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Inovatec Machinery Offering High Quality Powder Coating Ovens For Customers

The powder coating ovens from Inovatec machinery are some of the best in the market. They come with precise control of temperature. We ship our powder coating solutions to different parts of the world. The solution consists of a powder curing oven, powder spray gun, conveyor lines, powder coating machine, and powder coating booth. You can purchase the curing ovens directly from us or through our vendors. We have our vendors in many parts of the world. We also offer various customizations for powder curing ovens. So, you can customize the powder coating ovens according to your needs.

small powder coating oven

The small powder curing oven is specifically designed for the curing of small parts. You can place multiple small parts in the chamber at a time for curing. It will help to increase the productivity of the curing process.

If the parts are large and bulky, then you must opt for the large powder coating oven. You can use it for curing multiple large parts at a time.

industrial powder coating oven

This powder curing oven is specifically designed for industrial needs. It is a highly efficient and productive oven that can handle industrial parts.

walk in powder coating oven

The walk-in oven is a large oven where you can take part and go inside the oven. This type of oven is suitable for powder curing of large parts.

batch powder coating oven

This oven supports the curing of parts in batches. So, you can load the chamber of the oven with different batches of parts for curing.

electrostatic powder coating oven

The electrostatic oven can be customized according to customer needs. A high quality finish is guaranteed in this oven with the help of the uniform distribution of hot air.

convection oven for powder coating

The convection powder coating oven uses the convectional heating technique to increase the temperature in the chamber. They are less expensive ovens, but it will take more time to cure the parts in a convection oven.

Benchtop Powder Coating Oven

The Benchtop powder curing oven is suitable for curing small parts in small quantities. It can be used in laboratories and for sample curing of powder coated parts. It comes with a high precision temperature controller.

powder coating oven for wheel

This oven is specially designed for the curing of wheels. Air holes are provided in the walls of the chamber for airflow. The time taken for warm up is around 15 to 30 minutes.

gas powder coating oven

The gas powder coating oven offers good temperature stability. It is powered by gas. It is suitable for large size parts.

infrared powder coating oven

The infrared powder curing oven can help to increase the productivity of the process. It also helps to reduce energy consumption. It supports various customizations.

electric powder coating oven

The electric powder curing oven is highly efficient. It is capable of curing powder coated parts at a fast rate.

8x8x10 powder coat oven

This oven comes in a size of 8 x 8 x 10 meters. It can accommodate large parts.

4x4x6 powder coat oven

The 4x4x6 oven is suitable for small size parts. 

powder coating oven parts

Inovatec machinery also offers different parts of the powder coating oven. So, if any of the components of your oven goes bad, then you can purchase the replacement part from Inovatec.

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The powder coating guns from Inovatec are some of the best in the market.

It is possible to vary the spray patterns and use powders of different sizes in this gun.

Any type of finish is possible with the powder coating gun.

The powder coating booth comes with an exhaust system to regulate the airflow.

There be filters inside to remove the contaminants.

The booth will either come with a multi-stage filter or with a. cartridge filter.

The parameters like rate of flow of compressed air, current, and output voltage can be set in the powder coating machine.

It is responsible for pushing the powder particles into the powder spray gun.

Inovatec offers different types of powder coater machines. 

Sand Blasting Machine For Pre-Coating

The surface preparation of the parts is essential to remove the contaminants from the workpiece surface. A proper bonding will happen between the workpiece and the powder only if the part surface is clean. The wet blasting of the parts is the commonly employed technique for surface preparation. Inovatec machinery manufactures high quality sand blasting machines that can be used for surface preparation. The fact that water is used in the process helps to reduce the wear and tear of the workpieces. It also prevents the formation of dust during the process that can hamper the powder coating process.

Inovatec Machinery- Top Quality Powder Coating Oven From China
  • Strict manufacturing processes
  • Complete support for powder curing ovens
  • Support for replacement parts
  • Raw materials procured from certified vendors
Frequently Asked Question
What are the warranty terms for the powder coating oven from Inovatec machinery?

