Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Beads

Ceria stabilized zirconia beads is a popular grinding/ milling/ dispersion media used in the mass finishing industry. They are 30 to 40 times harder than the glass beads. When compared to the standard silicate beads, they are 5 times more resistant to wear and tear. The highly polished surface of the beads makes it very less prone to any sort of contamination.
Chemical compositionZrO2 80% CeO2 20%Size(mm)
Real density6.20g/cm3Ø0.5-0.6mmØ0.6-0.8mm
Bulk density3.85g/cm3Ø0.8-1.0mmØ1.0-1.2mm
Moh`s hardness9Ø1.2-1.4mmØ1.4-1.6mm
Wear rate per ton0.01kg/HØ1.6-1.8mmØ1.8-2.0mm
Package25kg/barrelOther sizes can be customized

Product overview:

Ceria stabilized zirconia balls are known for their toughness and high strength. The excellent media life offered by this media makes it a preferred media for customers. It is an easy to clean and store media. It can be used for grinding metal parts as well as ceramic parts.

Inovatec machinery manufactures some of the best quality ceria stabilized zirconia beads. With over 20 years of experience in providing solutions for the mass finishing segment, we not only offer the grinding media but also the machine for mass processing.



  • High Media Life
  • High Grinding Efficiency
  • High Chemical Resistance
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • High Resistance To Wear & Tear
  • Time Saver
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Clean & Store
  • Eco-Friendly Media
  • Reliable Media



  • Electronics Sector
  • Inks & Paints
  • Ceramic Materials
  • Pharma Sector
  • Agrochemical Industry
  • Battery
  • Cosmetic Sector

FAQ Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Beads


Frequently Asked Questions

Ceria stabilized zirconia beads are known for their high strength and toughness.

If you are planning to use ceria stabilized zirconia beads in your mass finishing process then you must know the advantages of using this media.

Inovatec is into manufacturing of mass finishing solutions for the past 20 years.

We deliver high-quality ceria stabilized zirconia beads to our customers.

1. What Are Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Beads?

Ceria stabilized zirconia beads is a type of zirconia beads used for grinding, milling, and dispersion process.

High strength and high fracture toughness are two important properties of these media balls.

It consists of 85 percent zirconia (ZrO2) and 15 percent cerium dioxide (CeO2).

You can use this media in normal horizontal bead mills as well as in other milling machines also

2. What Are The Advantages Of Using Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Beads?

The benefits of using Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Media are listed below.


2.1 High Media Life

The ceria stabilized zirconia beads come with very high life.

Their life is higher than glass beads and magnesia stabilized zirconia beads.

This high media life makes it very attractive to the customers.


2.2 High Grinding Efficiency

The high-density feature of these media balls helps to increase the grinding efficiency.

Thus, you can grind more materials in less amount of time.


2.3 High Chemical Resistance

Their high chemical resistance makes it possible to use many types of chemicals in the slurry.

The media is unaffected by the usage of these chemicals.

No harm happens to the ceria stabilized zirconia beads with the chemical use.


2.4 Corrosion Resistant

The ceria stabilized zirconia beads are resistant to corrosion.

So, the media balls will not get damaged if there is humidity in the storage environment.

The media is also unaffected if there are corrosive substances in the slurry.


2.5 High Resistance To Wear & Tear

The string chemical internal structure ensures that these media balls are very tough to break.

They are 20 to 25 times stronger than the glass beads.

So, you can use the same beads many times for milling.


2.6 Time Saver

The ceria stabilized zirconia beads are very tough.

So, it will exert sufficient pressure on the parts for grinding, milling or dispersion.

Thus, you can grind more elements in less amount of time.

So, selecting ceria stabilized zirconia beads as the media will help you to save some time.


2.7 Cost-Effective

The ceria stabilized zirconia beads is not an inexpensive media.

But the fact that you can use the media many times for many years makes the media cost effective in the long run.

So, your entire grinding process will become an efficient one too.


2.8 Easy to Clean & Store

The smooth and shiny surface of the media balls ensures that the dirt or waste does not get stick to the media.

