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Inovatec Machinery is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of powder coating equipment in China. We have suppliers and distributors in various countries and help us deliver products in more than 80 countries. Let’s help give your business an exceptional coating experience.

Gema OptiFlex 2B is designed to the latest specifications for the smooth application of powder coating. This equipment is easy to control and even easier to store as it comprises a manual control unit and compact design.

Inovatec Machinery manufactures and supplies world-class powder coating equipment with proven performance. The Gema Control unit made with premium quality material ensures durability and longevity.

Gema OptiFlex F is a manually operated powder coating equipment that ensures optimal coating outcomes. These machines are designed explicitly for electrostatic coating and are recommended to use as per the operating instructions to avoid misuse and mishappenings.

This equipment lets you operate the latest coating technology with your hand for spraying powder with ease. The machine comprises various top-notch components, each designed exclusively to contribute towards an excellent coating experience.

A high-quality ITW Gema powder coating machine uses organic powder for manual electrostatic coating of objects. You can efficiently coat small or medium-sized and even complex parts effortlessly. Get the best coating experience with Gema.

The Gema OptiFlex 2L is an advanced version of OptiFlex powder coating equipment, made with the latest technology for better coating results. Each component in this equipment is made with high-quality material, ensuring no wear and can withstand a longer period.

GM03 Powder Coating Gun Part

Get premium quality 100% interchangeable gun parts similar to original products at Inovatec Machinery. We are a one-stop-shop for all your coating machine and accessories needs. We offer a complete range of gun parts from spray guns, nozzles, cables to extension tubes.

PG1 Manual Powder Coating Gun parts

Take your coating game to new heights with electrostatic manual coating gun parts. We offer a vast selection of powder coating gun parts, including nozzles, nuts, cables, sleeves, and extension tubes in different sizes and shapes to fit your coating equipment.

PG2-A Automatic Powder Coating Gun Parts

All PGE-A gun parts are NON-OEM but are 100% interchangeable, and their high quality ensures long life and minimum wear throughout life. It is an ideal solution for both distributors and users at affordable prices.

PI3-V Powder Injector

PI3-V Powder Injector is a piece of professional-grade equipment that is 100% interchangeable and gives similar performance to the original product. Inovatec Machinery strives to provide the best coating experience to its users and distributors.

Related Product

  • The PG1 PG2A spray nozzles packages comprise various nozzles of different sizes, including round nozzles, flat jet nozzles, deflectors, and more.
  • These are NON-OEM and 100% replaceable parts like the original ones.
  • All spray nozzles are of premium quality appropriate for long-term use and reliable performance at the lowest prices.
  • Get high-quality and completely replaceable spray nozzles for your powder coating guns.
  • The packages include different types and sizes of nozzles with defectors for easy installation and reliable performance.
  • All nozzles are NON-OEM available at pocket-friendly prices.
  • These GM02 GA02 spray nozzles are appropriate replacement parts for automatic powder coating guns.
  • It comprises round and flat jet nozzles with defectors for optimal application of organic powder.
  • Get an affordable and 100% interchangeable solution for your gun spare parts needs.
  • We offer top-quality powder coating gun spare parts that are well designed and best suited for all your spray guns.
  • Don’t let a missing nut come in between your coating process—no need to replace the whole equipment. Just go for replacement parts.
  • These nuts and sleeves are 100% replaceable and are of similar quality to original parts.
  • Inovatec Machinery is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying powder coating equipment and its spare parts.
  • Get top-notch quality gun cables at affordable prices.
  • All you need to do is dismantle the gun and replace the old cable with the new one.
  • Old extension tubes can degrade the coating performance. Therefore, installing a new extension tube can enhance the powder rate and give a better coating experience.
  • We offer extension tubes in different styles and sizes to fit various devices.
  • All our products are made from premium quality material, ensuring minimum wear and top-notch performance.

Top-Class Pre-Coating Finishing WIth Sand Blasting Machine

Inovatec Machinery’s Wet Sandblasting Equipment is equipped with a slurry pump that agitates the abrasive and water into a mixture. The mixture is then carried out from the slurry pump to the blasting gun using compressed air. It is becoming optimal for application due to its premium surface finish.

