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Inovatec Machinery Providing Top Quality Powder Coating Booth Cyclones For Customers

The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone is a very useful machine that helps to provide the perfect environment for the powder coating job. Inovatec machinery is providing powder coating solutions for the past 10 years to many businesses. Our solutions consist of a powder curing oven, powder spray gun, powder coating machine, and conveyor system along with the powder coating booth. We manufacture some of the best quality powder coating booth cyclones for our customers. You can contact us to place an order or get in touch with our vendor in your area.

Multi Cyclone for Powder Coating Booth -KL-S-1

The Multi-Cyclone Powder Coating Booth -KL-S-1 is a manual powder coating booth that comes with the multi-cyclone system. This powder spraying station occupies very less space because of its compact structure.

Multi-Cyclone Automatic Powder Coating Booth -KL-S-1

The Multi-Cyclone Automatic Powder Coating Booth -KL-S-1 comes with a multi-cyclone post filter recovery system. It helps to clean the booth fast. It is possible to achieve a filter efficiency of 99 percent with the help of multiple filter sets. 

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Inovatec machinery manufactures different types of powder sprayer guns.

Each of these powder spraying guns comes with a set of nozzles.

The nozzles allow you to use multiple powder sizes and different spray patterns.

The powder coating machine is responsible for providing the right amount of charge to the powder particles.

It also controls the movement of the compressed air into the spray gun/

There are different types of powder coating machines from Inovatec, both manual and automatic. 

The powder curing oven is responsible for getting the desired finish on the workpieces.

The curing ovens from Inovatec machinery will maintain a stable temperature inside without any deviation.

It is possible to set the temperature as low as 325 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

It allows you to set the curing time for the process.

Sand Blasting Machine For Pre-Coating Process

Sand blasting machine from Inovatec machinery is a popular choice for pre-coating process. The wet blasting process is done with the help of this machine. Inovatec provides high quality sand blasting machines to the customers. Water is the liquid used in the wet blasting process. The abrasives mixed with the water will get sprayed on the workpieces. The frictional force is reduced by the presence of water in the process. The water also helps to remove the dust in the process. The parts are less prone to wear and tear in such a process. There will be very little material removal. You can use this machine for expensive parts also. No discoloration will happen to the parts since there is no heat produced during this process.

Inovatec Machinery- High Quality Powder Coating Booth Cyclone From China
  • Best quality raw materials for booth manufacturing
  • A strict quality process under strict supervision
  • Lifetime support for the powder spraying booth cyclone
  • Support with replacement parts
Frequently Asked Question
Do Inovatec machinery support multiple payment methods for the powder coating booth cyclone?

Inovatec supports different modes of payment. The multiple modes will make it easy for the customer to make the payment. Currently, we support payments made via Bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, and MoneyGram. Any payment done via credit card is not accepted We do not accept any of the credit cards.

Can you share the shipping process by the Inovatec machinery for the Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

Inovatec machinery is capable of handling both small orders as well as bulk orders. If the order is a bulk one, then Inovatec will use the standard sea shipping method for shipping the booth. If the order is a small one, then we will choose the express shipping method. The express shipping method will help to expedite the shipping process.

How is the support from Inovatec machinery for the Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

Inovatec machinery offers complete support for the powder spraying booth cyclone. We will provide full technical support for the entire life of the cyclone booth. We offer one year warranty for the powder sprayer booth cyclone. You can get all the replacement parts for free during this one year period. There will be no shipping charges for the spare part in the warranty period. Any replacement parts after the warranty period will come with a nominal price. The customer will have to bear the shipping charges for the spare part after the warranty period.

Can Inovatec machinery ship the powder coating booth cyclone to my location?

Inovatec machinery has shipped the powder coating machines to more than 80 countries. We can ship our powder spraying cyclone booths to any part of the world. You can either place the order directly to us or you can place the order to our vendor in your country. You can buy from us with confidence. We allow customers to come and test the machine at our facility after manufacturing. It is also possible to send a third person to check the booth.

Can you share the payment procedure for the powder coating booth cyclone?