The fracture-resistant media is easy to clean and store.


2.9 Eco-Friendly Media

The ceria stabilized zirconia beads do not cause any kind of pollution to the environment.

It is an environment-friendly media with almost zero wastage.

So, no toxic waste is created as the byproduct of the process because of the media.


2.10 Reliable Media

The high wear and tear resistance make ceria stabilized zirconia balls a highly reliable media.

Once you invest in this media, then you can use it for many years without any issues.

So, the consistent grinding result is guaranteed with the use of high-quality ceria stabilized zirconia beads.


3. What Are The Different Applications Of Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Beads?

Different applications of ceria stabilized zirconia beads are given below.


3.1 Electronics Sector

Capacitors, Inductors and many other electronic components make use of ceria stabilized zirconia beads for grinding purpose.


3.2 Inks & Paints

Ceria stabilized zirconia beads helps to ensure high purity dispersion and grinding in the paints and ink industry.


3.3 Ceramic Materials

These type of zirconia beads are used to grind ceramic materials.


3.4 Pharma Sector

The pharmaceutical industry makes use of ceria stabilized zirconia balls for grinding and polishing parts.


3.5 Agrochemical Industry

The agrochemical industry is another big sector which makes use of these balls for grinding, milling, and dispersion process.


3.6 Battery

Industries that involve battery manufacturing make use of these beads for the mass finishing process.


3.7 Cosmetic Sector

Fairness creams, sun protection creams, and lipstick solids make use of this ceria stabilized zirconia beads for grinding and dispersion.


4. What Are The Different Grinding Machines Offered By Inovatec That Can Use Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Beads?

Inovatec machinery offers the following grinding machines for customers to use the ceria stabilized zirconia beads.


4.1. Horizontal Mills

The most commonly used milling machine is the horizontal mills.

It does a good job of milling different types of elements.


4.2. Vertical Sand Mill

Industries that manufacture inks and pesticide can make use of the vertical sand mill to disperse the inks and paints.

The ceria stabilized zirconia beads can be used for the dispersion process.


4.3. Stirred Mill

Metallic elements like copper, silver, and gold can use the stirred mill from Inovatec machinery for grinding and polishing.

You can invest in any of these three milling machines from Inovatec for your mass grinding needs.

All these three machines can run the grinding process efficiently with the help of ceria stabilized zirconia media balls.

Contact us to receive a free quote today.


5. How To Select The Right Size Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Beads?

It is the size of the ceria stabilized zirconia beads that will greatly decide the success of the grinding process.

So, you must select the right media size for your part.

Inovatec offer a wide range of sizes for the ceria stabilized zirconia beads, from 0.3mm to 60mm.

So, you can easily select a size from this range.

The size selection is based on different factors.


5.1 Part Size

If you are planning to use the beads with large parts, then you must go with a large media size.

If your parts are small then you can use a small media size.

The small media has the advantage of reaching all the areas in the part.

Thus, the grinding action will be more and efficiency will be high.


5.2 Media Separation

At the end of the grinding process, you must be able to separate the media from the parts easily.

So, there must be a size difference in the media and the parts.


5.3 Media Life

You must be able to use the media balls multiple times for a long time.

Smaller media balls tend to break rapidly when compared to the bigger ones.

So, selecting a higher size will ensure more media life.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to choose the right media size for your application.

In such situations, you can always contact us.

Our experienced engineers will help you to select the right media size.


6. How To Use The Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Beads In A Milling Machine?

For best results, you must use the ceria stabilized zirconia beads inside the milling machine in the right way.

You must visually inspect the media balls before loading it into the chamber.

If there are any damaged media, remove it.

Ensure that the milling chamber is neat and clean before loading the slurry and the media into it.

The out pipes must be checked for blocks if any.

The media can be pre-grinded inside the chamber with appropriate solvent and resin.

The time for pre-grinding will depend on the viscosity of the slurry.

For a low viscos slurry, you can lower the pre-grinding time.

If the viscosity is high, then increase the pre grinding time.

Rotational speed is another parameter that plays a critical role in grinding process.

Rotational speed must be set according to your grinding requirements.

