Vibratory Tubs

Inovatec offers standard as well as made-to-order vibratory tubs. Browse through our inventory first. If you don't find what you need, contact us with your detailed requirement to get a custom-made vibratory tub.

Vibratory Tubs TVB(B)

Vibratory Tubs TVB(A)

Round-shaped vibratory machines, though effective, can’t hold large or medium-sized parts. That’s where vibratory tubs or trough vibratory finishing machines prove helpful. A vibratory tub is a rectangular-shaped vibratory finishing machine.

You can also use a heavy-duty vibratory tub for finishing large, but sensitive workpieces with gentle movement. It uses a multi-vib drive system specially designed to handle large workpieces.

Compared to rotary tumbling, this process is smoother and faster. You can quickly check if the desired finish is achieved as the process takes place in an open tub. It is a batch type process. The typical application includes tiles stone antique finishing, engine housing finishing, and automotive crankshaft polishing.

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