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Inovatec machinery is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Powder Coating equipment. We manufacture high-quality powder coating machines. We are looking for distributors for our powder coating solutions. So, if you are looking to sell powder coating machines, powder curing ovens, spray guns, and powder coating booths you can get in touch with us. Inovatec machinery offers different types of powder coating equipment to match the needs of different customers. There are many subcategories in the powder coating machine includes automatic powder coating equipment, small powder coating equipment, portable powder coating equipment, manual powder coating machine, industrial powder coating equipment, fluidized bed powder coating system, electrostatic powder coating system, commercial powder coating system.

We can customize the machine as per your requirement. We can also help to advertise, promote the sales of the machines. Proper training is also provided to the engineers.

Manual Powder Coating Machine

Manual powder coating machine is a cost effective machine. This classic model machine comes with compact design and saves good amount of space.

Automatic Powder Coating Machine

The automatic powder coating machine comes with the frequency adjustable reciprocator feature. It is an ideal choice for powder coating and wet painting application.

Small Powder Coating Machine

This small powder coating machine is suited for small scale industries. The superior performance and the ease of operation makes it a good choice for small scale sectors.

Portable Powder Coating Machine

The portable powder coating machine is best suited for lab use. All the different parameters can be set digitally in this machine.

Industrial Powder Coating Machine

The industrial version of the powder coating machine comes with adjustable voltage and current features. It is capable of delivering high quality uniform finish across all the parts.

Fluidized Bed powder coating equipment

High transfer efficiency and powder saving are the two main features of the fluidized bed powder coating equipment. The fully adjustable air pump provides a great flexibility for this machine.

Elactrostatic Powder Coating Machine

Electrostatic powder coating machine comes with a high voltage gun that is capable of charging the orient fibers with electricity. This machine is best suited for parts with complex shapes.

Commercial Powder Coating Machine

The commercial powder coating machine is designed specifically for the commercial sector. The adjustable voltage feature of this machine ensures large powder coverage rate.

Related Product

The powder coating gun guarantee perfect coating with the help of the new nozzle design.

Perfect grip on the gun is ensured by the ergonomic handle design.

Flexibility during application is assured with the help of the remote control feature.

The powder coating booth is designed in such a way that it occupies very less space in the workshop.

The contact area of the powder separation will be large. The multi pipe small cyclone design makes it possible to increase the area.

Inovatec machinery provides the option to configure multiple small cyclone units in an easy manner.

The powder coating oven comes with 2 shelves and the 5 rails.

Thus, it provides sufficient space for the drying of the powder coated metal parts.

This machine is best suited for bike frames, composite parts, wheels, and other metal works.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

The mixing of the abrasive media with water happens inside a slurry pump in the case of a wet blasting process. It is this pump that deliver the mixture to the chamber for processing. The compressed air is used to accelerate the process.

There are many advantages of using wet blasting process when compared to the dry process. These benefits are listed below.

  • This process is completely dust free. The use of water in the process helps to remove the dust particles. It will help to make the chamber clean
  • Some parts demand for non-removal of its surface. Such parts can be easily worked using this machine.
  • The life of the part is also extended with the help of this machine, The wear and tear happening to the parts are minimized with the help of the crushing effect of the water.
  • The frictional force that can make the color change of the workpieces is reduced in this process.
Inovatec Machinery – Best Quality Powder Coating Solutions Manufacturer from China
  • Inovatec ensures high quality machines to customers
  • Strict quality control measures are adopted by us for the machine manufacturing process
  • The internal quality process is maintained throughout the process
  • The material state is verified against the project specifications
Frequently Asked Question
How to make the payment for the machine?

We accept different payment methods that include PayPal, Money Gram, and Western Union Bank transfer. We don’t accept credit card payments.

What are the warranty terms for the Powder Coating Machine?

All Inovatec powder coating machines come with one year warranty. All spare parts will be replaced during this one year free of cost (including shipping cost). You can get ther spare parts for a nominal charge after the warranty period.

What is the power supply specification for the Powder Coating Machine?

We provide customers the option to select the power supply according to their country needs. We offer 100V or 220V supply. The customer needs to specify the power supply requirement while placing the order.

How is the machine packaging done before shipping?

We pack all our machines as per international shipping standards. It will ensure that the machine reach customer location without any damages. All the machines are properly tested for its functioning before shipping.