The powder coating oven from Inovatec machinery comes with a one year warranty. Inovatec machinery will replace the parts for free if any components go bad during the warranty time. The shipping charges for the replacement part will be paid by Inovatec. If any of the parts goes faulty after the warranty period, then the customer will have to buy the part from Inovatec. We offer spare parts for a basic cost. Inovatec offers complete technical support for troubleshooting the powder coating oven for its entire lifetime.

What are the different payment methods supported by the Inovatec machinery for the powder curing oven?

Inovatec machinery provides multiple options to the customer to pay for the powder curing oven. Customers can use any of these methods to make the payment. The payment methods include PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, and MoneyGram. Payments done via credit cards are not accepted by Inovatec machinery.

Can you share the shipping procedure for the powder coating oven?

The shipping will be different for different types of orders. If it is a bulk order, then Inovatec machinery will make use of the standard shipping method. If it is a small order, then we will send it via express shipping method. 

Can Inovatec ship the powder coating ovens to all locations?

We have shipped our powder coating ovens to many countries. The customer can either place the order directly or through our distributors. We will ship the powder curing ovens to all the locations. We don’t have any shipping restrictions to any particular locations. So, go ahead and place your order.

What is the standard payment procedure for the powder curing oven from Inovatec?

Once the customer places an order request, Inovatec will share the costing quote. If there are any customizations needed, then you will have to mention them while placing the order. The costing quote will include the customizations also. The client will have to pay 30 percent of the order amount in advance. Inovatec will proceed with the manufacturing only after getting the advance. The balance amount needs to be paid before shipping the oven. The customer can come to our facility to inspect the oven before shipping.

FAQ for Powder Coating Oven-Frequently Asked Questions

The powder coating process is not complete without the curing process using a dedicated powder coating oven.

So, are you into the powder coating business?

If yes, then you may be looking to invest in a powder coating oven.

Inovatec machinery offers different types of powder coating ovens.

We have small ovens as well as large ovens.

So, you can get ovens for small and large parts from us.

We are not only into powder coating ovens but also provide complete powder coating solutions.

It includes the powder coating booth, powder coating machine, powder spray gun, and conveyor lines.


1. What Does A Powder Coating Oven Do?

The curing of the powder sprayed part will happen inside the powder coating oven.

The powder-curing oven is responsible for giving the final finish to the parts.

Inovatec machinery manufactures different varieties of powder curing ovens.

Inovatec also provides multiple customization options for the coating ovens.

So, the customer can optimize the oven according to your workflow.

The operator can set the appropriate temperature and the coating time in the oven for the curing process.


2. Can You Share The Costing Details For The Powder Coating Oven?

The cost of the powder coating oven will vary for different models.

Inovatec machinery offers powder coating ovens in different price ranges.

The oven that comes with more features will cost you more.

The cost also varies with various customizations.

You can get in touch with us to know the price of various models of the powder coating oven.

3. Does Inovatec Provide Customization Of The Powder Coating Oven?

powder coating cup gun

Inovatec machinery does provide customization of the powder coating oven.

You can share the various customizations required for the machine with us.

We can implement all the feasible customizations.

The cost of the oven will vary with different customizations.


4. Do We Need To Train The Operators To Use The Powder Coating Oven?

KL-1732 Electric Powder Coating Batch Oven

You don’t have to give any training to the operator for using the powder curing oven.

The operator can read the instructions manual and follow these simple instructions to use the oven.


5. Infrared Vs Convection Powder Coating Oven – Which Is Best?

Infrared and convection powder coating ovens are the two main types of powder curing ovens used in the powder coating process.

The infrared powder curing ovens make use of the radiant heat method to cure the parts.

So, the heat will be transferred directly to the workpieces.

The curing time is faster for the infrared oven when compared to the convection oven.

They are more expensive than the convection oven.

They work well with parts that come in uniform shape and size.

They are mainly used in places that demand a high production rate

The convection powder coating oven makes use of the convection heating method.

The heat is passed on to the air inside the chamber for heating the parts.

It uses an indirect heating method.

So, it takes more time to cure the parts when compared to the infrared ovens.

They are less expensive when compared to the infrared ones.

