KL-1645 Electric Powder Curing Oven - Industrial Powder Curing Machine

KL-1645 Electric Powder Coating Oven Specifications

Model KL-1645
Inner chamber size: width1500mm x depth4500mm x height1650mm
Outer size: width1800mm x depth4800mm x height2050mm
Voltage: 220/380V/415V (custom available)
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power supply: electricity
Motor power: 3 kW
Heating time: 25-30 minutes(180°C)
Max. Temperature 250 °C
Temperature stability: < ± 3-5°C
Transportation Trolley

KL-1645 Electric Powder Curing Oven

Inovatec Machinery’s KL-1645 electric powder curing oven is ideal for big-batch powder curing processes. You can powder cure long parts’ surfaces as the machine has a length of 4.5 metres.

It uses electricity as its primary source of heat production. It is environmentally friendly, requires minimal maintenance, and it is easy to use.

KL Electric Powder Coating Ovens Features

Automatic control-simple PLC system

The KL-1645 electric powder curing oven comes with a user-friendly automatic PLC control unit. This control unit allows you to set the correct working parameters as you cure your parts’ surfaces. You can set the right working temperature and the ideal curing duration.



Rock Wool Insulation Board 100mm 

Your powder coating oven is designed to be economical on power consumption. As such, it is packed with 100mm rock wool insulation boards that prevent heat loss as your machine cures your parts’ surfaces.



Circulation Fan

Your KL-1645 electric powder curing oven has a robust circulation fan at the top. This circulation fan ensures that hot air circulates properly across the device. Optimal airflow is vital as it significantly affects your final powder coat finish.


Why the KL-1645 Electric Powder Curing Oven is Ideal for You

This machine is customizable. As you place your order, you can specify how custom you’d like it to be so that it fits your unique needs. You can also customize the primary heat production equipment. You can have it powered using alternative means such as gas, diesel or even liquid petroleum gas.

We develop our machines in-house. It helps us ensure quality assurance is high-quality. Reach out to us today for the best prices and unbeatable services.

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