KL-2000D Automatic Powder Gun Mover / Reciprocator-Fast and efficient equipment

Model COLO-2000D
Rated voltage AC220V~240V/50~60Hz
Rated power 0.75Kw
Speed 0.08m/S-0.8m/S (adjustable)
Stroke 1.5m 1.8m 2m 2.5m
Setting system digital button
Speed reducer worm gear
Speed control method frequency conversion
Required temperature -10~50℃

Inovatec Machinery Automatic Powder Gun Mover/Reciprocator

For daily operating conditions, the construction and performance are built to withstand a high continuous load. The elementary adjustment of stroke and speed results in a durable coating.

We have uniquely designed our powder coating reciprocator that will lead to consistent performance and will help to maintain high quality.

KL-2000D Powder Gun Mover/Reciprocator Features

  • It consists of the Mechanical arrangement of a Worm gear, frequency converter, and integrated transducer. Ascertain that the method is accurate and consistent.
  • Digital control platform with 80 presetting mode data is beneficial for fast monitoring of working rate and stroke.
  • It enables the user to adjust the Maximum and Minimum limits based on your working practices to prevent knocking.
  • When you switch on the electric power, you can schedule it to run automatically.
  • The guide pillar is held in place by 88 sets of polyurethane rollers, ensuring steady work and minimal abrasion.


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