You can either go for the electric ovens or the gas-powered ovens if you plan to choose the convection ovens.

The choice of fuel will depend on the fuel coat in your area.


6. What Is The Typical Lifespan For The Powder Coating Oven?

The powder coating ovens from Inovatec machinery come with a very high lifespan.

It is possible with the help of the high-quality raw materials used to manufacture the powder coating oven.

The lifespan of the oven will largely depend on the maintenance and its usage.

Frequent and heavy usage will result in the lowering of the lifespan.

Proper maintenance at regular intervals will help to increase the lifespan of the coating oven.


7. Can You Share The Type Of Support That Will Be Given From Inovatec For The Powder Coating Oven After Sales?

Inovatec machinery will provide complete support to the customers who have purchased the powder curing oven.

The coating oven will come with a one-year warranty.

If the customer needs to replace any faulty parts during the warranty time, he will get the spare part for free.

The shipping is also free in the warranty time.

The spare parts are available for a basic price after the warranty period.

If the customer needs any kind of technical assistance for the coating oven, we are always happy to help.

Inovatec machinery offers lifetime support for powder coating ovens.


8. Are There Any Safety Issues With The Powder Coating Oven From Inovatec Machinery?

There are no safety issues with the powder coating ovens from the Inovatec machinery.

They are completely safe for the operator.

It will not cause any harm to the powder curing process if you use it in the right way.

You can follow the instructions given in the manual for operating the oven.


9. Can You Share The Typical Maintenance Works On The Powder Coating Oven?

Proper maintenance will help to ensure the longevity of the powder curing ovens.

All the maintenance work on the powder curing ovens can be easily executed with the help of a standard toolkit.

All the maintenance instructions are simple and easy to execute.

No special training is required to do the maintenance works.

Typical maintenance work on the powder curing oven is given below.


9.1 Cleaning & Greasing

You need to do a thorough cleaning of the powder-curing oven.

Contaminants present inside the oven can affect the quality of the finish on the parts.

So, you need to ensure that the oven is properly cleaned.

You can apply grease on all the applicable parts.

9.2 Visual Inspection of the parts

The visual inspection of the powder-curing oven will help you point out most of the problems in the machine.

So, do a thorough inspection during the maintenance.

It will give you a clear picture of the state of health of the curing oven.

9.3 Part replacement

When you use the powder curing oven for an extended period of time, the parts can go bad.

So, you need to replace these faulty parts with new ones.

The spare parts for the powder curing oven can be purchased from Inovatec.

But, make sure to run the oven with healthy parts all the time.

Otherwise, it will affect the life of the good parts in the coating oven.


10. Can You Explain The Working Of A Normal Powder Coating Oven?

The powder spraying process will happen on the part inside the powder coating booth.

Once the spraying is complete, the part is moved to the powder coating oven.

The powder is held on the part surface because of the electrostatic force.

The powder coating oven will apply the heat on the parts for the powder to flow through the part surface to form the coating.

Different powders will come with different powder curing times and temperatures.

So, you need to preheat the oven first and then loaf your parts into the oven.

The operator needs to set the curing time and the curing temperature on the digital control panel of the oven.

Once the parts are loaded into the oven, the oven is closed, and the healing process will start.

It will take some time for the oven to hit the curing temperature.

There will be heating elements inside the oven to increase the temperature inside the chamber.

There will be an airflow system inside the chamber that will ensure that all the areas of the chamber receive a uniform temperature.

You must ensure that the powder sprayed parts get sufficient curing time.

You can even extend the curing time for few more minutes.

You will get the final powder-coated part at the end of the curing time.

It is how a typical powder coating oven works.

Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of ovens.

Different ovens use different fuel sources for heating the chamber.

Some of the fuels include LPG, electricity, infrared heating, etc.


11. What Is The Cleaning Cycle For The Powder Coating Oven?

The powder curing oven must be kept neat and clean all the time.

You should clean the oven after completing the day’s curing job.

You must clean the oven after completing the curing of the full batch of parts.

A thorough and proper cleaning of the curing oven needs to be done during the maintenance work.