How is the delivery done?

If the order is a bulk one, then we will use the sea shipment option. For small orders, express delivery is used.

Frequently Asked Questions For Powder Coating Machines

Are you looking to invest in a professional powder coating system for your business?

If yes, then you will find this guide very helpful.

You will learn about the various advantages of using powder coating machines and their applications in different sectors.

Inovatec machinery has got 20 plus years of experience in providing turn key powder coating systems across the world.

We manufacture some of the best quality powder coating systems in the market.

electrostatic powder coating machine


1. What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process that involves multiple steps.

It starts with the surface preparation of the parts for coating.

The surface is then coated with the fine powder.

The part covered with the fine powder is moved into the curing oven.

The heat inside the oven will make the powder melt and stick to the part.

Thus, a layer of coating is formed on the surface of the part.


2. What Is A Powder Coating Machine?

A powder coating machine also called a powder coating spray machine or powder coating spray gun machine.

The machine that is capable of doing the powder coating process is called a powder coating machine.

Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of powder coating equipment.

Customers can invest in any of these machines according to their coating requirements.

powder coating gun


3. Can You Share The Various Advantages Of Using A Powder Coating Machine?

The various advantages of using powder coating equipment are given below.


3.1 Provides a Protective Layer

Powder coating helps to provide a protective layer on the part surface.

The powder-coated layer is thicker than the liquid paint coat.

So, it gives more protection than a wet paint coat.


3.2 Increase the Life of the Part

The additional layer on the part surface helps to increase the life of the part.

It will prevent the part from cracking or damages.

It will also protect parts against the oxidation effect and rusting.

It cuts off the part’s direct contact with the environment.


3.3 Makes Part Durable

Powder coating is more durable than many other types of coating process on parts.

It will provide good protection for the parts against corrosion and rust.

It makes the parts more resistant to chemical solvents.

It also protects the parts from scratches and dents that can happen during the handling and shipping of the parts.

powder coating machine workshop


3.4 Saves Money

The powder coating process helps to avoid the use of volatile organic compounds that can pollute the environment

So, it helps to reduce hazardous waste.

If the powder coating process is done inside the spray booth, then you can recollect the sprayed powder and reuse it.

Thus, there will be no wastage of powder.

It will help you to save some money.


3.5 Environment-friendly process

The powder coating process is an environmentally friendly process.

It does not cause any kind of pollution.

If you use liquid paint to coat the part surface, then there will be volatile organic compounds in the liquid paint.

These volatile organic compounds will pollute the air during the drying process.

automatic powder coating system


3.6 Makes Part More Attractive

The ability to achieve any level of finish using the powder coating process will help you to get the desired look on your parts.

You can also get any custom color of your choice for the spray powder.

Thus, it will help to make the part more attractive.


3.7 Scratch Resistant

The powder coating machine ensures that the coating is uniform across the whole surface of the part.

It also provides a thick coating when compared to liquid paints.

So, the coating will have more scratch resistance.


3.8 Less Material Wastage

If you use wet paint, then there will be paint droppings around the part.

So, the wastage will be more.

In the case of powder coating, you can reuse the sprayed powder that are lying down, if you make use of a spray booth set up.


4. What Are The Typical Applications Of The Powder Coating Machine?

There are different applications for the powder coating machine. For example, Aluminium Powder Coating, small parts powder coating, alloy wheel powder coating, and screw and bolts powder coating.

Also, there are other applications are given below.


4.1 Coating Die-cast parts

You can use these machines to coat die-cast parts.


4.2 Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets that require a protective layer can be coated using this machine.


4.3 Automotive Parts

Many automotive parts demand a high-quality powder coating on their surface for protection as well as for attraction.


4.4 Defense Parts

Defense parts demand working in extreme conditions and the coating helps to enhance the life of the part in such conditions.


4.5 Mechanical Parts

The powder coating will help to improve the look and feel of the mechanical parts.


4.6 Electronic Industry

Conductive coating, non-conductive coating and ESD proofing coating are generally applied with the help of the powder coating equipment.


4.7 Architecture Sector

Many architectural parts are subjected to the powder coating process to make it look more attractive with custom colors and finish.


4.8 Furniture Parts

Many metallic furniture parts need to be powder coated to prevent oxidation and rusting action.


