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We have been in the powder coating equipment business for more than ten years and proud that we have expanded our supplies to more than 80 countries with thousands of distributors and agents. Get top-notch and exceptional powder coating devices for all your coating needs at competitive prices.

Parker Ionics GX131 Powder Coating Gun

It is the most technologically advanced and lightweight manual powder coating gun used to powder coat objects. Parker Ionics GX131 Powder Coating Gun is known for its superior performance, finish quality, and transfer efficiency.

Parker Ionics GX121 Powder Coating Gun

Parker Ionics GX121 powder coating gun is the only gun designed with corona charging technology that offers exceptional transfer efficiency, improves the work environment, and decreases labor and maintenance costs.

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  • Get the adjustable diffuser nozzle for your GX131 powder coating gun that provides you to adjust spray width manually.
  • Create different spray pattern using this GX131 Diffuser Nozzle
  • Fully adjustable and 100% interchangeable nozzle for unique coating application.
  • Find completely replaceable fan nozzles at competitive prices.
  • Ensure efficient performance and tremendous application with a superior coating finish.
  • Made from high-quality material, making this fan nozzle wear-resistant and durable for longer life.
  • The parts are 100% interchangeable and work the same as the originals.
  • Parker Ionics parts come in a variety of sizes that are specifically designed for consistent performance.
  • GX131 powder spray gun parts include nozzles, powder pump, and many more.
  • They work identically to the originals and are 100% interchangeable.
  • Designed for high performance and reliability, Parker Ionics parts are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Parts for the GX121 powder spray gun include nozzles, powder pumps, powder injectors, and ‌more.
  • Our GX8500 Powder pump helps in a consistent powder pump and offers reliable powder spray performance.
  • They are made from premium quality material, making this pump sturdy, wear-resistant, and durable.
  • We supply 100% interchangeable pumps and various pump parts such as venturi.

We supply replacement parts for parker powder coating equipment, such as GX121 spray gun nozzles, GX131 spray gun parts, parker powder pump and parts etc, 100% interchangeable with original. All factory-direct-sale parts, used with high quality material for longer life and less wear, ensure reliable powder coating performance.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

Before coating some objects, debris or dirt must be removed from the surface using pre-treatment. Sandblasting can help improve the result for these objects. An abrasive material is combined with water in a slurry pump, then applied using a blasting gun to the object to be processed. A thin layer of the mixture is formed on the surface. Here are some reasons for choosing to sandblast over other methods of pretreatment:

  • Using wet abrasive blasting reduces the mess created by 98%.
  • Cleanup and maintenance are easier because the media fragments and salts can be easily removed from the machine.
  • With this method, the amount of heat produced during the process is minimal.
  • It keeps machine life spans longer and minimizes damage.
Inovatec machinery - Global Leading Powder Coating Equipment Company From China
  • We perform internal quality control at produced powder coating equipment.
  • Check thoroughly that the material meets the specifications for the project.
  • Both material that is entering the plant and leaving it to undergo quality control tests.
  • Maintaining the quality of the products high at all times.
Frequently Asked Question
Can the machine be run at either 110v or 220v?

Machines from Innovative Technology Machinery can be customized to meet the specifications of various clients. Hence, if the specifications of your machine include 100 volts, we will deliver a machine that can work with that. Otherwise, we will deliver a 220-volt machine.

What methods of payment do you accept here?

PayPal, Western Union, bank transfers, and MoneyGram are just a few options we accept. Currently, credit cards aren’t accepted.

Can I place orders at Inovatec Machinery with confidence?

Inovatec Machinery’s website is 100% secure. Our products are shipped to more than 80 countries and we have over a hundred agents and distributors worldwide to provide better service to our customers.

Does the manufacturer offer a warranty policy and a period of warranty?

All of our products come with a one-year warranty. Share the pictures with us if you suspect any defects in the product. In addition to sending a replacement, we will also pay for the shipping.

How are the orders shipped?

Shipments are made either by sea shipment or express delivery, depending on the size of your order. Bulk shipments will be shipped via sea, and express shipments will be sent by air.

Definitive Guide For Parker Ionics Powder Coating Gun

1. What is a Parker Ionics Powder Coating Gun?

Parker Ionics powder coating gun is one of the most advanced and lightweight guns, having a sturdy grip that allows the superior quality application. From automatic to manual, Inovatec Machinery carries a large selection of Parker Ionics powder coating guns. These advanced powder coating gun features will help you improve coating standards, reduce application costs, and increase‌ ‌productivity.


2.How To Maintain Parker Ionics Powder Coating Gun?

For a powder coating machine to last, it must be cleaned frequently and maintained promptly. Although there are not many things you need to do, cleaning the device once a week is sufficient. If you want to use your clothes for a long time and reduce wear, follow these steps:


2.1 Tip To Avoid Grounding

Poor grounding can cause more powder to fall on the surface of a device than to adhere to it. The system becomes less efficient if it is not adequately maintained and prevented. The best way to alleviate this problem would be to perform proper maintenance, maintain reasonable grounds, and check the grounding wire.


2.2 Cleaning The Gun System

Every time you change the color of the powder coating, and at the end of the day, it must be cleaned correctly. You can wipe the area that is easily accessible with a damp cloth after daily use. A thorough cleaning of the machine is also recommended once or twice a week to enhance its performance.


2.3 Inspection of wear parts

When you are experiencing a gradual decline in the performance of coating outcomes, it is best to check the parts. It is best to run frequent inspections to check the wear out parts and promptly replace those parts.


3. What Are The Features Of Gx121 Powder Coating Gun?

  • It is easy to handle this gun as it is lightweight and has an excellent grip to hold.
  • GX121 contains a new charging mechanism that decreases free-ions using high-current and low-current methods.
  • Pulse power provides superior coating results.
  • For accommodating small spray test batches, different cup sets are available.
  • You can choose between GX121A and GX121B hose/cable connection as per your requirement.


4. What Are The Different Gun Nozzles Available?

Check out different types of nozzles available and choose the best-suited one:

  • T-type Nozzle: It is another type of fan nozzle but offers softer spray patterns.
  • Fan Nozzle: It is a fan-shaped nozzle that has a higher spray seed than a T-type nozzle.
  • Diffuser Nozzle: It provides orbicular spray patterns.
  • Long Barrel Nozzle: It comes with a diffuser head of different sizes, including 116m, 300m, and 450m.
  • Long & Fine Nozzle: It allows the application of powder inside small tubes and similar objects and comes with different diffuser heads such as 300m and 450m.
  • Swirl Nozzle: It offers orbicular spray patterns that can be adjusted with swirl air.

Parker Ionics Powder Coating Gun 1


5. What Are The Components of Parker Ionics Powder Coating Gun?

Here are the components of the Parker Ionics Powder Coating Gun:

  • Powder hose
  • Venturi
  • Hopper
  • Nozzles
  • Powder Pumps
  • Barrel Nozzle

Parker Ionics Powder Coating Gun 2

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