  • Abrasives used in the blasting process can be recycled multiple times.
  • This equipment comes pre-assembled. All you need to do is plug into an electric outlet to use.
  • We can customize the size and style of the machine as per your requirement.
  • Inovatec Machinery manufactures coating devices using high-quality material which assures longevity and reliable performance.
World-Best Powder Coating Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier - Inovatec Machinery
  • The economical Powder coating solution
  • All raw material and final products are double-checked, ensuring product quality.
  • Manufacture custom-made products to meet customers’ requirements.
  • Ideal coating devices for users and distributors
Frequently Asked Question
Is a Powder Coating Machine Compatible With 110v or 220v?

Inovatec Machinery manufactures and supplies tailor-made powder coating equipment which can be made to work in both 110v and 220 v. Contact us and share your device requirement. We will fabricate it as per your requirements.

What are Payments Modes Available?

Except for credit cards, we accept various payment modes to make online device shopping a seamless experience for our customers. Our preferred payments methods include bank transfers, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal.

What are the delivery modes?

We use different modes of delivery for packages of various sizes. Sea shipments are made for bulk orders, whereas express delivery is made for small or medium-sized orders.

Is Ordering From Inovatec Machinery Safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe to order from Inovatec Machinery. We have been in the market for more than a decade and successfully supplied 80 countries. Offering customized and premium quality products is our only motto.

Does Inovatec Machinery Products Come With Warranty?

Yes, we do offer a warranty for our products. If you discover any working defects in our devices, we will provide you with a complete replacement within one year of purchase.

Gema Powder Coating Gun Definitive Guide


1.What is a Gema Powder Coating Gun?

Gema powder coating gun is a spray gun used for electrostatic powder coating on objects of different shapes and sizes. It is one of the most advanced spray guns that can be easily controlled to deliver an outstanding and efficient coating experience. No matter how challenging the environment is, Gema gun performance stays the same. Get your hands on the best and most hi-tech powder coating gun and take your coating game to a new level.


2.How Gema Powder Coating Gun Works?

A powder coating gun requires high-voltage generators to produce enough pressure to compress air that charges the powder cloud. The charged particles then pass through the tube, and the extension nozzle distributes the powder that offers a smooth surface finish. You can get a powder gun in both automatic and manual mode to make your coating process more efficient. Different coating processes might require different settings, and you can change the setting in the control unit manually to improve your coating application.


3.How to Replace Powder Coating Gun Parts?

Replacing Gema powder coating gun parts is very convenient. The gun can be easily dismantled, and old parts like nozzles, gun cables, extension tubes, defectors, nuts, and sleeves can be replaced with new ones. Gema powder coating gun spare parts kits are available at Inovatec machinery. We ship our replacement parts with a manual guide for easy uninstallation and installation of spare parts.


4.What are the Components of Gema Powder Coating Gun?

For electrostatic manual coating experience, Gema is the optimal coating gun. Each component in a powder coating gun is well designed to perform a specific function that aids in a seamless coating process. The list of components includes the following:


  • Gun control unit

  • Powder manual gun
  • Injector
  • Suction tubes
  • Filter unit
  • Gun holder
  • Instruction module
  • Shelf

5.State the different types of Gema Powder Coating Gun?

There are various types of powder coating guns available, and each is designed for specific use and purpose. Let’s explore different types of Gema powder coating guns.

  • OptiFlex F

The Gema OptiFlex F is designed for high power outputs which provide an excellent coating finish with each spray. We build different variations of this gun to meet all application demand at your disposal. This gun not only improves the coating efficiency but also consumes less energy. Get quality applications with OptiFlex F.

  • OptiFlex 2B

This gun is uniquely designed with power boost technology with 110v or 220v as per your requirement. It has a high power charging capacity that keeps it working for an extended period. The gun is designed ergonomically for daily work challenges and the proper application of powder.

  • OptiFlex 2L

When you are searching for a powder coating gun for small batches and laboratory use, Gema OptiFlex 2L is your partner. Boost your manual coating performance with a high-capacity powder coating gun for maximum coating experience. It is also equipped with a standard gun control unit to access coating data manually.

  • OptiSelect Pro

This Gema powder coating gun is designed with robust and durable technology. For the best color-changing experience, Gema OptiSelect Pro has innovative nozzles. After each color application, its power clean technology cleans the powder path entirely from the gun tip to the injectors. It ensures the fastest and easiest color changes during the coating processes.






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