5. Can You Explain The Working Of The Powder Coating Machine?

The powder coating equipment will have a spray gun.

The powder needs to be electrically charged to get stuck to the part surface.

The spray gun helps to charge the powder particles.

The compressed air which is passed on to the spray gun helps to move the charged powder particles outside.

These charged particles will get stuck to the parts that are grounded.

When you spray the powder, some powder will end up in the ground without getting stuck to the part.

powder coating machine fluidize bed


If you carry out this operation inside a dedicated spray booth, then you can reuse this powder, thereby reducing wastage.

The powder spray booth will come with exhaust fans.

Once the powder coating is complete, you need to place the coated parts inside a powder curing oven.

This oven will usually operate in the range of 325 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

You need to set the curing temperature according to your part material and the coating.

The time for curing will vary for different parts.

Once this process is complete, you will receive the final coated parts.

Powder coating machine reciprocator


6. Can You Explain The Various Features Of The Powder Coating Machine?

Inovatec manufactures different types of powder coating machines.

The features will vary for each machine type.

Some of the important features are listed below.


6.1 Variable Voltage & Current

The operator can vary the output voltage and current according to his requirements.

It will help to achieve the perfect coating on parts.


6.2 Customization Options

We offer different customization options for the powder coating machines.


6.3 Choice of Power Supply

Different countries use different power grids.

We offer customers the choice to select the power supply according to your country’s standards.

You can either go for the 220V supply or the 110V one.


6.4 Nozzle Options

Inovatec also offers a full range of nozzle options for the spray gun.

So, the user can use any of these nozzles according to his requirement.

X1 Box Feed Powder Coating System with Additional 2 hoppers


7. What Are The Different Steps Taken By Inovatec Machinery To Ensure The Quality of The Powder Coating Machine?

Inovatec manufactures very high-quality powder coating machines.

There are many steps taken by Inovatec to ensure that all the machines are of very high quality.

We procure all the raw materials that are required to manufacture the machine from certified vendors.

All the raw materials are subjected to functional and physical tests to ensure that they meet the quality standards.

manual powder coating machine


All the production activities are carried under the guidance of certified and experienced engineers.

After the production of the machine, all the functional tests are done on the machine to ensure proper operation.

All our production process adheres to standard quality procedures.

All these steps ensure the quality of the machine.


8. What Are The Different Types Of The Powder Coating Machine Offered By Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec machinery offers 8 types of powder coating machines to the customers.

You can invest in any of these machines based on your powder coating requirements.

These machines are listed below.

Powder coating machines


8.1 Manual Powder Coating Machine

The manual powder coating machine comes at an affordable price and requires very little maintenance.

The pulse coating technology helps the coating to reach even the deep corners.

The rugged two-wheel trolley makes it possible to move the machine to different locations easily.

manual portable powder coating equipment


8.2 Automatic Powder Coating Machine

The automatic powder coating machine is an advanced powder coating equipment from Inovatec.

You can set the spraying parameters for the spray gun and mount it on the reciprocator stand.

The gun will spray the parts automatically without any user intervention.

You will get a continuous and consistent coating.

Powder coating machine reciprocator


8.3 Small Powder Coating Machine

The small powder coating machine is best suited for small-scale sectors.

It comes with 10 lbs powder hopper feature.

Optimum powder coating is guaranteed with the help of precise powder output adjustments.

small powder coating machine


8.4 Portable Powder Coating Machine

If you are looking for a powder coating machine for testing small samples, then the portable powder coating machine is for you.

It comes with the option to vary the voltage.

It is easy to maintain and operate.

You can use this machine for many years with the same efficiency.

powder coating machine gun


8.5 Industrial Powder Coating Machine

If you are looking for an industrial machine then you must invest in the industrial powder coating machine.

It comes with voltage and current adjustable options.

This model is really good for coating corners.

electrostatic powder coating machine


8.6 Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Equipment

The fluidized bed powder coating machine is another model from Inovatec that comes with the fluidized suction tube.

This suction tube help to empty the powder box completely.

The ergonomic design of the machine helps for easy movement.


8.7 Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine

The electrostatic powder coating machine from Inovatec is known for its efficiency.

The variable speed control and the ease of operation make it an operator-friendly device.

It comes with a different set of nozzles for the spray gun.


