KL-1732 Electric Powder Curing Oven - Ideal for Big-Batch Curing, Energy Conservative

The KL-1732 electric powder curing oven is ideal for big or bulky parts. It measures 3.2 metres lengthwise, which makes it suitable for longer pieces. Apart from that, it uses electricity as its source of heat. This source of heat makes the machine environmentally friendly.

KL-1864 Electric Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Model KL-1864
Inner chamber size: width1600mm x depth1400mm x height1800mm
Outer size: width1900mm x depth1700mm x height2200mm
Voltage: 220/110V 50/60hz
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power supply: electricity, 18kw
Motor power: 0.55kw
Heating time: 25-30 minutes(180°C)
Max. Temperature 250 °C
Temperature stability: < ± 3-5°C
Transportation Trolley


Standard Models of KL Electric Powder Coating Ovens

Model Working Dimension(mm) Heating Power Fan Motor Power
KL-1515 Width1500



(4.9′ x 4.9′ x4.9′)

18kw 0.75kw, 1pcs
KL-1864 Width1600



(5.2′ x 4.6′ x5.9′)

18kw 0.75kw, 1pcs
KL-1732 Width1650



(5.4′ x 5.5′ x10.5′)

45kw 1.5kw, 1pcs
KL-1645 Width1500



(4.9′ x 5.4′ x14.7′)

54kw 3kw, 1pcs

KL-1864 Electric Powder Coating Oven

KL-1864 powder coating oven is our best-selling model, used for curing most kinds of small and medium work parts. This powder coating oven uses electricity as a heating source which features easy-operating and environmental-friendly.

The entire design is built to create optimal airflow throughout the pow

KL Electric Powder Coating Ovens Features


Rock Wool Insulation Board 100mm

Your powder curing machine comes with 100mm rock wool insulation boards. These insulation boards prevent heat loss as your device works to cure the surfaces of your parts.



Automatic control-simple PLC system

The KL-1864 electric powder curing oven has a modern and user-friendly automatic PLC control unit. This control unit enables you to set the appropriate powder curing conditions. You can set the temperature ideal for drying your parts as well as the duration.



Circulation Fan

The circulation fan on your KL-1864 electric powder curing machine is vital. The fan ensures that hot air is appropriately circulated throughout the unit. The heated air does not exceed ±5°C as the fan runs.

Your powder curing machine has a compact design. The fan is located at the top of the device. This design conserves a significant amount of physical space.

Why the KL-1864 Electric Powder Curing Oven is Ideal for You

Inovatec Machinery has been in operation for ten years now. Our technical team has been continually improving our powder curing oven for the most incredible powder curing experience.

This oven is perfect for commercial use. It is powered by electricity. You may, however, have it modified so that it runs on gas, diesel, or even liquefied petroleum gas. This equipment can be converted to a big-batch heating machine in addition to specialized heating solutions.

All of Inovatec Machinery’s machines are built in-house, which helps in quality control. Your KL-1864 powder curing oven is made from high-quality steel. We also give warranty coverage for all of your orders.

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