You can let us know if you want to do any customization on the powder coating booth cyclone. We will try to accommodate all the feasible options. The costing will vary with customization. We will share the costing details. You will have to pay thirty percent of the total order amount in advance. Inovatec machinery will start the procurement and production activities only after receiving the advance payment. We will inform you once the manufacturing of the machine is complete. You can pay the remaining amount before the shipping of the cyclone booth.

FAQ for The Cyclone Type of Booth-Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to make an investment in the cyclone type of booth for the powder particle coating procedure?

The advantages of using a cyclone-type booth for powder coating are many.

Inovatec machinery is well known for powder coating machines.

Inovatec has provided the best quality cyclone booths for customers across many countries.

The fact that Inovatec machinery provides some of the best powder coater equipment makes it a preferred selection for many businesses.

Inovatec machinery is known to provide a powder curing oven, conveyor lines for the powder coater procedure, powder spraying machine, gun that sprays the powder particles, and the powder sprayer chambers.

Inovatec guarantees the best quality devices to the clients through the strict and highly efficient processes followed in manufacturing.


1. What Does A Cyclone Type Of Powder Sprayer Station Do?

The powder coating booth cyclone is a powder sprayer station that comes with the cyclone feature.

The cyclone system fitted in the booth makes sure that the cleaning process happens at a fast rate.

This cyclone booth also occupies a very little area in the production facility compared with other types of chambers.

The powder coating booth cyclone will help ensure that the powder sprayer procedure receives the best possible environment without any contaminants.

It will ensure a high-quality powder deposition happens on the workpieces.


2. Is It Really Beneficial To Use The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone From Inovatec Machinery?

The powder coating booth cyclone does come with certain advantages.

These advantages of the cyclone type of booth are shown below.


2.1 Support various customizations

The solution can become more effective and easy if there are customization options.

Inovatec machinery does provide various customizations for different businesses.

The workflow will be different for various businesses.

The customization will help to improve the productivity of your business.

2.2 Ease of maintenance

Inovatec machinery provides very easy and simple instructions to the user for maintenance jobs.

No special training is needed for your laborers.

A regular toolkit is good enough to complete all the maintenance works.

2.3 Cost-effective

Innovate’s powder coating booth cyclone requires only a single-time investment on the booth.

The booth comes with very little maintenance works.

The booths from Inovatec are known to work for many years without any problems.

A high-quality powder coat is ensured on the workpieces with the help of the cyclone booth.

So, purchasing the booth will definitely make the whole powder sprayer procedure cost-effective.

2.4 Saves valuable time

The powder coating booth cyclone helps to provide the right kind of environment for the powder spraying procedure.

So, you don’t have to think about the powder coating atmosphere.

If there is a color change for the powder, then the booth will remove all the old powder particles in the air.

So, the cyclone booth helps to save some processing time.

2.5 Less powder wastage

The cyclone feature in the booth helps to reduce the wastage of the powder.

The booth is capable of reclaiming up to 98 percent of the powder particles that get unused and suspended inside the booth.

This will help you to save on the powder cost.

2.6 Solution that causes no harm to the environment

The booth with the cyclone feature will not emit toxic gases or create any kind of toxic substances as the by-products.

So, it is a solution n that is eco-friendly.

No pollution is caused by the use of the cyclone booths.

So, your process will become greener.


3. How Fast Can The Inovatec Machinery Deliver The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

Multi Cyclone for Powder Coating Booth -KL-S-1

The lead time is actually dependent on the order type.

If the order for cyclone booths is a bulk one, it will take more time to manufacture the booths.

In the case of small orders, we can do the production in less time.

Fifteen days is the standard production time.

The production activity in our facility will only be started after getting the advance payment.

The client has to pay 30 percent of the order cost in advance.

The balance amount of 70 percent needs to be paid before we ship the order.

Inovatec will start the procurement activity and the production work only after getting the advance amount.

If your business is running on a tight schedule and you need to get the booth fast, you can contact us.

We can try to reduce the lead time.


4. How To Select The Right Powder Spraying Booth Cyclone Size?

If your industry deals with the powder coating procedure of a single part then select a booth size that matches this part size.

If there are multiple parts, then selection needs to be done in such a way that the booth can handle all the part sizes.

It will help to make the solution more cost-effective.


5. Can You Share The Various Customization Options Provided By The Inovatec Machinery For The Cyclone Type Booth?

The cyclone type of powder sprayer station from Inovatec machinery does come with lots of customization options.