8.8 Commercial Powder Coating Machine

The commercial powder coating machine comes with superior performance and more automation features.

It can be used for single as well as multi-color applications.

Better atomization is possible in these machines with the help of digital airflow technology.


9. Do Inovatec Machinery Provide Any Customization Options For The Powder Coating Machine?

Yes, Inovatec machinery provides different customization options for the powder coating machines.

You can contact us with your customization requirement.

Our engineers will help to customize the machine with feasible options.


10. Do Powder Coating Machine Require An Operator To Control The Operations?

Inovatec offers different types of powder coating machines.

We have both automatic models as well as manual models.

In the case of the automatic model, you need to place the automatic spray gun on the automatic powder spraying reciprocator stand.

You need to set the appropriate vertical speed for spraying and the route for spraying.

The automatic spray gun will automatically spray the parts based on the set values.

So, minimum intervention is required by the operator in this case.

In the case of manual models, operator needs to use the spray gun and spray on the parts for coating the powder.


11. How Safe Is The Powder Coating Machine?

All the powder coating machines from Inovatec machinery are completely safe for use.

It does not cause any sort of harm to the user if all the operating instructions are followed correctly.


12. How Is The Inovatec Support For The Powder Coating Machine After Sales?

Inovatec machinery offers complete support to the customers after the sale of the machine too.

Once the machine reaches your place and if you have any difficulty in installing the machine or operating the machine, our engineers will guide you.

If you need any parts to be replaced within one year of purchase, then we will ship the spare part free of cost (including shipping charges).

If you need any spare parts after the warranty period, then you can purchase it from us for a nominal charge.

If you need any kind of support for troubleshooting the machine, we will help you to get it done.


13. How To Increase The Efficiency Of The Powder Coating Machine?

There are many ways by which you can increase the efficiency of the powder coating machine.


13.1 Use Clean Air

You need to use clean air in the compressor.

This air will be passed on to the spray gun where it will push out the charged powder particles.

So, if the air is not clean, then it can affect the effectiveness of the powder coating.

So, make sure that the contamination level of the air is always less than the specified limits.


13.2 Clean Spray Gun

You must clean the spray gun after completing the whole process.

If you store the gun without cleaning properly then the remaining powder particles inside can contaminate the next process cycle.

So, clean and store the spray gun.

powder coating machine gun


13.3 Don’t Run Process in Cold Environment

It is not advisable to run the powder coating process in a cold environment.

If it is cold, then condensation can occur during the process and it will affect the coating.


13.4 Use High-Quality Powder

Always invest in a high-quality powder.

If you go for a cheap powder, then the quality will not be good.

So, the coating effectiveness and finish quality will be compromised.


13.5 Use Best Curing Ovens

Use the best quality powder curing ovens available in the market.

You will not be able to maintain the right temperature if you use a cheap curing oven.

So, the final finish will not look good and the coating will be weak.


14. What Is The Life Of The Powder Coating Machine?

Inovatec machinery has designed the powder coating machines in such a way that they run for many years without any issues.

<h2id=”faq15″>15. Is It Possible To Increase The Life Of The Powder Coating Machine?

Yes, you can increase the life of the powder coating machine.


16. How To Increase The Life Of The Powder Coating Machine?

There are many factors that affect the life of the powder coating equipment.

These factors are listed below.


16.1 Usage Factor

The main factor that affects the life of the machine is its usage.

If you use the machine regularly and for a very long duration, then the life of the machine will come down.

If you are doing a long process, then try to give some breaks in between.

It will help to reduce the stress on the machine.


16.2 Power Supply

Inovatec machinery offers two power supply options to the customers.

You can either go for the 110V supply or the 220V one, depending on the grid available in your country.

Before feeding the power to the machine, you must test and validate your power.

It is to ensure that there are no heavy fluctuations in the power grid.

Too many fluctuations in the power grid can stress the electrical components in the machine.

Thus, it will bring down the machine life.

powder supply center


16.3 Regular Maintenance

Maintenance of the machine is another critical factor.

Regular maintenance will ensure that the machine will work all the time without any issues.

You will come to know if any parts need to be replaced during the maintenance activity.

If any replacement is needed, they replace the part immediately without fail.


16.4 Machine Load

Always make sure not to overload your sprayer machine.

