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Inovatec Machinery Inovatec Machinery - Helping You Grow Your Powder Coating Business

Inovatec Machinery is the leading powder coating machine manufacturer and supplier in China and around the world. Packed with over a decade of experience, you can be confident that we will help your business grow by providing you with world-class powder coating machines.

K801 Powder Coating Gun Parts

The K801 powder coating gun has a sleek design. It enables you to powder coat your parts’ surfaces excellently. Inovatec Machinery can manufacture and supply you with this machine. We can also provide you with aftermarket parts that are completely interchangeable with the original ones.

K201 Powder Coating Gun Parts

Inovatec Machinery also manufactures and supplies you with the K201 powder coating gun parts for your powder coating business. The K201 powder coating gun comes with modern nozzles that can powder coat different surface types.

Related Product

The KCI IJ9000 is one of the most potent powder injectors that supply you with a constant powder supply. Its high-quality material guarantees you a long service life, as well as reliability.

This powder coating injector is yet another excellent powder coating spray gun part. Inovatec Machinery supplies you with high-quality KCI IJ6000 powder coating injectors for a flawless powder coating application. The KCI IJ600 offers you a long service life.

Sand Blasting Machine for Pre-Coating Finishing

Sand blasting is an essential part of the powder coating process. It helps you get rid of all the unwanted elements that may be present on your parts’ surfaces. Such elements include rust, old paints, etc.

Inovatec Machinery’s sand blasting machine is effective, efficient, and easy to maintain the machine. It offers your fast pre-coating finishing by getting rid of these unwanted elements on the surfaces of your parts.

This machine saves you a significant amount of time and energy when it comes to pre-coat finishing.

Inovatec Machinery - The Leading Powder Coating Machine Manufacturer and Supplier in China
  • Inovatec powder coating undertakes its internal quality control process
  • All powder coating machines are manufactured in-house. This manufacturing design enables us to ensure high-quality manufacturing is achieved.
  • Outstanding aftermarket services – we’ll supply you with your desired powder coating spare parts that are completely interchangeable with the original ones.
  • Apart from manufacturing powder coating machines in-house, Inovatec Machinery also tests these machines. We have to test these powder coating machines before we ship them over to you.
Frequently Asked Question
How Much Voltage Does the Powder Coating Machine Need to Run?

Your powder coating machine can run on either 110V or 220V. You’ll have to specify which one you’d like when ordering for one. If you doubt which one to choose, our experienced service reps are always available to help you out.

Which Payment Methods Does Inovatec Machinery Accept?

Inovatec Machinery accepts payment from Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, and direct bank transfers.

How Will My Order Reach Me?

We use two primary ways of shipment – express and sea shipment.

When you order parts in bulk, we’ll ship them over to you via sea. It’ll be more economical and safer. However, for small-batch orders, we use express shipment. Express shipment is always quicker than sea shipment.

Why Should I Order Powder Coating Parts from Inovatec Machinery?

There are many powder coating parts manufacturing and supplying companies around the world. However, they’ll not offer you the services we do. Inovatec Machinery has distributors and agents across the globe.

These distributors and agents will help you acquire what you need. They’ll also help you enjoy aftermarket services that we offer to our clients. Apart from that, our powder coating parts are covered with a warranty.

That’s what makes us the leading powder coating parts manufacturing and supplying company in China and the world.

How Does Inovatec Machinery’s Warranty Cover Work?

We strive to ensure that we supply world-class powder coating parts to you. However, there are times that these parts may fail prematurely and ultimately require replacement.

Here’s where the warranty cover comes in:

Inovatec Machinery warranty cover lasts for one year from when you acquired the powder coating machine’s parts. We will supply you with the necessary replacement for these faulty parts for free – including shipment fees.

Gema Powder Coating Gun Parts – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1.   Why Should You Trust Original Gema Powder Coating Gun Parts Only?

Gema powder coating guns work like a system. Powder coating success can only be achieved if the parts used are original. Here’s why you should only trust Gema powder coating gun parts:

1.1 Ultimate performance as you coat

genuine Gema powder coating gun parts provides you with the maximum performance and a sleek finish on the surface of your parts. These parts work together to ensure that your powder coating process is flawless.

Apart from performing well, they also ensure efficiency, both on power consumption and powder use.

1.2 Economic

Gema powder coating gun parts are manufactured under the strictest quality assurance environment. This rigorous quality assurance means that they’ll offer you a longer service life than non-original Gema powder coating gun parts.