12. How To Select The Best Powder Coating Oven?

If you are into the powder coating business, then you need to ensure that you choose the best powder curing oven for your process.

There are many factors to consider while selecting the powder curing oven.

These factors are given below.

The size of the part is the first factor to consider.

The size of the powder curing oven must match the size of the parts.

If you need to powder coat more parts at a time, then you need to go for a large oven that can cure the parts in batches.

The cost of the oven is another factor to consider.

It must be within your budget.

Inovatec manufactures powder curing ovens in different price ranges.

So, you can easily select one based on your budget.

You must choose the type of heating.

Both direct heating ovens and indirect heating ovens are available.

You must choose the heating fuel type.

There are electric, gas, and infrared ovens.

You must get all the necessary features in the oven.

Don’t invest in features that you are not going to use at all.

You must also ensure that the oven size can be accommodated in your facility.

You must also ensure that the oven that you select is the best choice for your metal types.

You can choose to cure the oven with a digital controller.

It will give your precise control over the temperature.

Inovatec machinery offers various customizations on the oven.

So, you can customize the selected oven according to your workflow.


13. How Much Time Will It Take To Cure The Parts Using The Powder Coating Oven?

On average, it will take around 20 to 30 minutes to cure the parts.

So, if you load the oven with multiple parts, then you can cure many parts at the same time.

The exact time will vary with the oven and the powder type.

Some ovens can cure the parts faster when compared to others.


14. Can You Share The Various Advantages of Using The Powder Coating Oven From Inovatec Machinery?

There are lots of benefits in using powder curing ovens of Inovatec machinery.

These advantages are listed below.


14.1 Cost-effective solution

The curing ovens from Inovatec come at different prices.

So, you can easily select one according to your budget and requirements.

The powder curing oven from Inovatec comes with a long lifespan.

The maintenance cost is very less for the powder coating ovens from Inovatec machinery.

The spare parts come at a basic price.

The ovens are capable of providing the perfect finish on the parts.

So, it is a cost-effective solution.

14.2 Eco-friendly solution

The coating oven does not release any toxic waste or harmful gases during the process.

So, it does not cause any pollution.

So, the process is completely safe for the environment.

14.3 Ease of maintenance

All the powder coating ovens from Inovatec machinery are easy to maintain.

All the maintenance work can be easily carried out with the help of a standard toolkit.

You don’t have to take any special training for doing the maintenance works.

14.4 Different customization options

Inovatec machinery offers multiple customizations for the powder coating ovens.

So, the customer can optimize the oven according to his/her requirements.

It will help you to make the coating process much faster.

14.5 Guarantee high quality finish on parts

The ovens from Inovatec are of very high quality and guarantee a high-quality finish on the workpieces.

The finish will be uniform and consistent across all the parts.

So, there won’t be any rejected parts because of the curing process.

14.6 Support for all powder types

There are different varieties of coating powders available in the market.

The wide range of temperatures offered by the curing ovens from Inovatec machinery ensures that you can cure all types of powders in the same oven.

So, you can use the same oven for all the powders.

14.7 Time saver

The powder curing ovens from Inovatec machinery does a good job of ramping up the heat and maintaining the set temperature without many deviations.

It will help to make your coating process fast.

So, you can coat more parts in less time.

It will help to save some valuable time.


15. Can You Share The Different Applications Of The Powder Coating Oven?

commercial powder caoting machine

There are numerous applications for the powder curing oven.

The applications are given below.


15.1 Curing of Electronic parts

The electronic parts that require powder coating can be easily cured using any of these ovens.

15.2 Curing of Defense parts

Both large and small defense parts can be powder coated using the powder curing ovens from Inovatec.

15.3 Curing of Automotive Parts

The curing of automotive components can be done easily using any of the powder curing ovens of Inovatec.

15.4 Curing of Metallic Furniture Parts

Metallic furniture parts that use different types of powder can be cured in any of the powder curing ovens.

15.5 Curing of Metallic Cookware Parts

You can achieve an excellent finish on the metallic cookware parts with the help of the right powder coating oven.

15.6 Curing of Medical Parts

Medical parts that demand a high-end finish can make use of the powder curing oven.