Read the operation manual of the machine to know the amount of power it can handle and the powder size.

Powder coating machine hopper


16.5 Quality of Compressed Air

It is the compressed air that is responsible for pushing out the charged powder particles from the spray gun.

Ensure that this compressed air meets the quality specification mention in the operating manual.

Otherwise, the life of the spray gun will come down.


17. Do Parts Require Any Pre-treatment Before Powder Coating?

Pre-treatment of the parts is not mandatory.

But it is good to do the pre-treatment of the parts.

The pre-treatment process helps to make the surface ready for powder coating.

The coating will last more if it is done on a treated surface.

The adhesion will be strong since the surface is clean.


18. Is Curing Required After Powder Coating?

Yes, curing is required for the powder-coated parts.

The parts will get a uniform and durable finish only after the curing process.

The curing process will ensure that the coating gets properly stuck to the surface of the part.

It gives a perfect finish to the parts.


19. How is The Curing Done For The Parts?

The curing of the powder-coated parts happens inside the specially designed powder curing oven.

This oven will have the option to vary the temperature from 325 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

You need to find out the curing temperature for your part and coating combination.

This temperature will depend on factors like the type of the part, type of coating, and coating thickness.

Different ovens use different techniques for heating the chamber.

The time required to cure the parts will vary for different parts.

You will get the final coated part at the end of the curing process.


20. Do The Parts Drip Or Sag Paint After Powder Coating?

In the case of powder coating, the powder gets a negative charge while passing through the spray gun.

The part to be coated will be charged to a positive potential.

So, the sprayed fine powder will easily get deposited in the part.

So, here the powder is fogged onto the parts using low pressure.

But in the case of wet paint, the liquid paint is sprayed to the part at high pressure.

The fogging of the powder around the parts will ensure that a uniform coating happens on the surface, even in the recessed areas without any sags or dripping.

Dripping or sagging will happen in the case of wet paints.

21. Is It Possible To Powder Coat Chrome Plated Parts?

If there is chrome plating on the parts, then you need to use the sandblasting machine to remove the chrome coating.

It will leave the copper and nickel layers behind.

You need to ensure that the sandblasting process does not result in blisters of copper and nickel on the parts.

You can do the powder coating after the successful sandblasting process.


22. What Is Sand Blasting?

Sandblasting process help to clean the surface of the parts.

The surface preparation of the parts that are subjected to powder coating can be done using a sandblasting machine.

This process will ensure that the powder gets sticked to the part properly and will help to create a perfect finish on the parts.


23. Do Inovatec Powder Coating Machines Support Coating Of Non-Metallic Parts?

Certain non-metallic parts can be coated using powder coating machines.

It includes certain types of glass and ceramic parts.


24. Is It Possible To Powder Coat Wood Parts?

Powder coating is not supported for wooden parts.


25. Does Powder Coating Help To Fix Scratches & Dents In Parts?

If the dent is very large then the powder coating will not help to fix it.

You need to use a body filler to fix the dent first and then apply powder coating.

If the scratch is a minor one, then the powder coating will help to hide the scratch.


26. What Are The Different Types Of Finishes That Are Possible With Powder Coating?

There are many finishes that are possible with powder coating.

You can get the metallic finish, clear, ultra-clear, low gloss, high gloss, and matte finish.

You can also coat parts with substances that are electrostatically dissipative, insulating coating, and conductive coating.

You can even coat phosphorescence on parts that will glow in the dark.

So, the choice is yours.


27. Is It Possible To Customize The Color?

It gives you the option to customize the color according to your requirement.

Custom colors are available in different finishes also.


28. Is Powder Coating Better Than Liquid Paints?

When it comes to coating thickness, a thicker coating will be applied in the case of powder coating.

It will be around 3-4 mils for a typical powder coating and 1-2 mils for a liquid paint coating.

This higher thickness of the powder coating will ensure that the coated part will be more resistant to scratches, wear, chipping, and fading.

There are certain parts like the springs where liquid paint is not effective.

You can use powder coating for such parts.


29. What Is The Cost Of A Powder Coating Machine?

Inovatec machinery provides a different types of powder coating machines.

The cost of the machine will depend on the features of the machine.

Each type of machine comes with a specific set of features.

You will get powder coating machines in all price range from Inovatec.

