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Combustion engines need to release waste gas from their engines. Exhaust pipes are fundamental parts of combustion engines. They help get rid of waste gases from engines in the form of smoke.

It is, therefore, imperative for you to ensure that you’ve polished your exhaust pipes expertly. You will not regret it – because your engine’s performance will also improve.

Check out some of these cool exhaust pipe polishing machines from Inovatec Machinery.




This machine is so awesome! It lets you finish your fragile exhaust pipe parts independently. This type of polishing is effective in preventing damages. It curbs part-to-part contacts. You should consider acquiring it.


This machine is yet another ideal exhaust finishing machine. You can refine your full exhaust pipes using this machine – regardless of the exhaust pipe’s length. The machine has a long and sturdy polishing trough.

Know Your Different Types of Exhaust Pipes

Stainless steel headers are popularly used in small automobiles. This header is what gets connected to the engine for removal of fumes. It gets incredibly hot when removing these fumes.

You need to ensure that their finishing process is flawless. One mistake can cause the header to malfunction.

Racing cars use titanium exhaust pipes – because they are light and extremely robust. However, for maximum performance, you need to ensure that their polishing is impeccable.

Inovatec recommends using a trough vibratory finishing machine for polishing your racing car exhaust pipes.

Motorcycle exhaust pipes are not complicated compared to car exhaust pipes. However, their exhaust pipes still have a significant effect on their performance. You, therefore, need to ensure that they are polished effectively using a trough vibratory polishing machine.

A ceramic layer on your exhaust pipes makes them (exhaust pipes) have a longer life span. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t polish them. You need to polish them effectively to ensure maximum efficiency.

You can use the trough vibratory polishing machine with non-abrasive polishing media for the process to be a success.

Similar to titanium, aluminum is lightweight and robust. You cannot afford to mess up the looks of your shiny aluminum exhaust pipes.

Its polishing process is straightforward – use a trough vibratory finishing machine. You’ll need to follow the laid-out polishing guidelines for an effective and efficient finish.

Apart from the fume delivery pipes, exhaust pipes also have other auxiliary parts. One of those primary auxiliary parts is the exhaust clamps. They are so integral because they hold other vital parts in place.

You should polish them with extreme caution. You can finish them using the trough vibratory finishing machine.

Exhaust Pipe Polishing Media

There are different metal types used to make exhaust pipes. Some of these metal types include stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, etc.

Inovatec Machinery recommends polishing your exhaust pipes using slightly abrasive media – ceramic or even synthetic media. You can also use non-abrasive media like stainless steel shots or porcelain, which are rigid but not too aggressive.

For exceptional cases such as ceramic-coated exhaust pipes, we strongly recommend using non-abrasive media. You wouldn’t want to destroy your exhaust pipe’s ceramic coat.

Inovatec Machinery - World-Class Manufacturers of High-Quality Exhaust Polishing Machines from China
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  • Semi-automated or fully automated polishing machines for rapid finishing
  • Select media for different processes
  • Customized machines available for your unique needs
Frequently Asked Question
What is the Least Number of Polishing Machines that I Can Buy?

You can buy at least one complete polishing machine. You can, however, buy as many machines as you want – there is no set maximum number of machines.

What is Inovatec Machinery’s Payment Policy?

When you want to acquire polishing from us, we’ll require you to pay 30% of the total amount upfront. You’ll then wait for us to manufacture your machine. After manufacturing, you will then pay the remaining 70% before we ship over the machine to you.

What is the Shipment’s Duration?

Our manufacturing process takes at most 25 days to complete. Shipping, on the other hand, can take up to 40 days, depending on the address you provided.

How Does Inovatec Machinery Package Its Machines?

We package our machines in sturdy wooden boxes to prevent damaging of your machine’s components.

Which Ports Does Inovatec Machinery Use to Ship Machines?

We use the nearest ports to us – Ningo, Yiwu, and Shanghai. Through these ports, we can ship your machines anywhere in the world. All you need to do is provide us with the correct address.

Exhaust Pipe Polishing – The Ultimate Guide in 2020

Exhaust pipes are fundamental parts of any combustion engine. They need to be in peak working conditions to get rid of fumes that come from the engine effectively. They also have a significant effect on the performance of any combustion engine.

One of the primary ways that you can use to enhance the performance of your exhaust pipes is polishing them regularly. You’ll also have to polish them before you install them. Here’s a brief outline of what you’ll be learning through this article:

  • Which machine to use for polish your exhaust pipes effectively
  • Which polish media to use for the same process
  • The benefits of polishing your exhaust pipes

Keep reading this article to find out more.

1.   What is an Exhaust Pipe?

As you’ve read earlier on in this article, an exhaust pipe is an integral part of any combustion engine. It delivers waste fumes out of the engine for the effective and efficient running of the engine.

Now, an exhaust pipe has the fume delivery chambers and other auxiliary parts such as the exhaust clamps and muffler.

You need to make sure that your exhaust pipes are polished expertly. Keep reading this article to find out the benefits of polishing your exhaust pipes.


2.   What are the Benefits of Polishing Exhaust Pipes?

There are numerous reasons why it is imperative to polish your exhaust pipes. Check out some of the primary ones:

●      Safer to Install

When you polish your exhaust pipes, you get to do away with rough and dangerous edges which can cut your severely.

