Grinding and Heating Vibratory Finishing Line

Grinding and Heating Vibratory Finishing Line

Grinding and heating vibratory finishing line is a well designed automative deburring and polishing system. One worker can operate this mass finishing equipment with a cost-effective performance.

Category : Automatic Mass Finishing System, Mass Finishing Machine

Well-designed automatic finishing system with easy separation capabilities allows simple, fully automatic or semi-automatic system is easy to develop. Firstly, this machine design shows media and parts load to the vibratory finishing machine without labor involvement. The hopper can be designed to compatible with user factory tote boxes.

After deburring and polishing, parts are feed into the vibratory dryer where the parts are dried. Additional rinsing device can be installed at vibratory finishing machine outlet to clean the parts.

The parts loading time, vibratory tumbling time, rotary dryer heating time and temperature all can be integrated into the PLC control system. Therefore, one worker can operate the whole system.

This grinding and heating production vibratory finishing system is user-friendly, cost-effective and high productivity.


Main motor 7.5 kw
Rotary dryer motor 0.75 kw
Rotary dryer heating motor 12.0 kw
Hydraulic pump motor 3.0 kw
Sewage pump motor 0.25 kw
Grinding machine size 2300x1740x1670 mm
Electric control box size 900x500x1800 mm
Sewage water container size 1000x500x480 mm
Dryer size 2700x1000x1640 mm
Media feeder size 1970x850x1800 mm
Area 5000x4300x3310 mm
Gross Weight 3500kg
  • Soundproof cover
  • PLC control box with Siemens touch screen
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Sludge treatment system
  • Batch processing of parts
  • Workpieces deburring
  • Workpieces cleaning
  • Drying and tumbling at the same time for different batches
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