The customization option will vary for different machines.

You can contact Inovatec to know the different available customizations.

The customization of the cyclone booth will help to make the powder spraying procedure easy.


6. Can You Share Some Methods To Enhance The Lifespan Of The Powder Particle Sprayer Cyclone Booth?

There are multiple ways that can be used to enhance the life of the cyclone sprayer booth.

They are listed below.


6.1 Proper maintenance of booth

It is easy to maintain the cyclone sprayer booth from Inovatec.

You must ensure that all the maintenance job on the powder coating booth cyclone from Inovatec is done at the right time.

If you skip any of the maintenance jobs, then it will adversely affect the lifespan of the cyclone booth.

So, proper maintenance on the cyclone sprayer booth will ensure that you can efficiently operate the booth all the time.

6.2 Feed the booth with proper power

The power that you use to feed the booth must not have any kind of fluctuations.

The fluctuating power will put the PCB and the associated components at high risk.

So, they may fail before their actual lifespan.

It applies to both the 220-volt power grid as well as the 110-volt power grid.

We strongly recommend checking the power source and ensure that it is not a fluctuating one before feeding it to the cyclone booth.

6.3 Cyclone booth usage

If you are planning to use the powder sprayer cyclone booth for a large batch of workpieces, then Inovatec machinery highly recommends you to do it in multiple batches.

The heavy stress on the cyclone booth due to the continuous operation can be reduced with the help of the short breaks in between.

Otherwise, you can see some part failures in the booth.

6.4 Load inside the cyclone booth

The load in the booth is another crucial factor that affects the lifespan of the cyclone booth.

Never try to put more parts for the powder coating procedure inside the cyclone booth.

Also, don’t try to powder coat large and heavy parts on small cyclone booths.

It will reduce the lifespan of the cyclone booth.

6.5 Regular booth cleaning

You must clean the powder cyclone booth on a regular basis.

Cleaning must be done on all parts.

It includes the inner booth walls, outer walls, bulbs, fans, filter modules, etc.

6.6 Replacement of weak parts.

Whenever you find any weak components in the powder coating booth cyclone, then you must go for the replacement immediately.

If you try to operate the cyclone booth with bad components, you are giving excess stress to the healthy components in the powder booth.

It will have an adverse effect on the lifespan of the powder booth.


7. Which All Varieties Of Materials Can Be Powder Sprayed Using A Standard Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

The powder coating booth cyclone supports the powder spraying procedure for all types of metal parts.

The workpiece can be a metal or a metal alloy.

The different metal parts that are popularly powder coated using the cyclone booth include steel, brass, zinc, aluminum, and copper.

Any type of powder can be used inside the powder cyclone booth for the powder spray procedure inside the chamber.


8. How Will The Powder Color Change Process Happen Inside A Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

powder coating full procedure

Many businesses demand powder spray stations that support quick color changes.

The cyclone powder sprayer station from Inovatec machinery does offer the frequent color change feature.

Once the powder spray process on the workpiece is complete, then there will be some leftover powder particles that get suspended in the air.

The filtration system fitted in the cyclone sprayer booth is capable of absorbing all these suspended particles.

So, when you are doing the color change, the booth will be perfectly clean and will not contain any old color powder particles.

So, you can quickly start with the next color.

It is crucial to make sure that the powder coating equipment and the powder particle spray gun that you are going to use must support the quick color change.

The cyclone booth will not take much time to make the color switching.


9. Is It Mandatory To Use A Powder Coating Booth Cyclone For The Powder Spraying Procedure?

multiple nozzles for spray gun

The cyclone powder spray booth is not a must-have machine for the powder coating procedure.

But, if you invest in a cyclone booth system, then you will definitely have some advantages.

The cyclone booth provides the right kind of atmosphere for the powder spraying procedure.

The contaminants that can affect the quality of the powder spray are entirely removed with the help of the powder coating booth cyclone.

The primary contaminants that can affect the powder spraying process are oil, water droplets, dirt, and dust.

If you do the powder spray in an open area and the atmosphere is cold, then the water vapor present in the atmosphere will condense and may get mixed with the fog of powder spray.

Thus, the quality of the powder spray will get compromised.

