Centrifugal Dryer

Centrifugal Dryer

A centrifugal dryer is used to remove excess water, oils, rinses or paints from the processed workpieces. You can use the Inovatec SK series centrifugal dryers for the same purpose. However, our unique design prevents workpieces from getting tangled or stained.

Category : Auxiliary Equipment, Mass Finishing Machine

The high centrifugal force allows workpieces to dry off efficiently without causing any damage. We have also included a safety feature that stops a motor from spinning if the dryer lid remains open by mistake. So, there is no risk of accidents.

Model Dimension of basket Volume of basket Working capacity Working temperature Rotation speed Motor Heating Motor speed Dimension Weight
(mm) (m3) (rpm) (KW) (KW) (rpm) (mm) (kg)
SK400B φ380×280 0.035 35kg or 1/3 of capacity 50-80 552 0.75 1.80 1430 780×600×750 161
SK500B φ480×280 0.075 75kg or 1/3(height of a basket 50-80 300 1.50 3.0 1430 1000×800×860 242


Centrifugal drying speeds up the conventional drying process in two ways. First, the spinning action of centrifugal force throws off excess liquids from the surface of the workpieces.

Next, the heating element generates hot air, which blows around in the dryer. The hot air dries off the parts thoroughly, while a turbine fan mounted on the side of the machine sucks out the hot air, leaving behind only the dried workpieces.

This intense process guarantees quick drying. Usually, operators can get completely moisture-free and spotless mechanical parts in just five minutes. You can choose from ten different Inovatec centrifugal dryer models, depending on your requirements.

Centrifugal Dryer Video

  • Heater fan available
  • Speed control
  • Hot blasting air
  • Low Noise
  • Process timer control
  • Stainless steel surface and basket
  • 2 mm basket hole
  • Easy installation and small footprint
  • Optimum performance
  • Low Power Consumption
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