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When you need an industry-leading range of affordable equipment for perfect finishes, Inovatec Machinery is the top choice. We offer a wide selection of robust and sturdy spray guns, coating equipment, spare parts, and more.

Encore Powder Coating Gun

This gun is built with Nordson charge technology that offers an excellent coating finish. Its AFC controls help bring consistency and efficiency to the coating process. Whether you need a fast color-changing or high transfer efficiency gun, the Encore powder coating gun is designed to run smoothly in all industrial environments.

Tribomatic Powder Coating Gun

With Tribomatic powder coating guns, you get an improved and controlled spray pattern. It is compact in size and lightweight as compared to other tribo-charged guns. The spray nozzle attached to this Tribomatic gun improved the penetration, application, and gun control. Get a highly efficient electrostatic gun here!

Related Product

  • Venturi sleeves in your powder coating gun wear out often, increasing the need to spare at your disposal.
  • The replacement venturi sleeves are 100% changeable in place of the original part.
  • They are made with superior quality Teflon material making the venturi sleeves sturdy, durable, and appropriate for prolonged use.
  • Get specifically engineered Vantage and Versa gun parts for maximum productivity and efficiency at Inovatec Machinery.
  • These spare gun parts are completely replaceable with the original gun parts.
  • It is made from high-quality material that will make it withstand for long life with efficient coating performance.
  • Available in these three sizes, including 233469 150mm lance extension, 233468 300mm lance extension, and 233455 450mm lance extension.
  • Find all the Nordson powder coating gun spare parts that are 100% interchangeable.
  • Never let old, weary parts affect the coating quality. Replace the old parts with new, sturdy Tribomatic spray gun parts.
  • Improvise your coating performance and increase business productivity with top-quality spray gun parts.
  • Available in various16-Tube Spray Heads and nozzles variations, including 630391 Flat Nozzle, 630390 8 orifice Nozzle, 630392 Pinpoint Nozzle, fixed 630326 225 mm, 630336 260 mm, 630363 365 mm, 630369 425 mm, 630366 515 mm, and 630340 Cylindrical nozzles.
  • Tailor the spray pattern of your spray nozzles with our wide variety of nozzles.
  • All our spare gun parts come with a one-year warranty and are 100% interchangeable.
  • These nozzles are easy to install that are built specifically to ensure optimum spraying experience.
  • Attain a similar performance to the original spray gun with a replacement multiplier part at competitive prices.
  • They are highly compatible with Nordon manual spray guns and are fully interchangeable with the original parts.
  • These multipliers come in different variations and types, making them perfect for customized outcomes.
  • Every equipment and replacement part produced at Inovatec Machinery follows a strict quality control process which ensures its durability.
  • We manufacture and supply powder feed pumps and spare parts to more than 80 countries worldwide.
  • We swear by our product quality that can withstand prolonged use with less wear.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

Some objects require pre-treatment before the coating process to clear any deposited uneven layer of debris or dirt on them. For those objects, smoothing the surface with sandblasting can help get better outcomes. Under this process, abrasive and water are combined in a slurry pump and applied to the object using a blasting gun. The mixture forms an even layer on the surface. Why sandblasting should be considered instead of other pre-treatment methods:

  • The mess created with the use of water is reduced by 98% during the wet abrasive blasting process.
  • The machine is easy to clean and maintain as the media fragments and salts are easier to remove.
  • The heat generated in the process is a whole lot minimum with the way.
  • The use of water in the process increases the machine’s longevity and reduces the damage to the bare minimum.
Inovatec Machinery In China - Top Manufacturer & Supplier
  • We do timely quality control checks for constant monitoring of the raw material and finished machines.
  • Proper verification of material is done to follow the client’s specifications correctly.
  • All our products are of top standard and high-quality.
  • Quality of products and customer satisfaction is our optimum priority.
Frequently Asked Question
Will the machine work either at 110v or 220v?

Inovatec Machinery customizes powder coating machines according to the specifications of different clients. Therefore, if your machine’s specification includes 100v, we will deliver a compatible machine with that, else 220v. Whatever you would be your business or individual requirement.

What payment methods are accepted here?

We accept numerous options such as PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfers, and Money Gram. Expressly, credit cards are not accepted.

What shipping or delivery methods are used?

Deliveries are made either by sea shipment or express, depending on the size of orders. Sea shipment is for bulk orders and expresses for others.

How safe is it to place orders at Inovatec Machinery?

It is 100% safe and secure to order machines from Inovatec Machinery. We ship our products in more than 80 countries and have more than a hundred agents and distributors worldwide for better customer services.

What about the warranty period and policy?

We offer a one-year warranty period with all our products. In case you suspect any defects in the product, share the pictures with us. We will send a complete replacement and also bear the shipping charges.