The cyclone booth also ensure the right kind of airflow in the booth,

It also comes with the feature of quick color change.

If your business involves multi-color coatings, then this feature will be really useful.

So, the choice is yours.

The cyclone booth guarantees the best quality powder spray deposition on the workpiece surface.


10. Can You Explain How A Standard Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

The process of fogging the workpieces with powder particles for powder coating can be carried out inside the cyclone powder coating booth.

The powder spraying process will make use of the powder spray gun along with the powder coating machine.

The role of the cyclone booth is to provide the best possible environment for conduction the powder spraying activity.

The exhaust fans present in the booth ensure proper airflow inside the cyclone booth.

There will be a filtration system provided inside the booth.

This filter is responsible for the collection of the contaminants in the booth.

The filter can be either a multi-stage filter set or a cartridge filter system.

There will be a cyclone powder recovery system installed in the cyclone booth.

It is an efficient system capable of reclaiming 98 percent of the leftover powder in the booth.

This is how a typical powder coating booth cyclone works.


11. Is It Required To Provide Any Special Training To The User For The Assembly Of The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

There is no need to assemble the powder spraying booth cyclone at your side.

Inovatec machinery ships the cyclone booth in a fully assembled format.

You will have to unbox the cyclone booth and install it in your facility.

All the instructions necessary for the installation of the cyclone sprayer booth is mentioned in the manual.

For any kind of installation of the cyclone booth, feel free to contact us.


12. Do Powder Coating Booth Cyclone Require A Pre-treatment Stage For Powder Coating The Parts?

A pre-treatment stage in a powder coating workflow is not a mandatory requirement.

Different industries follow different workflow.

If you are using fresh parts, then you don’t have to include a pre-treatment process.

For old parts, the pre-treatment stage is a must.

Old parts will contain contaminants on the part surface.

So, if you fog the parts with powder spray, then the deposition will not be uniform across the part.

It is because of different contaminants like oil, water, dirt, oxide layer, and dust.

So, surface preparation of the workpiece is essential to make the part ready for coating.

It will ensure that the workpiece surface is free from all contaminants.


13. Is The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone from Inovatec Machinery good Enough To Handle Very Large Parts?

Inovatec machinery manufactures large powder sprayer cyclone booths capable of handling parts that come in large sizes.

The customer can share their part size needs with the Inovatec machinery.

Inovatec can help you to select the right cyclone booth based on your party size.


14. How Safe Is The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone From Inovatec Machinery?

The cyclone powder sprayer booth from Inovatec machinery is entirely safe for the operator.

It will not cause any harm to the powder spraying process also.

You need to follow the instructions in the operating manual of the cyclone booth.

The operator must not deviate from these operating instructions.


15. How Often Should I Clean The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

A high-end cleaning will be needed for the powder coating cyclone booth during the maintenance time.

All the parts of the cyclone booth that includes the lighting, filter, walls, and fans, must be cleaned.

You can clean the cyclone sprayer booth when you are done with the day’s job.

If you are doing powder coating work on a batch of parts, then the cleaning can be done once the processing is complete for that batch.

But make sure that whenever you are starting a new coating procedure, the cyclone booth is in a clean condition.


16. How Does Inovatec Machinery Ensure The Quality Of The Powder Sprayer Cyclone Booth?

Inovatec machinery has employed multiple methods to ensure a high-quality powder spraying cyclone booth to the clients.

These different steps are listed below.

The raw materials that are needed for the manufacturing of the cyclone sprayer station are sourced from reputed vendors.

Inovatec machinery does maintain a collection of certified vendors.

All the batches of raw materials procured from the vendor side are subjected to specific quality tests.

The batches that pass these tests are passed onto for production.

Inovatec does have a team of certified engineers.

These engineers will ensure that all the manufacturing processes of the cyclone booths happen under their supervision.

Inovatec machinery has employed strict quality measures for the manufacturing process.

All the cyclone booths are packed according to international packing standards.

It is to ensure that the powder coating booth cyclone reaches the destination without any damages.


17. Can You List The Different Types Of Powder Coating Booth Cyclones Offered By The Inovatec Machinery?

Inovatec machinery manufactures and sells two types of powder sprayer cyclone stations.

They are given below.


