- The mechanical you dream of

KL-2200D Powder Painting Reciprocator Parameters

Model KL-2200D
Rated voltage AC220V~240V/50~60Hz
Rated power 0.75Kw
Speed 0.08m/S-0.8m/S (adjustable)
Stroke 1.5m 1.8m 2m 2.5m
Setting system PLC with touch screen
Speed control method frequency conversion
Required temperature -10~50℃

Inovatec Machinery KL-2200D Automatic Powder Painting Reciprocator

The KL-2200D is an extremely useful Powder Coating Reciprocator. It operates over a linear slide rail, powered by a frequency motor controlled by a PLC. It results in gentle and accurate action. Therefore, it ensures excellent coating outcomes and significant powder savings.

Highlights of KL – 2200D Automatic Powder Painting Reciprocator

powder coating reciprocator

  • Powder coating homogeneity is improved by smooth and gentle circulation through the belt.
  • The unique jitter-free operation reduces noise and wears hardness.
  • Hold up to 24 powder spray cannons for dependable and stable operation.
  • Instant Job Change – Pre-programmable setups offer user choice for automated stroke and speed selection.
  • There is a customer-friendly touch screen that regulates the speed and length of the stroke.
  • Servo control is also accessible for pre-planned accurate movement.


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