●      More Robust Exhaust Pipes

Polishing gets rid of all sorts of corrosion. Corrosion weakens your exhaust pipes. On top of making your exhaust pipes robust, it adds a protective layer on your pipe’s surface.

This protective layer prevents oxidation and corrosion like rust.

●      Sleek and Beautiful Looks

Polishing makes your exhaust pipes look better. Some exhaust pipes, for example, stainless steel have a stunning mirror finish.

Polishing gets rid of dull oxidation films which may make your exhaust pipes look old and ugly.

3.   What is the Manual Way of Polishing Exhaust Pipes?

The manual method heavily relies on human labor and professional experience in the field. You’ll need polishing stones, a cleaning agent and perhaps a cloth. It is an incredibly tedious and slow process.

These polishing stones have different abrasive levels. For an exhaust pipe that requires heavy polishing, the polisher must use the most aggressive abrasive polishing stone.

The process is entirely manual – the polisher holds the exhaust pipe and pushes it to the spinning polishing stone. This style of polishing is highly risky, tedious, time-unconscious, and finally, it does not offer a smooth polish.


4.   What is an Exhaust Pipe Polishing Machine?

An exhaust pipe polishing machine is the semi-automated or fully automated machine that polishes your exhaust pipes rapidly, effectively, and efficiently. There are two recommended exhaust pipe polishing machines that you can use.



5.   What are the Benefits of Using an Exhaust Pipe Polishing Machine?

There are several benefits which you get by polishing your exhaust pipes using machines. Check them out:

●      Rapid, Effective and Efficient Finish

With polishing machines, you get to polish your parts rapidly. The process cannot last more than several hours. You also get an effective and efficient finish. These machines are useful in that they can polish even the most intricate corners of your exhaust pipes.

These machines are also low maintenance. They do not cost a lot of money to repair or maintain. They are also efficient in power consumption.

●      Reduced Manual Labor

The machine only requires you to place your exhaust pipe in its polishing chambers. You can then leave the machine to do what it does best – polish your parts. You can inspect the process from time to time to see if you should make any alteration to the process.

It is also not necessary for you to have prior polishing skills to run these machines.

●      Mass Polishing

Unlike manual polishing which restricts you to polish one part alone at a time, you can polish several pieces simultaneously.

●      Sleek and Professional Finish

These machines offer you a clean and uniform finish. The polishing all through the process is consistent. It makes it safer and fun to work on polished exhaust pipes.

●      Reduced Damage Risk

You can now polish fragile parts of your exhaust pipes comfortably using the machine with divided walls. Machine polishing is a worthy investment for you if you have fragile parts.

6.   Which Machines are Ideal for Exhaust Pipe Polishing?

Inovatec Machinery recommends using two primary exhaust polishing machines.

The first one is the trough vibratory polishing machine with dividers installed in its polishing tub. This machine is ideal for polishing fragile exhaust pipe components. These dividers are what makes it possible to polish these delicate components individually.



They curb damages by preventing part-to-part contacts.

The second machine is yet again the trough vibratory polishing machine with a somewhat rounded polishing trough.

You can polish long exhaust pipes using this machine. You can also polish exhaust pipe headers as well as other auxiliary parts such as the exhaust pipes clamps.


7.   Which Polishing Media are Ideal for Exhaust Pipe Polishing?

As professionals in the polishing industry, Inovatec Machinery recommends using polishing media that will not damage your exhaust pipes. The choice of media depends on the metal type undergoing the polishing process.

For example, you cannot polish ceramic-coated exhaust pipes with ceramic media. You are going to damage the coating.

You can also use polishing compounds for wet polishing.


8.   What Types of Different Polishing Media Can I Use on my Exhaust Pipes?

There are several types of polishing media that Inovatec recommends. Check them out:

●      Porcelain Polishing Media

Porcelain media is an excellent choice, especially on delicate parts. It is not highly aggressive. It is, however, rigid. You can order it in different shapes and sizes depending on your situation. They give excellent polish in a short period depending on the initial condition of the pipe.



●      Zirconia Balls Polishing Media

Zirconia balls are rigid polishing media. They are ideal for polishing exhaust pipes effectively. They can reach even the most intricate corners of your exhaust pipes – including pockets and cavities.

There are four different kinds of Zirconia balls. You can order the one that best suits your polishing needs. They are tough – an excellent choice for this task.


9.   What Types of Exhaust Pipes Can I Polish Using These Recommended Machines?

There are numerous types of exhaust pipes that you can polish using these machines. Check them out:

You can polish stainless steel, titanium, motorcycle, ceramic-coated, and nickel exhaust pipes using these mass polishing machines.

Apart from those, you can also polish single, dual-sided, opposite dual, and dual rear exhaust pipes. These types have unique shapes.

Inovatec Machinery strongly recommends polishing your exhaust pipes carefully to avoid any polishing damages. You can follow this article’s polishing guidelines. You can also contact us for more information. We’ll respond within 24 hours.


Polishing exhaust pipes is an essential activity before installing them. They are integral parts of your combustion engines, and they have a significant effect on your engine’s performance.

Using the recommended polishing machines will guarantee you a safer, rapid, effective and efficient polishing process.

Inovatec Machinery is a leading professional from China. We manufacture and sell mass finishing equipment as well as offering finishing advice whenever you need one.

You can contact us today using our website’s contact us form. We’ll be happy to hear from you, and we’ll gladly respond within 24 hours.

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