17.1 KL-S-1 Powder Sprayer Booth With Multi Cyclone

If the powder sprayer solution that you are looking for is a manual one fitted with a multi-cyclone, then this variant is for you.

The compact construction of this sprayer station ensures that it takes significantly less space.

17.2 KL-S-1 Automatic Powder Sprayer Booth With Multi Cyclone

This multi-cyclone sprayer booth makes use of an automatic system.

This spray booth is capable of reclaiming almost 99 percent of the suspended powder from the air.

So, it is a highly efficient booth.


18. What Would Be The Maximum Size Of the Workpiece Supported By The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

Inovatec machinery sells large and small powder sprayer cyclone booths.

So, we can handle almost all part sizes.

You can send your part size details to us.

We can suggest the right multi-cyclone powder spray booth for your coating needs.


19. Do Powder Coating Booth Cyclone Help To Improve The Efficiency Of The Powder Coating Process?

There are many ways by which the cyclone powder sprayer booth increases the efficiency of the powder coating procedure.

These methods are listed below.


19.1 Lowering the powder wastage

It is possible to bring down the wastage of powder in the coating process with the help of the cyclone booths.

It comes with a high reclaim capacity of 99 percent.

So, the wastage is almost zero.

So, you can coat more parts with your powder.

19.2 Helps to give a perfect finish to parts

The success of a powder spraying process is significantly dependant on the process environment.

The cyclone spray booth helps to give a clean environment.

Thus, uniform deposition of powder will happen on the parts.

It ensures a high-quality finish at the end of the process.

19.3 Support for multiple part sizes

It is possible to use the same cyclone sprayer booth for multiple part sizes.

If your industry deals with powder coating of different size parts, then you will find it really useful.

If the parts are very large, then you can go for a large booth from Inovatec.

Inovatec machinery manufactures cyclone booths in all sizes.

19.4 Contaminant free environment for coating

The cyclone booth ensures that the part receives an environment free of contaminants for the coating procedure.

Some of the commonly seen contaminants that can hurt the process are oil, dirt, the presence of moisture, and dust.

The filter system equipped in the cyclone booth can remove all these contaminants quickly.


20. What Would Be The Possible Causes for The Powder Drift Phenomenon Through The Openings Of The Powder Spraying Booth Cyclone?

There are many reasons for the powder particles to drift from the booth openings.

The reasons for this drift are given below.

The drift can occur when the airflow inside the booth is not proper.

Improper cleaning of the filter can also cause this phenomenon.

If the filters are in a clogged state, then they will not be able to collect the particles.

If the life of the filters is coming to an end then the powder drift can happen.


21. Can You List The Various Applications Of The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

powder coating systems

The cyclone powder sprayer booth can be used for numerous applications.

These applications are listed below.


21.1 Coating of Die-cast parts

All die-cast parts can be powder sprayed in a powder coating booth cyclone.

21.2 Coating of Metallic Furniture Parts

The industries that deal with metal furniture parts make use of the cyclone booth to improve the aesthetics of the parts.

21.3 Coating of Defense parts

A contamination-free coating can ensure don the defense parts with the help of the powder coating booth cyclone.

21.4 Coating of Electronic parts

The cyclone booth is very useful to get a uniform powder deposition on the electronic parts.

21.5 Coating of Architecture parts

It is possible to apply a multi-color coat on the architecture parts in the multi-cyclone powder spray booth.

21.6 Coating of Automotive Parts

The cyclone booth is very popular in the automotive segment since it is heavily used in this sector for powder spraying on automobile parts.

21.7 Coating of Metallic Cookware Parts

Cookware parts that use metal use this cyclone booth to improve the life of the workpieces.

21.8 Coating of Medical Parts

Medical parts of different shapes and sizes can be easily powder sprayed inside a cyclone booth.

21.9 Coating of Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts of all sizes can be powder coated using the powder coating booth cyclone.


22. Manual Vs Automatic Powder Coating Booth Cyclone – Which Is Good?

powder spray booth from outside

Inovatec machinery produces both manual as well as automatic powder cyclone booths.

Inovatec uses high-quality raw materials for the manufacturing of both manual and automatic cyclone booths.

So, both are equally good when it comes to quality.

Now, the question is which of these cyclone booths is good for your coating procedure.

