ARS26 Alloy Wheel Straightening Machine- Economical Solution

ARS26 Wheel Straightening Machine is one of the popular wheel refurbishing machines from Inovatec Machinery. The ease of operation makes it a popular choice among many customers. Contact us today to receive your free quote.
Tool post4
Wheel repair range10’-26’inch
Motor power1.5kw
Speed range of spindle


ARS26 Wheel straightening machine

The ARS26 wheel straightening machine is capable of fixing alloy wheels as small as 10 inches and as large as 26 inches. The strong cast iron base ensures that there is no shake o the wheel during the straightening process.

This wheel straightening machine is fitted with a 1.5 KW motor. The maximum spindle speed supported by this machine is 300 rpm. The high accuracy and precision of this machine ensure that the mechanical properties of the wheels remain intact even after the straightening process.

The piston cylinder in this repair machine is driven by a hydraulic station. It is best suited for straightening car wheels.


Features & Application

  • Can Straighten Up to 26 inch wheels
  • Time-saving option
  • Economical solution
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