15.7 Curing of Mechanical Parts

Large as well as small mechanical parts need to be cured after the powder spraying process,

15.8 Curing of Architecture parts

Architectural parts can use the powder coating to improve their looks.

15.9 Curing of Die-cast parts

The lifespan and the looks of the die-cast parts can be improved through the powder coating process.


16. Can You Share The Different Types Of Powder Coating Ovens Offered By The Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec machinery manufactures and sells different types of powder coating ovens.

These different varieties of ovens are listed below.


16.1 Small Powder Coating Oven

If your business deal with the powder coating of small parts, then the small powder coating oven will be useful for you.

They are capable of powder curing multiple small parts at a time.

16.2 Large Powder Coating Oven

As the name suggests, the large powder curing oven is designed to handle large and bulky parts.

You can use it if your business deal with large parts.

16.3 Industrial Powder Coating Oven

The industrial version of the powder curing oven is specifically designed to meet the industrial powder coating needs.

They are known for their high efficiency and productivity.

16.4 Walk-in Powder Coating Oven

The walk-in oven allows you to take parts in your hand and go inside the oven.

It is a large oven that is suitable for curing big parts.

16.5 Batch Powder Coating Oven

This powder curing oven comes with the batch processing feature.

You can place the parts in different batches for curing in the oven.

16.6 Electrostatic Powder Coating Oven

The electrostatic curing oven works on the principle of electrostatics for curing the workpieces.

It is possible to get high-quality curing results with the help of the stable curing temperature provided by this oven.

16.7 Convection Oven For Powder Coating

The convection heating method is used by this curing oven.

It will take more time to cure because of the indirect heating.

But, they are less expensive.

16.8 Benchtop Powder Coating Oven

If you are looking for a small tabletop powder curing oven, then the benchtop powder curing oven is for you.

It is best suited for sample parts curing and for small parts.

16.9 Powder Coating Oven for Wheels

If you are in the automotive sector looking for an oven for curing wheels, then this powder coating oven is for you.

It is specially designed to handle wheels of different sizes.

16.10 Gas Powder Coating Oven

Gas is used as the fuel to generate the heat in this oven.

If gas is cheap in your area, then you can go for this type of oven.

16.11 Infrared Powder Coating Oven

The infrared curing oven makes use of the direct heating method.

They come with fast cure times.

But, they are expensive.

These ovens will help to increase the productivity of your process, especially if you are dealing with large quantities of workpieces.

16.12 Electric Powder Coating Oven

The electric oven makes use of electricity to generate heat inside the chamber.

A metal tube will be heated inside when current flows through it.

It uses an indirect heating method to heat the air inside the chamber.

16.13 8x8x10 Powder Coating Oven

If you want to cure large parts, then the 8 x 8 x 10 curing oven will be a good choice.

16.14 4x4x6 Powder Coating Oven

Small and medium-sized parts can be easily powder coated using the 4x4x6 powder curing oven.


17. What Are The Steps Taken By Inovatec Machinery That Ensure The Quality Of The Powder Coating Oven?

powder coated cup gun

Inovatec machinery offers high quality. Powder curing oven to the customers.

This high quality is ensured with the help of many steps.

These steps are given below.

The raw materials that are used to produce the powder curing oven are procured from certified vendors.

We do maintain a list of certified vendors.

We will do the quality tests on all the batches of materials to ensure that they are good for production.

Only those materials that pass the test are moved for the manufacturing process.

Inovatec machinery has a team of experienced engineers who supervise all the production processes.

We use strict quality measures in our production facility.

We will test eh powder curing oven once the manufacturing is complete.

The machine will be shipped to the customer only if it passes all the functionality tests.

We will pack the oven as per international shipping standards.

It is to ensure the safety of the curing oven while shipping.


18. How Does A Powder Coating Oven Help To Improve The Efficiency Of The Powder Coating Procedure?

The powder coating oven helps to improve the efficiency of the powder coating process in different ways.

These different ways are listed below.


18.1 High quality finish on the parts

The powder coating ovens from Inovatec machinery are capable of providing high quality finish on the workpieces.

