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Inovatec Machinery Inovatec Machinery- Global Powder Coating Equipment Source

We offer a wide selection of powder coating equipment and replacement parts and supply them to more than 80 countries worldly. Inovatec Machinery is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in China that covers all your powder coating needs.

K801 Powder Coating Gun Parts

Find K801 electrostatic powder coating gun parts 100% interchangeable with the original parts at affordable prices here. We ensure good performance, factory-made products with quickie delivery and quality assurance. Power up your coating game with sturdy, less wear-resistant spare parts.

K201 Powder Coating Gun Parts

We proffer professional-grade and top-quality powder coating gun parts that can be easily replaced with the original products. Get all the spare parts of the K201 electrostatic powder coating gun at competitive prices, including nozzles, tubes, shells, injectors, cascade, gun cables, and much more.

Related Product

  • Get a 100% replaceable new K1 injector unit for your manual powder coating gun.
  • All the parts included in the kit are made with high-quality material making them reliable for more prolonged use and less wear-resistant.
  • Our K1 injector unit is compatible with all K1 series powder coating guns, but to avoid any confusion, share the gun code before ordering.
  • Put your hands on superior quality KCI powder coating injectors at wholesale prices.
  • Our replacement injector ensures high performance, optimal powder usage, reliable long life, and less wear.
  • The injector is compatible with almost all K1 series guns and is 100% interchangeable with the original parts.

Give Your Objects Smooth Pre-coating Finish With Sand Blasting Machine

Sand Blasting is the best method to pretreat the objects to be powder coated. It makes the coating finish smoother and gives better application outcomes. Under the sandblasting process, the abrasive and water are mixed in a slurry pump and compressed air sprayed on the desired object. Many powder coating companies prefer sandblasting process because:

  • Enhance the coating results.
  • Ensures deep cleaning of metal
  • Coating powder adheres well with the object if sandblasted before.
  • It helps remove casting marks and scratches.
Inovatec Machinery – Top Powder Coaing Manufacturer and Supplier In China
  • We carry out comprehensive quality control checks for all produced devices.
  • Raw-material and finished products are tested for quality standards.
  • Inovatec Machinery ensures top quality of all the products.
  • All our products are adequately tested and verified for each customer’s specification before shipment.
Frequently Asked Question
Is the powder coating machine compatible with 110 voltage or 220 voltage?

We build tailored-made machines as per the customer’s request. Therefore we can supply the machine as per your voltage compatibility 110 or 220. We are global suppliers and have numerous agents and distributors around the world.

What payment options are offered?

The most preferred payment method is PayPal. But we also accept bank transfers, Water Union money transfers, Money Gram, excluding Credit Cards.

What are different types of delivery methods?

The type of delivery determines the delivery modes. For instance, small or less bulky delivery is made with express delivery and sea shipments for bulk orders.

Is ordering from Inovatec Machinery Safe?

Ordering from Inovatec Machinery is 100% safe. We are trusted by more than thousands of agents and distributors online and have a clientele in more than 80 countries globally.

Is there any warranty provided with the products?

Yes, all our products come with a one-year warranty. Within one year of purchase, you can get the product replaced if any working defect is found. Share device images with us, and we will give you a complete replacement with shipping charges.

Definitive Guide For KCI Powder Coating Gun Parts


1.What are KCI powder coating gun parts?

There are different types of powder coating guns available in the market, and each one is different from another in terms of prices, styles, types, and sizes. Likewise, other powder coating gun parts, KCI spare parts are 100% interchangeable, NON-OEM that provide reliable performance, durability, and longevity.


2. What is the variety of powder coating gun parts available?

Almost every component except the gun other body is replaceable. All you need to do is dismantle the gun and remove the older parts and install the new ones. The list of parts that can be interchanged are as follows:

  • Injectors
  • Gun Cables
  • Extension Tubes.
  • Nozzles
  • Nuts & Sleeves


3. Is every part 100% interchangeable?

Yes, all the powder coating gun parts are 100% interchangeable except the gun body.


4. Will spare parts work the same as original gun parts?

We manufacture all the machines and spare parts with small process and quality control checks. Therefore, the quality of material used and produced are similar. They both work the same way.


5. Is it easier to replace KCI powder coating gun parts?

The replacement process is super easy and convenient. Firstly, dismantle the gun and remove the old part to be replaced. Next, install the new spare part in the place of the old one and reassemble the gun. You will get an instruction manual with the KCI powder coating spare parts to avoid any confusion.


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