If you want to avoid removing the human involvement in the powder spraying process, then the automatic cyclone booth is for you.

It will come with more features also.

It helps to eliminate any kind of human errors in the powder spraying process.

But, it will cost you more.

Automatic cyclone booths are costlier than their manual counterparts.

If your part demands a manual spray because of its structure and complex shape, then Inovatec strongly recommends you select the manual cyclone booth.

If you find it tough to choose between these booths, then contact us.

We will help you to select the right booth.


23. Can You Share With Us The Typical Maintenance Jobs On The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

The maintenance jobs for each of these powder spray booths are mentioned in the respective manuals.

All the cyclone sprayer booths from Inovatec machinery are easy to maintain.

It is easy to do the different maintenance activities of the powder coating booth cyclone from Inovatec using the standard toolkit.

You don’t have to take special training to do the maintenance works.

Some of the maintenance work is the same and others different.

The typical maintenance jobs are given below.


23.1 Visual inspection of cyclone booth

The first thing to do in maintenance work is to inspect the powder cyclone booth visually.

It is the best thing to point out most of the defects in the booth.

It will help you to locate all the weak and faulty components.

23.2 Replacement of components

If there are any faulty or weak components, then you must replace the part immediately.

The spare part for the replacement can be sourced from Inovatec machinery.

If you need any help with the replacement, our engineers will guide you.

Don’t try to run the cyclone booth with faulty parts, the booth may stop functioning permanently, and you may end up buying a new one.

23.2 Power grid stability check

The cyclone booth will either need 110-volt power or 220-volt power for its operation.

You must check the power source at your facility and ensure no large deviations in power.

A fluctuating power can damage the electronic circuitry in the cyclone booth.

So, avoid it.

23.4 Proper cleaning & greasing

The cyclone booth must be cleaned properly during maintenance.

Use only the recommended chemicals to clean the powder spray station.

If you use any other chemicals, then it can cause damage to the components.

23.5 Filter & Fan check

You must check the filter system of the cyclone booth.

There should not be any clogging in the filter.

The fan also must rotate properly without any issues.


24. What Is The Typical Lifespan For The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

Engineers from Inovatec machinery is manufacturing the powder coating cyclone booth for the past ten years, and our design has improved a lot during the last decade.

Inovatec machinery high-quality raw materials used in the cyclone powder sprayer booth to ensure that you can use the booth for a long time.

The lifespan will depend on its usage and maintenance.

Life can be improved with good maintenance.

Life can also come down too heavy usage.


25. Do You Need A Powder Coating Booth Cyclone For Powder Coating?

If you are interested in giving a high-quality finish on the parts, Inovatec strongly recommends using the powder coating booth cyclone.

The cyclone booth will help to keep the moisture away from the process.

It also ensures that the environment is not contaminated by dirt and dust.

The cyclone booth also comes with the powder reclaiming feature.

Thus, you can recollect the unused powder and use it again.

So, it helps to save some costs and reduce wastage.

It ensures uniform deposition of the fogged powder particles on the workpiece with the help of a suitable powder coating machine.


26. How Is The Support From Inovatec For The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone After Sales?

Inovatec machinery offers full support for the powder coating booth cyclone after sales also.

The cyclone powder spray booth comes with a one-year warranty.

If any of the components of the cyclone booth goes bad in this one-year time, you can get the replacement part for free.

Once the warranty period is over, and if any of the components of the cyclone booth goes wrong, then you need to purchase the spare part from Inovatec machinery.

Inovatec provides the spare parts at basic cost.

The customer will have to pay for the shipping charges for the replacement parts after the warranty period.

If you need any assistance in installing the powder coating booth cyclone, then you can contact us.


27. How Much Time Will It Takes To Powder Coat The Parts Using The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

The powder coating time will depend on many factors.

The size of the part is one major factor.

If the part size is large, then it will take more time to spray the powder.

Parts that come in complex shapes will also take more time.

The type of the powder coating machine is another factor that decides the coating time.

Some machines are capable of doing the process fast when compared to others.


28. Is Powder Coating Booth Cyclone From Inovatec Machinery Expensive?

There are two variants of the powder spraying booth cyclones from Inovatec.

One of the booths is a manual booth, and the other one is an automatic booth.