Thus, you will get high quality parts at the end of the process.

It will help you to make your part more attractive to the customers.

18.2 Damage-free parts

The powder curing oven will not cause any damage to the parts if you use it properly.

You must follow the instructions given in the manual.

The curing time and the temperature needs to be set as per the powder manufacture recommendation.

It will ensure that you don’t have to reject any parts at the end of the process.

18.3 Multiple part size support

Inovatec machinery manufactures a wide variety of powder coating ovens.

It ensures that you can cure all part sizes.

If your business handles multiple part sizes, then you can go for a large oven that can handle all your part sizes.

It will make your process more efficient.

18.4 Support customization

Inovatec machinery support customers with multiple customizations for the oven.

It will help the customer to improve the process efficiency.

18.5 Helps to accelerate the curing process

Some of the powder coating ovens can cure parts at a faster rate when compared to others.

So, if you have a large number of parts, then investing in such ovens will help you to save some time.

Thus, you can increase the efficiency of the process.


19. Do You Need A Powder Coating Oven For Powder Coating Parts?

If you are into the powder coating business, then you must invest in a powder coating oven.

The powder coating process is not fully complete without the use of the powder coating oven.

You must ensure that you use a professional powder coating oven.

The final finish of the parts is fully dependent on the curing oven.

If you have a large number of parts, then you need to choose a large powder coating oven that can cure more parts at a time.


20. What Is The Reason For Cracks In The Powder Coat After Curing

The cracks in the powder coat can happen due to multiple reasons.

If the coating is under cured, then the powder coat will crack.

It is mainly due to lower curing time.

There is a misconception that curing time is the time the part stays in the oven.

It is actually the time for which the part stays at that particular curing temperature.

The cracks can also occur if you use a low-quality powder.

It is a good practice to preheat the oven before loading the parts into the chamber.


21. Can You Share The Various Factors That Can Affect The Lifespan Of The Powder Coating Oven?

The lifespan of the powder curing oven is affected by many factors.

These factors are given below.


21.1 Oven usage

It is a bad practice to put the oven for continuous use.

Long-duration processes in the oven can make the parts of the oven weak.

So, try to give some breathing period in between if you are planning to powder cure a large number of parts.

It will help to increase the life of the curing oven.

21.2 Load in the oven

Never load the oven with more parts than the recommended value.

Always load the curing oven to 80 to 90 percent of its recommended capacity.

It will ensure that the powder coating oven stays healthy all the time.

21.3 Part replacement

When you use the powder curing oven for a long period of time, some of the oven parts will start to fail.

So, you must replace such parts.

All the replacement parts can be purchased from Inovatec machinery.

You must not run the coating oven with bad parts.

The oven may break down during the process.

21.4 Power source

The coating oven will be either using a 110 volt supply or a 220 volt supply.

You must ensure that the power that you feed to the oven is clean.

If there is any fluctuation in power in your area, then it will put the electronic components of the oven at risk.

So, the PCB may fail before its actual life.

So, avoid this failure by feeding a clean power.

21.5 Cleaning of the oven

The oven must be cleaned on a regular basis.

When you are starting the powder curing process, the oven must be clean.

If there are contaminants inside the oven, then they may get stuck with the powder sprayed parts.

Contaminants include water, dirt, oil, and dust.

These contaminants, if present, will get circulated inside the oven with the help of the airflow system in the oven.

So the quality of the final finish will get compromised.

21.6 Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the powder coating oven ensures a high lifespan for the oven.

So, you must not skip any of the maintenance work on the oven.


22. What Is The Typical Temperature Range For The Powder Curing Oven?

The powder curing ovens will come in a temperature range of 325 degrees Fahrenheit as the lowest possible temperature and 450 degrees Fahrenheit as the highest possible curing temperature.

Almost all powders will have a curing temperature in between these two temperatures.

23. Which Are The Different Heating Methods Used In A Powder Curing Oven?

When the process of powder spraying is complete on the parts, you need to take it for curing.

Here, the parts are subjected to high temperatures for a particular duration for curing.

There are two different methods used for the curing of the powder sprayed parts.

These methods are given below.