Definitive Guide for Nordson Powder Coating Gun

1. What is a Nordson Powder Coating Gun?

Likewise, other powder coating guns, a Nordson powder coating gun is the equipment used for industrial purposes to powder coat the objects and machinery parts. But, Nordson helps improve coating speed and provides better outcomes. At Inovatec Machinery, we have a wide selection of Nordson powder coating guns, from automatic to manual. Once you get your hands on this advanced powder coating gun, you will get to know how it aids the coating process, reduces application costs, and enhances productivity.


2. How To Maintain Nordson Powder Coating Gun?

 Powder coating equipment requires frequent cleaning and timely maintenance for its longevity. Though you are not required to do many things, cleaning the device properly once a week will work. For prolonged use and less wear, follow the following:

2.1 Maintenance To Prevent Grounding

If you are experiencing issues with more powder falling on the surface than sticking onto the device you need to coat, it can be because of poor grounding. Without rigorous maintenance and preventive measures, the system becomes less efficient. Therefore, proper servicing, maintaining good ground and checking grounding wire will surely help curb this problem.

2.2 System Cleaning

The powder coating device needs proper cleaning at each color change and the end of the day. You can take a damp cloth to wipe the area you can easily reach after daily use. Also, it is recommended to clean the machine thoroughly once a week or two for better performance.


2.3 Checking Wear Parts

When you are experiencing a gradual decline in the performance of coating outcomes, it is best to check the parts. It is best to run frequent checks to check the wear out parts and promptly replace those parts.


3. Where Can You Find Replacement Parts?

There are numerous options available for you to buy replacement parts for your powder coating guns. But if you want original-like replacement parts similar to performance, quality, and wear-resistant, the Inovatec Machinery is the best place to buy Nordson powder coating gun replacement parts.


4. Which Parts of the Gun Can Be Replaced?

Almost every part of your powder coating gun can be replaced except the gun structure. Here is the list of replacement parts available for the Nordson powder coating gun:

  • Venturi Sleeves
  • Hoses
  • Multiplier
  • Nozzles
  • Powder Feed Pumps
  • Powder Transfer Pumps


5. What Are The Components of Nordson Powder Coating Gun?

Here are the components of the Nordson powder coating gun:

  • Retainer
  • Hose Connector
  • Flat Spray
  • Mounting Tube
  • Lock Washer
  • Clamp Tube
  • Extension Cable
  • Nozzles and nuts
  • Grounding plate


6. How Nordson Powder Coating Gun Works?

The powder coating gun uses a voltage generator to produce ions, both negative and positive, which disassociate the air. The powder is kept in the feed pump, which uses the steam ions to charge the powder particle and carries it to the transfer pump. When you press the gun button, it sprays the powder through nozzles onto the targeted object.


7. What Makes Nordson Powder Coating Guns Different From Other Guns?

The technology used in the Nordson powder coating gun is what makes it different from others. The following features make it exceptional for coating:

  • Provide Uniform Spray patterns

The Nordson powder coating gun uses a more diluted form of powder and air mixture, which ensures an evenly spread or uniform application.

  • HDLV Technology

The High-Density Low-Velocity Technology used in the Nordon powder coating gun ensures proper in-process control by utilizing very little air but powder in high concentration.

  • Color-On-Demand Changing System

This is the best feature of the Nordson coating gun in that it takes account of the encore HP pump technology to change color frequently.


8. In What Variations Nordson Powder Coating Comes?

There are many different variations of Nordson powder coating guns. We mainly manufacture and supply these following two:

  • Encore Powder Coating Gun

One of the most reliable and sturdy powder coating guns is an encore which uses the AFC control to deliver highly consistent results with better transfer efficiency. It is also easier to maintain. Without disassembling the gun parts, you can clean the air purge.

  • Tribomatic Powder Coating Gun

Tribomatic powder coating gun is considered the lightest gun, which only weighs 500gms as compared to other tribo-charged guns. It also utilizes a wave charging process to improve transfer efficiency and better performance.


9. Why Choose a Nordson Powder Coating Gun?

Nordson powder coating gun is an exceptional gun that offers better results and performance. Apart from this, the following things make it the optimum gun to choose from:

  • The Future Technology Gun

This gun is manufactured with the latest and most advanced technology that is present in the era of industry.

  • HDLV Technology

Not even a single other gun in the market uses HDLV technology and offers the kind of application that Nordson powder coating guns offer.

  • Easy To Operate

Instead of using the most advanced technology, the functionality of this gun doesn’t change at all. It is simple to use and comes with a user manual to avoid any confusion.

  • A new way to experience powder coating

There is no better powder coating application spray gun in the market that can compete with Nordson. The technology used and features Nordson powder coating gun offers are out of this world.



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