The slurry viscosity must match with the rotational speed of the chamber.

Higher the slurry viscosity, higher will be the rotational speed and vice-versa.

The ratio of the material to the beads must be in the recommended range.

The rotational speed will vary for wet grinding and dry grinding process.

You can run the machine at lower speeds for a dry grinding process.

Once the process is complete, the media needs to be separated from the material.

The separated media must be washed and cleaned before storing.

Visually inspect the media.

If there are any damaged beads, you can remove it before storing.

The breakage will be more in the case of smaller beads.

The time duration of the grinding process will vary for different parts and applications.


7.What Is The Life Of Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Media?

The life of the ceria stabilized zirconia beads will depend on your application and usage.

But the life will be very high when compared to glass beads.


8. How To Increase The Life of Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Media?

There are many ways by which you can increase the life of the ceria stabilized zirconia media balls.

The list is given below.


8.1 Media Storage

It is always good to keep the media dry before storage.

So, wash and clean the ceria stabilized zirconia beads after each use.


8.2 Heat Generated During Process

There will be heat generated during the grinding process inside the chamber.

This continuous heating can impact the life of the media over a period of time.

So, adopt some cooling techniques to control this heat.


8.3 Media Stress

The media should not be stressed too much.

It can get stressed if you use it continuously for very long duration process.


8.4 Bigger Media Size

The wear and tear rate are less for bigger media size.

So, a large size media will have more life than a smaller one.

So, try to select a media with larger size.


8.5 Invest in a High-Quality Media

A high-quality media will help you to use media for a very long time.

The strict quality measures adopted in the production of high quality media will ensure that there are no weak points in the media.

So, the media will not wear out easily.


8.6 Correct Part to Media Ratio

The part to media ratio is an important factor.

When you load the milling chamber with the elements and the media balls, you must ensure that you maintain the correct media to part ratio.

It is ok to add more media to the process.

But, don’t run the process with less media in the chamber.

There is a chance that the parts may get damaged due to part to part collision.

The finish on the parts may not be even across all the parts in such cases.


9. What Are The Different Ways To Increase the Efficiency Of A Grinding Process That Use Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Media ?

There are many factors that contribute to a grinding process which use ceria stabilized zirconia beads as the media.

The factors are given below.


9.1 Quality of The Media

The efficiency of the process greatly depend on the quality media.

So, don’t invest in a media that come for a cheap price.

These cheap media will not have a uniform average size and the media will break down fast.

Inovatec offer best quality ceria stabilized zirconia beads to the customers.

So, always go for the best quality media.


9.2 Size of the Media

Media size plays an important role in running an efficient process.

The small size media will be in contact with more area of the parts than the large size ones.

So, if you use a small size media you can reduce the grinding time.

A large size media on the other hand will need more time to complete the same process.

Nut, the life of large size media will be more than the small size ones.

So, you need to choose wisely.


9.3 Controlling Heat Generated During Processing

The grinding process will generate lots of heat.

This heat can really impact the efficiency of the grinding process.

So, you must employ some technique to reduce this heat.

If the grinding is done wet, then water or any other solvent can be used to reduce the chamber temperature.

Otherwise you need to provide temperature control options in the chamber.


9.4 Replacing Media

Usually long duration grinding process will result in deformation of some of the media balls.

It can hurt the process efficiency.

So, you must monitor the state of media at regular intervals to ensure that the media shape is intact.

In case, the media is found broken, you must remove it and replace it immediately.

You must have a proper technique and procedure for this medi replacement.

It must not take too much time.


9.5 Load in the machine

Never operate the machine in the overloaded condition.

Overloading will have an impact on the machine life, media and part life also.

Always operate the machine in the recommended operating load conditions.

For an efficient grinding process, you must ensure that the machine is also operated above the minimum load specification.

Check the operating manual of the machine to know these limits.

9.6 Machine Maintenance

Regular machine maintenance will ensure that the machine does not get break down during processing.

If any parts need to be changed then change it immediately without any delay.


9.7 Visual Inspection of Media

The media balls must be inspected visually before and after the milling process.