23.1 Direct heating

Certain types of powder curing ovens employ the direct heating technique.

Here, the heat is directly applied don the parts for curing.

Infrared powder curing oven and the electric powder curing oven are some of the examples of ovens that come with direct heating.

Electric ovens come with a heating pipe that gets hot when current is passed through it.

Infrared oven makes use of infrared burners.

23.2 Indirect heating

Indirect heating is the other popular technique used for curing the parts.

Here, the workpieces are subjected to indirect heat.

Gas powdered powder curing oven and the LPG curing oven are some of the examples of the indirect heating ovens.

It will take more time to cure the parts.

The heat will be more evenly distributed in these indirect heating ovens.


24. Can You Share The Difference Between Dwell Time & Oven Cycle Time?

There are three types of time involved in a powder curing process.

They are the dwell time, bring uptime, and oven cycle time.

The time taken for the oven to reach the cure temperature is called the bring-up time.

The temperature at which the powder melts and starts to flow on the part surface is called curing time.

The oven cycle time is the combination of the dwell time and the bring-up time.

The certain oven uses a different technique to reduce the oven cycle time.

They will heat the parts to a slightly higher temperature to reduce the dwell time.

25. How Will I Know If The Powder Coating Is Cured Or Not?

Sometimes, the part may not be cured properly due to many reasons.

There are many ways to check whether your part is cured or not.

If the parts are not cured properly, then they may look brittle.

You can also use UV light for certain powders to check whether it is cured or not.

A color match test is performed on the parts to check if the cured part color matches the sample part color.

This check needs to be done after cooling the parts.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone is also applied on the cured part surface.

If there is a degradation of color, then the part is under cured.

A gloss meter can be used to check the gloss of the final part as the cure finish test.


26. Will The Powder Coating Oven Temperature Affect My Parts?

You must always check and ensure that the curing temperature that you are going to use is not going to affect the mental part.

Usually, it will not cause any harm.

But, it is a good practice to double-check.

27. How To Avoid The Orange Peel Effect During The Curing Process?

If you bring the powder sprayed parts to the curing temperature slowly, then the orange peel effect can happen.

So, you must preheat the oven and place the parts only after it reaches the desired temperature.

If you apply too much powder on the parts, then it may result in the orange peel effect.

So, always ensure to apply the right amount of powder on the parts.


28. What Would Be The Maximum Possible Cure Time That Does Not Cause Any Damages To The Powder?

The curing time varies for different parts.

Large and heavy parts require extra cure time.

Only then a uniform flow of the powder will happen on the part surface.

The workpieces will not get damaged with extended cure times.

They are more prone to damages with higher curing temperatures.


29. How To Prevent The Outgassing Phenomenon During The Curing Process?

The outgassing phenomenon can occur when you use powder coating ovens.

When the trapped gases escape from the curing oven, it is called outgassing.

The issue with the outgassing is that it may result in pinholes on the powder-coated surface.

These pinholes will decrease the life of the powder coating.

The moisture will get trapped in these pinholes.

The outgassing occurs due to many reasons, like when the coating is thick, casting, and contamination of the part surface.

There are different methods that you can employ to remove the outgassing phenomenon.

You can use a primer on the workpiece surface before applying the powder coat.

You should remove all the contaminants from the part surface by proper pre-treatment of parts before the powder coating process.

The Preheating of the workpiece is also helpful to remove all the contaminants from the parts.

The temperature for preheating must be higher than the curing temperature.

Applying a double coat can also solve the issue.

The second coat can be applied if the first coat becomes too thick.

If the powder comes with a good flow characteristic, then the problem of outgassing will not happen.

Here, the powder will stay in the liquid for more time during the curing procedure.



Inovatec machinery provides the customer with many choices for powder coating ovens.

So, you can easily select the curing oven according to your requirements

Inovatec machinery provides the complete powder coating solution for your parts, not only ovens.

The powder spray gun, powder coating booth, conveyor systems, and powder coating machine are the other machines that are required, along with the powder curing oven, to complete the solution.

If you need any support in selecting the right powder coating oven, you can contact us.

We will help you to choose one.


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