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  • Sleek, compact, and powerful powder coating gun
  • Readily available aftermarket OEM parts that are fully interchangeable with the original parts
  • Pocket-friendly prices for high-quality aftermarket OEM parts.
  • Warranty cover on all your acquired parts
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Inovatec Machinery Let Us Help You Grow Your Powder Coating Business - Inovatec Machinery Powder Coating Products

Packed with over a decade’s experience in the manufacturing and supplying business, Inovatec Machinery constantly strives to make modern and efficient machines. We are the leading powder coating manufacturers and suppliers in China and across the globe.

We’ve shipped our powder coating equipment to over 80 countries. Reach out to us today for more information on powder coating.

Encore Powder Coating Gun

The Encore powder coating gun is easy to use, efficient on powder and power consumption equipped with a fine ergonomic handle. It is one of the easiest powder coating guns to use – it is easy to set up.

Tribomatic Powder Coating Gun

The tribomatic powder coating gun allows you to powder coat in patterns easily. It is a lightweight powder coating gun with an adjustable nozzle for ease during the powder coating application.

Related Product

High-quality aftermarket venturi sleeves that are fully interchangeable with the original part of your Nordson powder coating gun injector pump. You can be sure that these Venturi sleeves will offer you a long service life.

Made using world-class standards, the vantage and versa spray II gun extensions will offer you a long service life. They are 100% interchangeable with the original parts. You’ll enjoy optimum performance and efficiency when using these Nordson vantage and versa spray II gun parts.

You’ll find the tribomatic spray gun parts most useful when it comes to powder coating your parts in a specific pattern. It is a high-quality product that guarantees you a long lifespan in service. This product has 16 sprayhead tubes that ensure uniformity during pattern powder coating.

High-quality OEM aftermarket spray nozzles for your powder coating gun that is fully interchangeable with the original nozzles. They offer you a sleek powder coating finish on the surfaces of your parts. Further, you can powder coat on different surfaces, including flat, hard-to-reach corners and surfaces that require reapplication of a powder coat.

This equipment runs using 80kV and it ensures that your powder coating gun performance is optimal. Inovatec Machinery will supply you this aftermarket OEM spray gun multiplier at a pocket-friendly price. It is fully interchangeable with the original part.

Get the best in-house manufactured feed and transfer pump for your powder coating gun parts. Inovatec Machinery guarantees you of high-quality powder coating pumps that will last for long in service and require minimal maintenance. We will offer you all this at a good price.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

Powder coating your parts’ surfaces requires attention to key details. As a primary part of that attention, preparation of your parts’ surfaces is vital. Inovatec Machinery’s sand blasting machine allows you to prepare your parts’ surfaces by removing any contaminants using a recommended media.

With this sand blasting machine, you’ll get to remove old paints, rust, etc. rapidly. Apart from saving time, you’ll also be able to remove these contaminants on hard-to-reach corners, such as screw cavities.

The importance of surface preparation for powder coating purposes must not be underestimated. It determines the success of your powder coating final finish.

Inovatec Machinery – Top Powder Coaing Manufacturer and Supplier In China
  • We ensure that our production meets world-class standards by manufacturing parts in-house.
  • All parts are made from virgin material to ensure that they offer you a long service life.
  • Before shipping over your ordered parts, we test them vigorously under different powder coating scenarios. This procedure assures us that your ordered parts are not faulty.
  • All our parts are covered by a warranty that lasts 1 year from the purchase date.
Frequently Asked Question
How Much Voltage Does the Nordson Powder Coating Gun Need to Run?

The Nordson powder coating gun can run on 110V or 220V. You’ll need to specify which one you’d like as you place your order. If you are in doubt of what you should acquire, we recommend reaching out to us with your requirements.

Our experienced service reps are available and willing to help you out.

Which Payment Methods Does Inovatec Machinery Accept?

Inovatec Machinery is a flexible company that can receive payment with the method that suits you best. We accept payment from Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram and direct bank transfers.

How Are Deliveries for Ordered Machines Made?

Inovatec Machinery offers two types of deliveries for your ordered machines – express and sea deliveries. We use express deliveries for small-batch orders. It is the fastest means of delivery we have so far.

We also deliver big-batch orders via sea. It is economical, safer, and easier to transport big batches using this method. Sea deliveries take more time to reach your desired destination.

Why Should I Order My Powder Coating Machines from Inovatec Machinery?

There are many powder coating machines manufacturers in the market today. However, it is not a guarantee that all these manufacturers are out to ensure high-quality manufacturing of powder coating machines.

First, we’ve been manufacturing and supplying machines for over a decade now. We are packed with experience. Secondly, we guarantee you delivery of world-class machines together with an outstanding aftermarket service.

Thirdly, all our parts and machines are covered with a warranty. This warranty is valid for one year since the date of purchase. If your machine or part breaks down within the warranty duration, we will supply you with a new part for free – including shipment costs.

Reach out to us today for more information on our services and policies.

How about the Warranty of Powder Coating Machine?

Because of quality problem we supply free replacement included the shipping cost within one year according to the problem photo with series number.

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