As such, you’ll not have to replace different powder coating gun parts regularly, thus making your machine economical.

1.3 Warranty

A warranty across the globe covers only genuine Gema powder coating gun parts.

1.4 Government Health and Environmental Regulations

Gema powder coating gun parts are designed to protect your health and the environment. They meet all governmental health and environmental protection standards.


2.   What Are the Risks And Side Effects of Using Non-Gema Powder Coating Gun Parts?

There are risks associated with using fake powder coating gun parts. You may not realize it, but they have grievous consequences. Inovatec Machinery recommends using genuine Gema powder coating gun parts.

Here’s what happens when you use non-Gema powder coating gun parts:


  • No warranty cover – The first disadvantage of not using genuine Gema parts is that you’ll not have any warranty cover. Whenever your parts get damaged prematurely, it means that you’ll have to keep buying parts – which is just expensive.
  • Uneconomical and Inefficient – Since the non-Gema parts may break down regularly, you will be forced to acquire new ones. That’s simply uneconomical for your business. It is also inefficient on time and powder usage.
  • Unreliable with poor performance – It’s a guarantee that you will not have that sleek powder coat finish that you are looking for. Non-Gema parts are unreliable as they will not fit correctly, or they’ll wear out prematurely.

The more you use fake products on your powder coating gun, the higher the risk of permanently damaging it.

  • Non-Gema powder coating gun parts do not meet governmental health and environmental safety standards. It means that they put your health on the line. Apart from that, they degrade the environment.

In some severe cases, explosions may occur as these machines use electrostatics to charge the powder.


3.   What Is the Process of Replacing Worn Out Gema Powder Coating Gun Parts?

Replacing worn-out Gema powder coating gun parts is not a complex process. You can easily disassemble the powder coating gun. You can remove any worn-out part and replace it with a new genuine one.

You can also refer to your owner’s manual. It’ll guide you well on how to carry out these replacements.

4.   Where Can I Find Replacement Parts for My Gema Powder Coating Gun Parts?

Inovatec Machinery manufactures and supplies aftermarket Gema powder coating gun parts. These aftermarket parts are completely interchangeable with the original ones that came with the powder coating gun.

These parts come with a warranty cover. The warranty terms cover your parts within one year of purchase. This warranty also grants you a free delivery of new parts to replace the defective ones. We’ll supply you with these parts at a pocket-friendly price.

5.   How Can I Distinguish Between Genuine and Non-OEM Gema Powder Coating Gun Replacement Parts?

Now, it’s true that:

Distinguishing between genuine and non-OEM Gema powder coating gun replacement parts can be intimidating. The non-OEM parts are so similar to the authentic parts, that it becomes difficult to distinguish between the two.

The worst part about it all is that they are bound to fail prematurely.

Here’s the deal:

Inovatec Machinery manufactures and supplies you with authentic OEM replacement parts for your worn-out Gema powder coating gun parts. We also offer warranty cover for your parts within one year of purchase.

6.   How Can I Properly Maintain My Gema Powder Coating Gun Parts?

You can adequately maintain your Gema powder coating gun parts by doing the following:

System Cleaning – You need to keep your Gema powder coating gun parts as clean as possible all the time. You can perform the following different types of system cleaning to help you out with the process:

  1. End-of-day flushing – If you’re NOT changing colors for the next shift, flushing the powder through the hose should be done as the end-of-day cleaning routine. You’ll only need to pull the pick-up tube out of the powder box or disconnect the hose from the hopper and pull the trigger until no powder is discharged. You need to remember that powder in the lines can lead to big start-up surges and possible impact fusion sticking in the corners and hard-to-reach areas.
  1. You can also choose to wipe or blow off your powder coating gun daily. It’ll help prevent buildups that could damage the electronic component.
  2. When performing a color change, you can flush the existing powder and do some light cleaning on all the powder coating components. When performing color changes, you can also examine your parts for wear and replace them accordingly.
  3. End-of-week flushing – This type of cleaning requires rigorous cleaning to prevent buildups. You can use cotton swabs to clean the machine’s hard-to-reach spots. You should check for wear and replace the worn-out parts accordingly.

Have Extra Spare Parts – Having spare parts enables you to replace any worn-out part of your powder coating equipment. You can have extra hoses, nozzles, etc., that will help you have a sleek finish without straining your powder coating gun.

Remember to restock your extra parts as they’ll come in handy next time.



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