It is to ensure that there is no breakage in the media.

In case of breakage, remove those media balls.


10. How Much Time Will Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Media Take To Complete The Grinding Process?

The time taken for the ceria stabilized zirconia beads to complete the milling process will depend on various factors.

But, the processing time will much faster when compared to glass beads media.


10.1 Finish Requirement of The Part

If the part that undergo the grinding process demands for a high gloss finish, then you will need to run the grinding process for more duration.

If the grinding is done for surface preparation of the material then the process can be finished in less time.


10.2 Size of the Beads

The bead size is another important factor that affect the processing time.

Smaller beads will be in contact with more surface area of the part when compared to the larger beads.

So, processing time will be less for the smaller beads than the bigger ones.


10.3 Speed of Rotation

Speed of rotation of the chamber will also affect the processing time.

It is recommended to operate the machine at speeds recommended by the manufacturer for best results.


10.4 Viscosity of The Slurry

If the viscosity of the slurry is low then the frictional force between the materials and the media balls will be less.

So, the processing speed will get reduced.

If the viscosity is high, then the processing time will be less.


10.5 Type of Milling Machine

The milling machine type also plays an important role in deciding the processing speed.

Certain machine works faster than the others.


10.6 Machine Load Capacity

The load capacity of the machine decides how much quantity of materials can be processed at the same time.


11.Can Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Media Be Used For Grinding Expensive Metal Parts?

Yes, you can use ceria stabilized zirconia beads for expensive metal parts like gold, silver, copper, etc.


12.What Are The Different Sizes Of Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Balls Offered By Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec offer ceria stabilized zirconia beads in different size range.

The smallest bead size is 0.3mm and the largest one is 60mm.

So, you can order any size in between these two sizes.


13. What Is The Ratio of Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Balls To The Materials To Be Used?

The ratio of the materials to the media balls will vary for different applications and different materials.

So, it is better to follow a ratio that meets your requirement.

If you are not able to decide the correct ratio, you can check with us.

Our engineers will help you to choose the right ratio based on your milling requirements.


14. Is It Required To Dry The Media Before Storage?

It is not mandatory to dry the media balls for storage.

The media balls are not prone to oxidation or rusting.

So, even if the balls are wet, no damage will happen to the media.

But it is good to store the media dry.

It will ensure that the media is ready to use for the next milling process without any delay.


15. Does Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Media Support Wet Tumbling?

Yes, ceria stabilized zirconia media balls support both wet tumbling as well as dry tumbling.

When you are using this media for wet tumbling ensure that the viscosity of the slurry is good enough to run an efficient grinding process.


16. What Are The Steps Taken By Inovatec That Guarantees Best Quality Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Media?

Inovatec guarantees high-quality ceria stabilized zirconia beads to its customers.

We have adopted many measures to ensure high-quality beads.

We purchase raw materials required for the production of ceria stabilized zirconia beads from certified and branded vendors.

All the batches of raw materials are subjected to certain quality tests to ensure that it meet the standards.

All our engineers are certified and trained to do the job.

We maintain a strict operating procedure in our production houses.

All the ceria stabilized zirconia balls after production are subjected to quality testing.

Only those batches that pass these tests will be send to the customer.

We also ensure that the packaging of the beads is done in such a way that no damage happens to the beads during the shipment process.

The packaging is done as per the international shipping standards.


17. Is It Possible To Increase The Life Of The Ceria Stabilized Zirconia Media?

Yes, it is possible to enhance the life of the ceria stabilized zirconia media.


18. Do Inovatec Support Customers With Free Samples?

Yes, Inovatec provides free samples to customers.

You need to provide the media size and the tolerance limits for the beads along with the sample quantity.

We will produce the beads as per your specification and the samples will be shipped to you.

You can inspect the samples and share your feedback.



So, the advantages of using ceria stabilized zirconia beads are many.

Inovatec machinery provides a complete solution to your mass finishing needs.

We not only manufacture high quality ceria stabilized zirconia beads but also manufactures good milling machines which you can use for processing.

Investing in the right type of zirconia beads along with the right machine will help to take your business to next level.

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