You can get in touch with us to get a quote on any model.


30.How To Fix The Faraday Cage Or Halo Effect In Powder Coating?

Many people who have used the powder coating would have gone through the Faraday cage effect.

Many things can cause this Faraday cage effect.

Poor spray pattern, insufficient powder flow, gun to part distance, wrong spray gun settings, and grounding scheme can cause this Halo effect.

When the parts have corners internally or come with an odd geometry then it is really tough to apply the powder coating to these areas.

This effect is known as the Faraday cage.

The area where the external electric field cannot penetrate is called the Faraday cage.

You must satisfy certain conditions to coat the powder successfully on Faraday cage areas on the part.

The powder sprayed from the spray gun must have sufficient charge.

There should be proper airflow to ensure that the right amount of powder gets delivered to the recess.

There should not be an excess deposit of powders in the faraday cage areas.

The external electric field must be in a controlled manner to ensure that the powder particles are not excessively pushed to the faraday cage edge.

If you take care of these parameters, then you can fix the coating issues in the Faraday cage areas.

It is essential to have proper control over the voltage and air pressure to fix this issue.


31. Is It Required To Use A Dedicated Spray Booth?

It is not mandatory to use a dedicated spray booth.

But, using a dedicated spray booth has got its own advantages.

If you do not want to waste the powder then you can use the spray booth.

A spray booth will allow you to recollect the powder and reuse it.

This collected powder will be clean and dry since it is inside the spray booth.


32. Is It Required To Sand Blast The Parts Before Powder Coating?

Most of the parts need to be sandblasted before powder coating.

The blasting process will help to remove any burrs, oxide layer from the part surface.

It prepares the surface for the coating process.

It will help to improve the bonding of the part surface and the powder.

So, it will help to enhance the life of the coating and the product.

If the part is clean and new then blasting is not required.


33. Is It Ok To Use Primers On Parts Before Powder Coating?

It is good to use primer on the metal part surface before the coating process.

If you use a primer on the part, then it will help to enhance the life of the part as well as the coating.

Aluminum parts are not susceptible to rusting.

But they are susceptible to damage when they come in contact with other hard metal parts.

The primer will help to protect the parts more with the help of a strong coating outside.

Steel parts are susceptible to rusting.

So, an efficient coating with primer will help to increase its life.

You must use the right type of primer according to the material type of the parts.


34. Is It Possible To Powder Coat Wood Or Plastic Parts?

Powder coating is mostly used for coating metallic parts and few nonmetallic parts.

Wood and plastic parts cannot be subjected to the powder coating process.


35. How Clean Should Be The Compressed Air?

The cleanliness of the compressed air is another critical parameter for a successful powder coating process.

You cannot mix oil and water with the powder.

So, the air is the important parameter here.

The air makes the powder in fluidized form.

It is always good to check with the powder manufacturer for the air quality requirements.

Generally, you will need air that has a contamination level of less than 0,1 ppm and with a minimum 35 degrees F dew point.


36. What Are The Typical Maintenance Activities That Needs To Be Done On The Powder Coating Machine?

All the maintenance activities on the powder coating machines can be done easily with the help of a standard toolset.

Different maintenance activities for a typical powder coating machine are listed below.


36.1 Spray Gun Cleaning

You must clean the spray gun after each color change.

It is to ensure that the previous color present inside the gun does not affect the current process.

You must purge the spray gun and its hose and pump to ensure that the moisture does not settle in the powder when you are using it next time.

If there are any worn parts in the spray gun, then replace them immediately without any delay.


36.2 Powder Hose Inspection

You must inspect the powder hose regularly for wear and tear.

Wear and tear will cause contamination of the powder.

So, replace the hose in case of any cracks or tear.


36.3 Visual Inspection

You must do a regular visual inspection of the machine.

Check for wear and tear of parts.

It is to ensure that all the parts are in good shape.


36.3 Part Replacement

If any of the parts in the machine needs to be replaced, then do it immediately.

Some machine parts will reach the end of life after using for many years,

So, a replacement will be needed for such parts.



Now you know the various advantages of using a powder coating machine.

Inovatec manufactures a complete powder coating system that includes a powder coating oven, powder coating booth, and others accessories. So, you can easily choose one that matches your coating requirements.

Investing in the right type of machine will help you to take your business to new heights.


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