Industrial Powder Curing Oven - Ideal For High Temperatures (300°C or 500°C)

KL-1818 500℃ Curing Oven Specifications

Model KL-1818
Working Dimension width1800 * height1800 *depth1800 mm
Power Supply electric
Voltage 220V/380V/415V, 3 phase
Frequency 50-60hz
Insulation 200mm thickness
Inner Wall Stainless Steel 1.5mm
Outer Wall Coated Galvanized
Door Type double, in one side
Warm-up Time 30-40min
Temperature Stability < ± 1°C
Max. Temperature 500℃
Parts Transportation Top
Air Circulation Forced

High-Temperature Industrial Curing Oven

The industrial powder coating oven is engineered specifically for extremely high temperatures. They are used primarily in industries, as their primary source of power for heating is electricity.

They are easy to operate and environmentally friendly as they do not emit any toxic fumes. The industrial powder curing oven can raise temperatures to as high as 300°C/500°C.


High-Temperature Curing Oven Features

  1. Inovatec Machinery engineering team designed this machine purposely for curing powder coating or even painting jobs. They do not emit any toxic fumes, therefore, making the device environmentally friendly.
  2. The industrial powder curing oven has a high-performance heating element that heats the air in the oven quickly. It thus saves a lot of time.
  3. It has thick insulation boards (200mm thick) that prevent heat loss, making the machine more economical.
  4. The industrial powder curing oven’s structure is a solid one as it is tightly bolted together. This structural design makes this machine stable and easy to maintain.
  5. Its structure further creates an optimal airflow that prevents hot spots. It, therefore, means that your parts will have uniform curing as the machine dispenses hot air constantly.
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