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Top Quality Powder Coating Oven Manufacturer From China
  • High quality powder coating ovens
  • Manufactures different types of coating ovens
  • Supports customization of ovens
  • Offers powder coating gun, powder coating booth, powder coating line, and powder coating machine
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Inovatec Machinery Offering High Quality Powder Coating Ovens For Customers

The powder coating ovens from Inovatec machinery are some of the best in the market. They come with precise control of temperature. We ship our powder coating solutions to different parts of the world. The solution consists of a powder curing oven, powder spray gun, conveyor lines, powder coating machine, and powder coating booth. You can purchase the curing ovens directly from us or through our vendors. We have our vendors in many parts of the world. We also offer various customizations for powder curing ovens. So, you can customize the powder coating ovens according to your needs.

small powder coating oven

The small powder curing oven is specifically designed for the curing of small parts. You can place multiple small parts in the chamber at a time for curing. It will help to increase the productivity of the curing process.

If the parts are large and bulky, then you must opt for the large powder coating oven. You can use it for curing multiple large parts at a time.

industrial powder coating oven

This powder curing oven is specifically designed for industrial needs. It is a highly efficient and productive oven that can handle industrial parts.

walk in powder coating oven

The walk-in oven is a large oven where you can take part and go inside the oven. This type of oven is suitable for powder curing of large parts.

batch powder coating oven

This oven supports the curing of parts in batches. So, you can load the chamber of the oven with different batches of parts for curing.

electrostatic powder coating oven

The electrostatic oven can be customized according to customer needs. A high quality finish is guaranteed in this oven with the help of the uniform distribution of hot air.

convection oven for powder coating

The convection powder coating oven uses the convectional heating technique to increase the temperature in the chamber. They are less expensive ovens, but it will take more time to cure the parts in a convection oven.

Benchtop Powder Coating Oven

The Benchtop powder curing oven is suitable for curing small parts in small quantities. It can be used in laboratories and for sample curing of powder coated parts. It comes with a high precision temperature controller.

powder coating oven for wheel

This oven is specially designed for the curing of wheels. Air holes are provided in the walls of the chamber for airflow. The time taken for warm up is around 15 to 30 minutes.

gas powder coating oven

The gas powder coating oven offers good temperature stability. It is powered by gas. It is suitable for large size parts.

infrared powder coating oven

The infrared powder curing oven can help to increase the productivity of the process. It also helps to reduce energy consumption. It supports various customizations.

electric powder coating oven

The electric powder curing oven is highly efficient. It is capable of curing powder coated parts at a fast rate.

8x8x10 powder coat oven

This oven comes in a size of 8 x 8 x 10 meters. It can accommodate large parts.

4x4x6 powder coat oven

The 4x4x6 oven is suitable for small size parts. 

powder coating oven parts

Inovatec machinery also offers different parts of the powder coating oven. So, if any of the components of your oven goes bad, then you can purchase the replacement part from Inovatec.

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The powder coating guns from Inovatec are some of the best in the market.

It is possible to vary the spray patterns and use powders of different sizes in this gun.

Any type of finish is possible with the powder coating gun.

The powder coating booth comes with an exhaust system to regulate the airflow.

There be filters inside to remove the contaminants.

The booth will either come with a multi-stage filter or with a. cartridge filter.

The parameters like rate of flow of compressed air, current, and output voltage can be set in the powder coating machine.

It is responsible for pushing the powder particles into the powder spray gun.

Inovatec offers different types of powder coater machines. 

Sand Blasting Machine For Pre-Coating

The surface preparation of the parts is essential to remove the contaminants from the workpiece surface. A proper bonding will happen between the workpiece and the powder only if the part surface is clean. The wet blasting of the parts is the commonly employed technique for surface preparation. Inovatec machinery manufactures high quality sand blasting machines that can be used for surface preparation. The fact that water is used in the process helps to reduce the wear and tear of the workpieces. It also prevents the formation of dust during the process that can hamper the powder coating process.

Inovatec Machinery- Top Quality Powder Coating Oven From China
  • Strict manufacturing processes
  • Complete support for powder curing ovens
  • Support for replacement parts
  • Raw materials procured from certified vendors
Frequently Asked Question
What are the warranty terms for the powder coating oven from Inovatec machinery?

The powder coating oven from Inovatec machinery comes with a one year warranty. Inovatec machinery will replace the parts for free if any components go bad during the warranty time. The shipping charges for the replacement part will be paid by Inovatec. If any of the parts goes faulty after the warranty period, then the customer will have to buy the part from Inovatec. We offer spare parts for a basic cost. Inovatec offers complete technical support for troubleshooting the powder coating oven for its entire lifetime.

What are the different payment methods supported by the Inovatec machinery for the powder curing oven?

Inovatec machinery provides multiple options to the customer to pay for the powder curing oven. Customers can use any of these methods to make the payment. The payment methods include PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer, and MoneyGram. Payments done via credit cards are not accepted by Inovatec machinery.

Can you share the shipping procedure for the powder coating oven?

The shipping will be different for different types of orders. If it is a bulk order, then Inovatec machinery will make use of the standard shipping method. If it is a small order, then we will send it via express shipping method. 

Can Inovatec ship the powder coating ovens to all locations?

We have shipped our powder coating ovens to many countries. The customer can either place the order directly or through our distributors. We will ship the powder curing ovens to all the locations. We don’t have any shipping restrictions to any particular locations. So, go ahead and place your order.

What is the standard payment procedure for the powder curing oven from Inovatec?

Once the customer places an order request, Inovatec will share the costing quote. If there are any customizations needed, then you will have to mention them while placing the order. The costing quote will include the customizations also. The client will have to pay 30 percent of the order amount in advance. Inovatec will proceed with the manufacturing only after getting the advance. The balance amount needs to be paid before shipping the oven. The customer can come to our facility to inspect the oven before shipping.

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