The automatic cyclone booth will cost more than the manual one.

The automatic variant will come with more features.

So, it is costly.


29. What Are The Expectations From A New Powder Spraying Booth Cyclone From Inovatec Machinery?

A customer can expect the following from a powder coating booth cyclone from Inovatec machinery.


29.1 Air Flow in cyclone booth

There will be the right amount of airflow inside the cyclone booth.

The fans fitted in the cyclone booth ensures that there is a constant movement of air.

So, the humidity inside the booth is always maintained at a safe level.

29.2 Lighting

The cyclone powder spry booth will come with a proper lighting system.

There will be a sufficient amount of light inside the booth so that you can see the part clearly.

The color temperature of the lamps used inside the cyclone booth will be equivalent to the sunlight color temperature.

There will not be any glare or shadows on the workpiece during the powder coating procedure.

29.3 Filtration

The cyclone system will come with a proper filtration system to remove all the contaminants.

The filter will get hold of all the dirt and dust present inside.

The filter can be a cartridge type one or a multi-stage filter set.


30. What Would Be The Price Of The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone From Inovatec Machinery?

The cost of the powder coating booth cyclone is different for the two variants.

You can send us a message to know the cost.

If you need any customizations on the selected cyclone booth, then you can share the details with us.

The cost will vary with customizations.


31. What Would Be The Ideal Distance Between The Powder Spraying Booth Cyclone And The Air Dryer?

The air dryer must be kept close to the cyclone sprayer booth.

Never keep it far.

As the distance increases, the risk of condensation in the compressor air pipe will be more.

So, it can ruin the whole powder spraying process.

It will create imperfections in the powder deposition.


32. How To Ground The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone Properly?

You must always ensure that the powder spraying cyclone booth is always grounded correctly.

The grounding must be done using a proper grounding rod and a conductive strap.

Always use the service of an electrical person to select the grounding rod.

The rod needs to be inserted into the ground at a point near the booth location.

You must use the conductive strap to connect the cyclone booth with the grounding rod.


33. Does Inovatec Machinery Provide Power Supply Options For The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

Inovatec machinery gives the customer a choice to select the power supply for the cyclone powder spray booth.

There is a 220 Volt power supply option and a 110 Volt power supply option.

The customer has the luxury to select any of these for the cyclone booths according to their country’s power standards.

It helps the customer to avoid an additional purchase of a step up or step down converter for switching the voltages.


34. Why Do The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone Have An Exhaust Fan?

The exhaust fans are present in the cyclone powder coat booth to regulate the airflow.

The fan plays a significant role in keeping the temperature and humidity at the right level.

If the inside is humid, then water droplets will condense and get mixed with the powder spray.

So, the deposition of the powder particles on the workpiece will not be uniform,

So, you will not get a high-quality finish on the workpiece.


35. How To Select The Right Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

The right powder coating cyclone booth means perfect powder-coated parts.

There are many things to consider when you are selecting a powder spraying cyclone booth.

The cost will be the first factor.

All the cyclone powder spray booths from Inovatec machinery come at an affordable price.

So, you can easily get one within your budget.

The part size is the second factor.

The booth size must match the size of your part.

If you have multiple parts, then ensure that the selected cyclone booth can handle all the parts.

The third factor is the support for frequent color changes.

If your business requires multiple colored parts, then you can go for a station that supports the quick color changes.

Always ensure to invest in a high-quality professional powder coating cyclone booth.


36. Are There Any Lighting Requirements For The Powder Coating Booth Cyclone?

The cyclone booths from Inovatec machinery satisfy all the recommended lighting conditions.

The different lighting conditions are listed below.

The lighting must match with the color temperature of the sunlight.

So, Inovatec machinery has provided lamps of 5000K color temperature.

The lighting should not create any shadows or glare.

The lighting must be sufficient enough for the powder coating procedure.

The person who is coating the part must see the part surface properly.



The powder coating booth cyclone from Inovatec machinery will be a useful machine in your powder coating procedure.

Inovatec is known for its powder spraying solutions.

Inovatec machinery offers complete solutions that include powder sprayer booth, powder curing oven, powder coating machine, conveyor line, and powder spray gun.

You can invest in our solutions with full confidence.

We guarantee high-quality machines to our customers.



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